When you’re playing Mobile Legends, you’ll see that there is a nice list of heroes to choose from. There are 49 heroes to choose from as of December 2017. The problem quickly becomes which heroes do you buy and when?

The heroes in Mobile Legends are all sorted out into different categories and price ranges. Said prices range from free to upto 32,000 Battle Points (BP). So as soon as any new heroes show up in any update, the concern about which ones to buy arises. So how do you decide?!! This guide will offer advice to help you out in this matter.

What heroes are available and why should I buy them?

As mentioned, there are 49 heroes. Only 1 of them can’t be bought directly and can only be gained as a recharge gift. It means you have to spend real money on the game. This is a list of heroes with some tips for each one. They’re sorted by BP price range, from highest to lowest, and in no other particular order. Keep in mind that anyone could deem a particular hero much more valuable than another. That’s not the point to this guide.

32,000 BP Heroes

Mobile Legends Heroes 32K 1


Odette is good against a crowd. When mixed with spell vamp and CD Reduction items, she’ll take a lot of damage like a tank and keep on shelling out the damage.


Argus has a very cool third skill. So he can get hammered on and still walk away with a sizable chunk of his HP in place. The trick is to do as much damage as possible while his third skill is active. Use his second skill to close the distance and his first skill to deal out some extra damage.


Grock works best when near a wall so his second skill should be your starting point for attacking. Then use his third skill to hopefully bring you next to the freshly made wall and your target. Use his first skill for damage, a slow for the target(s), and immunity to crowd control effects.


Irithel can be a fast and heavy hitter. Use her third skill to get in close and get a damage boost. Then use her first skill to reduce the physical armor of the target. Then use the second skill so the target can’t run off too fast. Mix in attack speed and damage booster items for a nice killer hero. The other fun item combination is attack speed and physical penetration.


Harley is a very lethal mage!! Use his second skill for the movement speed boost to get in close. This also serves as an escape method if you cast it again. Then lead off with his third skill for attacking. From there, pepper the target with the first skill. Use an item build with as much CD Reduction and magical attack boost as you can get.

Mobile Legends Heroes 32K 2

Yi Shun-shin

This can be a tricky hero to use so it might take some (not too much) getting used to!! Except for his third skill, you have to aim him well. Those first 2 skills hit the first enemy target the hardest. So if that first enemy hit is not your intended target, you won’t do as much damage.


The fighter that uses spell vamp!! It’s hard to escape her because her second skill pulls in a target and stuns it. Her third skill pulls in a target and stuns it. Use items with spell vamp and CD Reduction for Ruby.


Sun is the duplicating monkey. The fun part is that when his clones attack, it heals Sun. Mixing vamp and attack speed items can really make him tough to kill. The downside is trying to get 5 basic attacks while you’re trying to kill everything in 3 or fewer attacks!!


Use Chou’s second skill to charge up. Pick your target and use his first skill for all 3 hits. Then use his third skill twice in a row. You have several options for his item build to experiment with!!


There’s a good reason why her difficulty rating is up high!! You really have to track her umbrella usage which can get tricky. In any case, it’s a really nice combination of lethal and escaping tactics.

Mobile Legends Heroes 32K 3


Johnson is a tank type that relies heavily on having high armor and high magical damage. The faster this “transformer” is moving before it hits a target using his third skill, the more damage it will do. A target that’s running away is the perfect target for his third skill.


In a crowd or not, Moskov can really hammer the target(s). With his passive skill, you already have a built in CD Reduction. The CD Reduction in his passive does NOT rely on the hit(s) behind the target but rather, the hit(s) to the target itself. Use attack speed and vamp items on him. Try to start your attacks using his third skill especially when in a crowd.


Your best bet with Alpha is to get as much CD Reduction as possible from your item build. Every time you use one of his skills, Beta attacks too.


It is Zhask’s first skill you not only have to lead off an attack with, but also do what all you can to place it well. Once it’s placed, think of it as an extra torrent to attack enemies with that will provide an “extra copy” of the second skill. Don’t use his fourth skill without using his first skill beforehand. His third skill can either be used outright or as a trap/escape tactic.


Hylos relies heavily on your emblems and item build to provide as much mana as possible. Yes, his skills casting can be done with HP instead of MP. However, you should be careful doing that in case your HP is running low.

Mobile Legends Heroes 32K 4


On the upside, if an enemy uses a skill on Helcurt, they get silenced. So their combos won’t work out so great. On the downside, if you’re surrounded, you better be quick with the third skill + first skill combo.


Franco can definitely get into a fight as a tank. When the fight is over, and as long as he’s not being hit, he can regen his HP fairly quickly. The 1% HP regen doesn’t seem like a lot but it shows up more and more when his HP is high.


Akai has a shield which becomes active each time he uses a skill. So CD Reduction items come in handy on him. Do note that you have to time the use of your skills to maximize that shield becoming active. Also note that his third skill will knock back targets and do less damage for repeat hits on the same target(s).


Karina relies on high attack speed, critical hit rate (basic attacks), and high magic power from your item build and/or emblems. Getting a kill or assist with this hero will seriously reduce skill cool downs. You didn’t have to include that much at all in your item build.


Natalia is a “back fighter”!! She’ll gain extra damage from being attacked from behind. With the use of her second skill, basic attacks won’t hit her. Her first skill is great for getting behind enemies to use her third skill.

Mobile Legends Heroes 32K 5


Hayabusa has a regen in his passive which might seem like a lot to do at first. But his skills can hit multiple times. His first skill can regen some of your MP but you’d have to be close to the target for all 3 shurikens to hit the same target.


Lolita’s shields can certainly help her survive but only against ranged basic attacks. Opponent heroes using their skills can hammer on her. She has a lot of building up to do for the full effect of her second and third skills.


He’s a heavy hitting tank!! The aim for him, and in order to boost himself, is to take on HP based stronger opponents. This won’t always be easy since most are pretty busy trying to kill opponents and not wait around for them to get stronger first!! But he sure can hit a ton!!


She’s a real “take control” kind of necromancer!! Boost her magic power as much as you can via items. She can already hit pretty hard but you want to make sure she can kill. Once she kills a hero, or several, the puppets just make things worse for all opponents.


Lapu-Lapu eventually gives himself a shield via his basic attacks. As long as you can remember what each of his skills does, he has some great moves to either close the distance or escape. As a hero listed as a fighter and an assassin, he can certainly generate a lot of damage!!

Mobile Legends Heroes 32K 6


His third skill makes him invincible for the duration of the skill (charging and attack). So it’s a nice tactic to keep alive even for a few more seconds!! He has a skill vamp on his second skill but it’s limited. You can use his first skill a couple of times on fresh targets.

24,000 BP Heroes

Mobile Legends Heroes 24K 1


Even though Diggie is listed as a support type hero, his support is limited to a shield for all allies during the casting of his third skill. From there, that same third skill makes all allies immune to CC effects. The fun part seems to be getting changed into an egg so he won’t die!!


Karrie is a marksman type hero which can work nicely against tank type heroes. Her passive shows up with true damage based on a percentage of an opponent heroes’ HP. So that can hit like a freight train to tank type heroes!! Do note she does have a high difficulty rating.


Roger is quite the hero while listed as a marksman and fighter type hero. Like some other heroes, you have to remember what his skills do or you might be on the wrong side of the floor hugging. Roger has a wide variety of effects depending on his form when you use one of his skills.


Fanny’s difficulty is pretty high. Other than an effect that can close the distance (repeatedly if used in less than 3 seconds), she’s relying on sheer brute force to kill opponents. She has no extra effects in her skills.


Gord relies on having very high magic power. Once he becomes high enough in magic power, it won’t take long to pick opponents apart. Mixing spell vamp and CD Reduction into his item build only makes him far worse to deal with!! Do watch out for stuns and heroes that can move with their skills. These will stop him from pummeling targets in full force.

Mobile Legends Heroes 24K 2


Aurora can hit like an asteroid strike with her third skill!! But in order to get her passive going better, use CD Reduction items as much as possible. Then spam her first skill. Her skills have a lot of Area of Effect (AoE) so spell vamp items help!!


Estes is the definition of support type hero. It’s definitely a good idea to keep him back to let others do the work for you!! But with the use of his second skill, you can help keep enemies from running away quickly.


Hilda fights well in the bush. Use her second skill 3 times in hopes of knocking enemies into the bush. Her third skill relies on you getting kills or assists. You’d have to get 10 in total for the extra effects which help her hit a ton.

15,000 BP and Below Heroes

Mobile Legends Heroes 15K 1



Cyclops needs some distance for his third skill to really hit. So it’s best to use that on an enemy that you’re chasing. His first and second skills work out nicely with his passive. Don’t skimp out on the use of CD Reduction and spell vamp items!!


She can swing in a couple of ways!! On the attack, opponents will be slowed by her skills. Attempting support ideas will speed up allies. Crank up her CD Reduction and magic power with items.


As a tank type hero, your aim is to get surrounded because it can. As a support type hero, your aim should be to go on the attack. Be sure to include attack speed increase in his item build to get into Rage Mode as quickly as you can.


He makes it pretty hard to escape with his passive. You have to work his skills and basic attacks so his effects kick in nicely but it could take some practice on your part.


Bruno has a nice crit rate boost. But in order to fully use it, you have to use his skills 5 times in total. Other than that, you’d have to get his third skill to ricochet between 2 or more heroes a couple of times. So having CD Reduction in his item build helps get the crit rate up.

Mobile Legends Heroes Owned


Alice is one of those mage type heroes that can tank too. Spell vamp and CD Reduction items help big time with that idea. Her combo is to use the first skill to end up behind an opponent. Attack said opponent and hope they get close. Use the second and third skills to stun and vamp respectively.


You have to try to spam her basic attack and first skill in hopes of getting the magic resistance of the targets down. Then her second and third skills can really kick in!! There is a way to make her shell out 120,000 points of damage!!


Nana is a fun hero to play. Her real problem is that her skills are pretty slow to cast in comparison to other heroes. So keep a distance from your target(s) when attacking. Don’t rely too much on her passive for gold.


Balmond serves much better as a fighter compared to a tank. But he will need CD Reduction in his item build. When you combo, use his first skill to get in close. Use his second skill to do some extra damage. If the target’s HP is below half, you should be able to kill it with his third skill.


Bane benefits highly from vamp effects because of his splash damages.  Be sure to get them into his item build. His passive doesn’t rely on attack speed. But if you managed to get vamp for his basic attacks, attack speed will help.

Mobile Legends Heroes Owned 2


Saber can be a little harder to use. Only use his second skill to get in close. Do some damage and use his third skill. If the opponent is managing to run away from you, use Saber’s first skill to “bean it” at a distance while chasing. You can use his first skill to harass opponents from the start!!


Tigreal is the tank type hero that can definitely keep opponents close by!! This is fine since his attacks increase both resistances. You just have to watch out for someone using a transformation and or knock up effect in their skills.


Clint’s skills can keep enemies close enough. Just be sure of 2 things. 1, try not to knock yourself back into a torrent with his second skill and 2, to spam his third skill up to 5 times.


Miya is FAST on the attack. She only gets faster by attacking and the use of attack speed boosting items in her item build. Mix in some vamp effects into that item build and she’s awful hard to defeat.

Mobile Legends Heroes Other


She’s the only hero gained as a recharge gift. So only those that spend real money on the game can gain her.

When should you buy a hero?

Truth is that you can buy any hero at any time. However, there are several factors in place to help you make a decision.

Check events and other rewards FIRST

Mobile Legends Heroes Events

There are various events being conducted at any given time. For example, you can gain trial heroes during the New Recruits Level Reward. Do note that these are trial heroes showing in the above screen shot. If they’re not part of the regular hero rotation for matches, they’ll be available for you as a card that you find in your Bag. Once you use that card, you’ll have the use of the hero for up to 3 days. Also note that some rewards are skins only. The point is, don’t buy a hero when you can already gain it for free!!

Fragments and Tickets

During various reward gaining times you’ll end up gaining fragments. There’re 3 types of fragments.

Mobile Legends Heroes Fragments

You can see them listed in the upper right area of the game screen. You can buy heroes with the orange colored fragments. If you look in the upper middle of the screen, you’ll your collection of tickets.

Mobile Legends Heroes Lucky Spin

You can use those tickets to buy other things in the shop. Just don’t forget to give the Lucky Spin a try every so often especially if it has a hero you’d like to have. Similar to the fragments, you’ll gain tickets as rewards.

Hero Type and Team Role

This comes into play in the fact that you might like using a certain type of hero. It also becomes a factor when you’re on a squad and each member has decided a specific role. So someone playing the role of a tank wouldn’t buy an assassin!! Well, at least not unless it was a mixed type hero!!

Always try before you buy

With the hero rotation, you can end up trying just about every hero before you buy it. However, if you managed not following this advice, you can always try out your newly bought hero versus the AI at any time. It happens to be a fairly decent way to practice anyway. And yes, you still have gains just like with playing other modes.

Hope you enjoyed reading the Bluestacks Guide to Mobile Legends Heroes. Here’s wishing you a thrilling experience while playing the game.