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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Jungling Guide

Want to master the jungle in Mobile Legends? Being a jungler in Mobile Legends can help give your team the opportunity to win the game for you.

Usually, the jungle role is a nice mix between playing the support role and the marksman role. You’re able to do a lot of damage yourself, so you can potentially pull off crazy killing sprees, but your objective is still to help your team get kills so that they can win their lanes.

Playing a jungler on Mobile Legends can be the hardest role to get used to, but once you’ve read this guide you’ll know all you need to know to bring your team more victories.

Starting Off As a Jungler

Before you even begin playing, make sure you select the Retribution spell from the hero select screen. This spell will help you kill mobs in the jungle. Without this, you will find it far harder to level in the jungle and you’ll be lagging behind the rest of your team.

After that, you actually need to pick your hero. Choosing the right hero here is important. You can either go for a mobile hero or a tanky, non-mobile hero.

Mobile Legends Jungler Starting

We’ve listed a few different suggestions below. Going for mobile heroes means you’ll do more damage and find it easier to gank, but you’ll die easier in fights. Non-mobile heroes will offer more opportunities to start fights in team fights, but ganking will be harder because you’re not mobile enough to perform surprise attacks on lanes. The plus side to non-mobile heroes is that they have more health.

Fanny – Mobile Hero, Low Health

Fanny is another highly mobile hero that can be very rewarding to play once you’ve learned her abilities. Her first ability, Tornado Strike, will send her spinning towards enemies. She can use her second ability to throw a claw and rope in enemies.

Natalia – Mobile Hero, Low Health

Natalia is a very mobile assassin jungler that can dash forward and attack enemies with her first ability. She can also use a smoke grenade ability to slow down enemies, and her ultimate allows her to go invisible. She’s very powerful at ganking, but it takes some practice to kill the mobs in the jungle because of her low health.

Mobile Legends Ganking

Sun – Tanky Hero

Sun is a tanky jungler that has a surprisingly high level of mobility. Sun can use his first ability to smash the ground in front of him to slow enemies. His second move does a huge amount of damage to nearby heroes. Sun can also deploy clones of himself that do damage and confuse other players.

The jungler you choose depends on the kind of playstyle you’d like. If you’re unsure, we’d suggest using Sun to begin with.

For detailed info on all the different heroes available in Mobile Legends, please refer to the Bluestacks Guide for Buying Heroes in Mobile Legends.

How To Win As A Jungler In Mobile Legends

Once you’ve picked your jungler, it’s time to get started with our winning strategy. To begin with, you must start farming in the jungle by killing the jungle mobs.

The route you take in the jungle isn’t incredibly important, but you should always kill the buff mobs as soon as they spawn. That means starting with either the red or blue buff on the bottom of your map, then moving to the top side to kill the other remaining buff.

After you have killed both buffs, you can move onto killing other jungle creeps. Focus on the smaller ones as they’re easier to kill and will give you some gold and experience.

Mobile Legends More Jungler Tips

Once you’ve killed two of these jungle camps, you can recall back to base to regain your health.

The next step is to gank a lane. Ganking involves moving onto another lane and helping your teammate take down the enemy hero on that lane. There are a few important things to take into consideration when ganking. We’ve explained these things below:

  1. Wait until the enemy is as close to your lane’s tower as possible. The closer they are, the further they’ll have to walk to get to safety. This gives you more of a chance to kill the enemy.
  2. If the enemy is too close to their tower, hide in the bush next to the lane and wait for them to push up. This will also give your teammate the chance to prepare for the gank.
  3. Once you’ve helped the teammate kill an enemy, help them destroy the tower.

After you’ve ganked a lane, you can essentially repeat the three steps we’ve listed above, Here’s a recap of those three steps. You should focus on these throughout the game.

  • Step 1: Kill your buff mobs, then kill two more jungle creeps
  • Step 2: Recall so you can regain your health
  • Step 3: Gank a lane to help them win their lane

More Points To Keep In Mind

If you focus on the steps above, you’ll often have a chance to help your team win the game. If you are struggling at any point, you should read the information below.

  1. Don’t focus on a losing lane. Chances are, if you try to gank that lane, you could both die and give even more kills to the enemy on that lane.
  2. Instead, focus on ganking the lane that is winning. That way the winning lane can push to destroy the tower and then offer more help to the losing lanes later.
  3. If you are struggling to pull off successful ganks, spend more time farming mobs in the jungle.
  4. If you manage to get a lot of kills as a jungler, you could go to the enemy’s jungle and kill the enemy’s jungle mobs to get even more gold and experience. If you see the jungler, you could try to kill them too, just be careful that you don’t get caught out by the rest of the enemy team whilst you’re alone.

Thank for taking the time to read through our guide on how to master the jungle in Mobile Legends. Let us know if this information has proven to be useful.

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