If you are willing to play a role that requires you to rotate as fast as possible, slay down the jungle monsters and creeps and additionally deal massive damage at the start and get some early kills?. Then to match up all the above, the Jungler role is the one for you.

Today in this guide, we will discuss who and what is a Jungler, a bit of discussion about the MLBB’s Jungle and the best jungle heroes. So without any further delay, let’s take a look at the MLBB’s Jungler Guide.

What is Jungling?

Jungling is a playstyle in MOBA’s where the jungler rotates around the map and takes down the creeps and monsters around. And during this, the jungler gets to farm a lot of gold that helps it to buy items quick enough and land up some kills at the start of the match.

Who is a Jungler?

Jungler is a specific hero who has the skills to take down the skills, with or without the help of Jungle items. Although any hero can kill a creep and go around farming, it is not advised to do that as all the heroes are not suitable for this role.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang - BlueStacks’ Tips and Tricks for mastering the role of a Jungler

What are the Jungle items?

You must be aware of the jungle items changes in one of the Patch Notes that Mobile Legends released a few months ago. That patch has disabled the usage of Jungle items if the spell, Retribution is not used. Earlier, it was quite easy to farm even without the spell, but as of now, you got to keep it in mind.

Coming to the jungle items, these are of three types:

  • Raptor Machete – (+30 Physical Attack, +15 Physical Penetration, +50 Monster Damage)
  • Beast Killer – (+20 Physical and Magical Defense, +50 Monster Damage)
  • Star Shard – +30 Magic Power, +15 Magic Lifesteal, +3 Mana Regen, +50 Monster Damage

The above items have 3 divisions and each three-division has its unique attribute. 

Which type of heroes to use for Jungle?

Players tend to go as the jungler with any hero of their choice. But to be more effective with your role, make sure you choose a hero that suits you. Here, we will make a small list of heroes of each type that can be played as Junglers. To be specific, Assassins, Marksman, Fighter and a few mages take the role of Jungler.


Due to their high burst and significant scaling of damage, Marksman fulfils the role of a jungler. From the early game, a few buffs and the team’s support, you can land up some quick kills.

Marksman including, Claude, WanWan, Brody, Granger, Beatrix, Karrie etc, are some of the heroes you can easily farm due to their unique skill sets. Although, you can pair the retribution and jungle item with any marksman hero you want.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang - BlueStacks’ Tips and Tricks for mastering the role of a Jungler


Assassins are well known for their early game damage and their skill sets allow them to rotate quite faster and after farming well their late-game damage is enough to one-shot the squishy enemy. It is quite recommended that the Assassin carry the Retribution spell to achieve the objective such as Lord, Turtle and other buffs. 

A few Assassins recommended for you to use are, Hayabusa, Gusion, Ling, Benedetta, Lancelot, Karina. It is obvious that the Assassins need buffs to farm faster and dominate the game later.


With the meta changing after every patch, there are some heroes who can be played as hyper. Usually the heroes you scale up significantly in late-game go for the jungle role. Their initial gameplay might be mediocre but, the late game’s damage is worth it.

Heroes such as Aldous, Roger, Alpha, Alucard etc can opt for this role.


Might not be that popular, but some mages need to farm faster for better damage output. The jungler role is quite limited here but can be worth trying if your team trusts you. 

Some mages you can opt to play as a hyper/jungler are, Harith, Cyclops, Harley, etc. Except Cyclops, Harith and Harley are very mobile heroes that makes them good junglers, but Cyclops’ decaying damage bursts out the tanky heroes.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang - BlueStacks’ Tips and Tricks for mastering the role of a Jungler

The Jungle of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Before we start to discuss more on the role, let us take a look at the battlefield’s jungle. The jungle consists of numerous creeps and monsters and each of them has its own unique attributes. 

  • Blue/Purple Buff – This buff specifically reduces the skill cooldowns by 10% and Mana Cost 40% and Energy Cost by 20%. The buff can be quite helpful for the heroes who need quick spamming skills or drain a lot of mana.
  • Red/Orange Buff – The buff is used to slow the enemy by 80% and deals true damage of 50%. If you’re wondering what is true damage then, it is a type of damage that neglects all shields and armors.
  • Crammer – A small creep that gives a little of bit EXP and HP.
  • Scaled Lizard – The same as the other small creeps, provides EXP and HP.
  • Gold Crab – The creep provides you with some extra gold and bonus for a short time.
  • Turtle – Provides you 400(+40*Hero Level) damage absorption shield and increases 20(+2*Hero Level), Magic Power by 25(+4*Hero Level).

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang - BlueStacks’ Tips and Tricks for mastering the role of a Jungler

Basic tips and tricks for Jungling

  • After you choose your desired hero for the purpose, buy a hunter knife at the start and decide which to go first. 
  • Make sure you know the hero well and level that particular skill first which deals damage.
  • In the early game most heroes are quite squishy and as the attack and defense stats are quite low, ping your tank to help you out and make sure your tank provides nearby vision so that the enemy won’t be able to make any surprise gank.
  • After you’re done with both buffs, clear the minion waves to add some more EXP and gold and look out for some possible ganks. Remember, early domination in the game will always be a plus point.
  • If an enemy hero is mana reliant or their hyper is farming in the enemy’s jungle, do not hesitate to invade. With proper plan execution and position, you can grab the buff and some kills as well. Keep repeating the process to delay their farm.
  • As a jungler, make sure you do not leave any creep or monster and use the bush to plan a sudden attack.
  • A good jungler always rotates and accomplishes the objectives. Although you are the highest damage dealer in the team, apart from kills, objectives must be completed as well.