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MU Origin 2 – How to Get and Upgrade Gear for Your Characters

MU Origin 2 is all about how your character compares against those of other players. The stronger you are, the more boss kills you tag, the more loot you earn, and the better you fare in the arena. Besides, who doesn’t want their name up in the server-wide top 100 player ranking? True, it’s pretty difficult to get there if you’re an F2P player, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

MU Origin 2 - How to Get and Upgrade Gear for Your Characters

As we’ve already mentioned in our guide to increasing your character’s CP, the best way to get stronger in this MMORPG is to obtain and upgrade better gear. Where? How? With what? We answer all these questions and more below.

Where to Find Gear

Pretty much any monster in the world of MU Origin 2 can drop gear. Just farming out in the open, though, tends to have disappointing results in terms of the quality of the items you loot. Don’t get us wrong – it’s a great way to earn EXP when you’re AFK, as well as to improve your artifact. However, if you want BiS equipment that will actually boost your CP significantly, you have to know where to look.

MU Origin 2 - How to Get and Upgrade Gear for Your Characters

One of the best ways to obtain gear early on is to complete the available solo and party dungeons. Although the latter does tend to offer more EXP and loot, you should use up all of your daily dungeon entries to increase your odds of finding awesome items. Bear in mind that, while lower difficulties of a dungeon can be useful when your character is still low level, once you are able to complete an event on Hell mode, you should right away. Hell mode is the only difficulty that grants Legendary (or orange) gear. This is what we want.

MU Origin 2 - How to Get and Upgrade Gear for Your Characters

Aside from dungeons, Devil’s Square is a solo and multiplayer event that can be farmed several times a day for decent items. Epic and World bosses scattered across the map are also great, but until your CP is fairly high, it might be challenging to get the last hit in and earn the most loot.

How to Enhance Gear and Use Jewels

When you click on your character’s portrait on the upper-left side of the screen, then select the “Enhance” menu, you land on the gear enhancing screen, where you can perform basic item upgrades, upgrade transfers, and jewel slotting (where possible).

MU Origin 2 - How to Get and Upgrade Gear for Your Characters

Perhaps the easiest way to boost the stats on your items, enhancing takes Zen (the in-game currency), Jewels of Blessing, and Jewels of Soul to perform. The number and amount of resources required progresses the more you enhance an item successfully. For example, to enhance our +2 pants to +3, we only need some Zen and 2 Jewels of Blessing. To take our bow to +7, though, we need much more currency, as well as 4 Jewels of Blessing, and 1 rare Jewel of Soul.

MU Origin 2 - How to Get and Upgrade Gear for Your Characters

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Taking an item to +15 can be an expensive endeavor and it would be a complete waste on a non-BiS piece of equipment if the game didn’t let us transfer upgrades. Thankfully, once you pick up a better chestpiece, for instance, you can easily transfer your old upgrades onto the new item. At first, this is done for free. For higher quality gear, the process does set you back a few Purple Diamonds, but these can be obtained for free during events.

MU Origin 2 - How to Get and Upgrade Gear for Your Characters

Finally, in the same “Enhance” menu, jewels become unlocked at a higher character level. You can then slot high-grade jewels into items in order to drastically improve their CP. The higher the rank on your gear, the more jewel slots you will have, so why don’t we take a look at how you can improve an item’s rank next?

How to Rank Up Gear

Unlike with other upgrades, ranking up is not done under the “Enhance” menu, but under “Combine,” instead. It might take a while to learn all the paths to the different menus in the game, but be patient and you’ll get the hang of them eventually… or, if you’re playing MU Origin 2 on BlueStacks, you can always create a Combo Key to activate all the necessary clicks by pressing just one button. Just saying!

MU Origin 2 - How to Get and Upgrade Gear for Your Characters

On the “Combine” screen, press the “Evolve Equipment” option on the left-hand side. This is where you can increase the rank on a piece of gear, but, in order to do so, you need 2 identical copies of it and some resources, depending on the rarity/rank of the item. To rank-up our tier-2 pants, for example, we only need some Zen. Later on, we’ll also be using Purple Diamonds and, more notably, Emperor’s Tomes.

MU Origin 2 - How to Get and Upgrade Gear for Your Characters

It’s very likely that when you combine 3 identical items to obtain one of a higher rank, one of the items you use is currently equipped by your hero. This is also usually the item with the highest enhance level, which is why it is essential that you load this one first into the rank-up system. The first item you place is the one that gets ranked up, while the two that go on the sides get destroyed. Always make sure that your best item goes first!

Where to Find Emperor’s Tomes

To rank-up an item from 5 to 6, you’ll be using no less than 50 Emperor Tomes at a time. That’s a lot, especially since you also need these tomes to ascend your hero’s class. As such, you’ll have to farm and farm this item, but the whole thing can go much faster if you know where to look.

MU Origin 2 - How to Get and Upgrade Gear for Your Characters

Great locations/monsters for farming Emperor’s Tomes include:

  • The Ice Queen area in Devians,
  • The Deramus area in Tenut,
  • The Kraken Hydra in Atlans,
  • The Zaikans in Tarkan, and
  • Other world boss areas across the world.

MU Origin 2 - How to Get and Upgrade Gear for Your Characters

Areas where world bosses might spawn are the best places to let your character farm while you AFK because you might get a last hit on one of the bosses and earn even more loot, in addition to a good number of Emperor’s Tomes. If possible, you should always do this in a party with other people, because this increases the drop rate for all loot and the amount of EXP you earn per kill.

Now that you’re all set on reagents and your gear is shiny enough to offer your character a considerable CP boost, you might wonder what you should do next. Luckily, MU Origin 2 does not disappoint when it comes to both PvP and PvE events. You can read more about them in this BlueStacks guide to must-do daily activities or you can check out our guide to the arena to get started on crushing some enemy characters!

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