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Mobile Legends Bang Bang: Best Heroes Combos

Posted by: BlueStacks Content Team

It is true that solo queuing in MOBA titles like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a difficult task as the randoms might lack skills, teamwork, map sense etc. To avoid such a situation, players opt for the duo, trio or five-man queuing. While queuing up with your team or if you are lucky enough to find cooperative and decent players,  you can try out some deadly and fun combos with two or three heroes.
In this article, we will look at some best heroes combinations to wipe out the enemy in MLBB.

Johnson and Kadita

This pair can easily wipe out a clustered team if Johnson hits the target perfectly. The stuns from Johnson’s ultimate and Kadita’s skill 2 and then a clean ultimate can secure multiple kills. Apart from kills, Kadita’s ultimate immunity can also help her flee from a potentially dangerous situation. To carry out a clean combo, let Johnson hit the enemy, use 2nd skill of Kadita and then ultimate.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang: Best Heroes Combos

Tigreal and Silvanna

Tigreal is one of the tanky heroes in MLBB and quite an annoying one as his skills are purely CC. It is easy to execute the combos when you apply CC skills to the enemy as it leaves them with no chance of getting away. At first, let Tigreal ult the enemy and Silvanna can ult them just right after that as Silvanna’s ult traps the enemy and Tigreal’s squeezes them into a single place.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang: Best Heroes Combos

Franco and Selena

You will never wish to get hooked by Franco if you’re stunned by Selena’s arrow. This one is basically an easy way to help out Franco to hook the target. Franco mains should know how much practice it needs to successfully hook another hero without missing. An easy way to carry out this combo is, Selena stunning the enemy with her arrow and Franco hooking the same enemy followed by his ultimate and then, Selena can do the rest.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang: Best Heroes Combos

Atlas and Pharsa

Everyone who has dealt with an annoying Pharsa must have known how much damage her ult deals. Well, Pharsa’s ult is probably the largest AOE damage skill which also lasts for quite a long time. With Atlas, grabbing a bunch of enemies along with Pharsa’s ult, the damage is quite unreal. The best way to do it is by letting the Tank go in first with his 2nd Skill, and ulting them. In the meantime, Pharsa can simply ult or can stun them first with her 2nd Skill and then use the ultimate. Either way works fine for her as the slows of Atlas will eventually make them fall under Pharsa’s AOE damage.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang: Best Heroes Combos

Gatotkaca and Guinevere

It scares you right? The large AOE mark of Gatotkaca’s ult that knocks you up after you’re trapped inside it. Gatotkaca is regenerating Tank and Fighter who deals massive damage and has two CC skills. His 2nd skill taunts the enemy and his ultimate deals damage while knocking you in the air. Coming to Guinevere, she’s known for her knock and ult combo, where she’s even immune to the enemy’s CC. In order to execute this combo, Gatotkaca needs to initiate by using the ult and taunt the enemy and Guinevere can do the rest by using her 2nd Skill and ultimate.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang: Best Heroes Combos

Johnson and Badang

Players feel pretty helpless when they are hit by Johnson’s ultimate as it stuns and slows you for a while. Pairing Badang with Johnson might be a nightmare for most of the immobile heroes. Here is how it works: Johnson picks Badang in his car and hits the enemy where they get controlled by his ult. Remember, Badang’s continuous basic attacks stun the enemy repeatedly, but if you want to land kills quickly then simply use your 2nd skill to raise the wall and ult them.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang: Best Heroes Combos

Tigreal and Hanabi

You might wanna choose Purify as your battle spell if you see these two heroes on the enemy side. With Tigreal’s overpowered crowd control skills and Hanabi, the late game monster can be way too scary to deal with. Her 1st skill allows her basic attack to bounce between multiple targets which helps her in dealing damage to multiple enemies near her, along with lifesteal. It is proved that Hanabi can wreak havoc in team fights with her ult as it binds the enemy for a short period of time. Tigreal can simply push and knock multiple enemies or even ult them followed by Hanabi’s ult can secure multiple kills for sure.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang: Best Heroes Combos

Luo Yi and Chang’e

The Yin Yang Geomancer, Luo Yi is so far the best CC mage released by Moonton. Players who have mastered the combos and the skills of Luo Yi can control all 5 enemies just with her repeated skill casts. With better positioning try to execute the Yin-yang effect on the enemy followed by Chang’e 1st skill slow and ultimate, which can easily melt down the enemy. 

Mobile Legends Bang Bang: Best Heroes Combos

Vale and Saber

Windboy of MLBB which recently got buffed by Moonton is an annoying hero itself but partnering him with Saber can one-shot any carry or squishy hero. We all know that Vale’s crowd controls are unmatchable and Saber’s ultimate is guaranteed kill unless the enemy is using any armor. The only and best way to use the combo of these two heroes is by ambushing. Vale can knock the enemy on the air and Saber can ult right away to secure a kill.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang: Best Heroes Combos

Lolita and Cecilion

If you are heading into a late-game with Cecilion, make sure you maintain adequate distance to avoid his 1st skill’s damage. If Cecilion manages to gain huge stacks, a medium HP hero can be one-shotted. Coming to the Lolita and Cecilion combo, use Lolita’s ult with Flicker trick that will stun maximum heroes lying in her ult area. Swiftly use the 2nd Skill for more CC effect and use the 1st Skill of Cecillion while using your ult for continuous damage and movement speed.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang: Best Heroes Combos

Use the above combos and rank confidently. The above list can’t guarantee you a solid win, after all, it entirely depends on the skills of the player, but it can increase the chances. It is also recommended to use the above heroes by looking at the enemy composition. You can also alter the heroes mentioned as they can also fit to become good duo combo heroes.

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