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MU Origin 2: Daily Must-Do Checklist for the Active Player

MU Origin 2 is a beautiful MMORPG that gives players plenty of opportunities to put their characters to good use on a daily basis. You’ll know what we mean as soon as you create your first hero and unlock his or her basic combat abilities. Fighting and defeating monsters has never been more stylish than with this game!

MU Origin 2: Daily Must-Do Checklist for the Active Player

You shouldn’t let the flashy colors distract you altogether, though. MU Origin 2 takes itself seriously and you should do the same with your character if you aim to become one of the most powerful players on your server. To this end, we’ve prepared a comprehensive checklist of tasks you can complete every day for more EXP, gold, gear, and other spicy rewards.

The Complete List of Dungeons (+Rewards)

If there’s one thing that MU Origin 2 has plenty of, that thing is dungeons. Some can be completed solo, some require a party of friends, and others pit you against players for a shot at additional loot. Most importantly, all types of dungeons offer fantastic rewards, which is why you should prioritize the activities described below whenever you have a moment to log in.

The Land of Ordeal

Once per day, you have the chance to enter the Land of Ordeal, a generous dungeon that is shared with other players and where you can spend up to 30 minutes farming high-EXP monsters. This is the perfect opportunity to use some of your extra EXP cards (for 200% or 300% more EXP) and just let your character do their thing while you AFK.

MU Origin 2: Daily Must-Do Checklist for the Active Player

The Solo EXP Dungeon

An even better way to gain EXP fast, the Solo EXP Dungeon can only be completed twice per day, but is enough to advance your character several levels at a time. The best time to tackle this dungeon is either before or after the Land of Ordeal – so that your extra EXP card can be used for both.

MU Origin 2: Daily Must-Do Checklist for the Active Player

Greed’s Cavern (Gold)

This dungeon is very similar to the previous two. For a limited amount of time, you are allowed to kill waves of monsters and the more you manage to defeat, the better your rewards. The only difference is that instead of gaining EXP, you are awarded hefty amounts of gold, which, as you already know, is essential (in substantial quantities) for the development of your character.

Infinite Tower (Gold, EXP, Wings)

Divided across multiple levels, the Infinite Tower is where you can farm materials to upgrade your wings. Bear in mind that, for most levels, only the first clear grants upgrade resources, while all subsequent clears only provide gold and EXP.

MU Origin 2: Daily Must-Do Checklist for the Active Player

Blood Castle (EXP, Gems)

To enter this dungeon, you need a party of 5, as well as an Invisible Cape (which acts as a kind of entry ticket). While inside, you can defeat several waves of monsters and bosses to obtain both EXP and gems for your gear.

Devil’s Square (EXP, Gear)

Another multiplayer dungeon for groups of 5, Devil’s Square is available several times per day as a limited event. The monsters inside are a decent source of EXP and can drop high-quality equipment.

MU Origin 2: Daily Must-Do Checklist for the Active Player

Solo and Party Dungeons (EXP, Gear)

Unlike Devil’s Square, these dungeons are available at all times, but each can only be completed 5 times per day. While Solo Dungeons offer guaranteed loot (the higher the difficulty, the better the quality), Party Dungeons offer more EXP per monster and feature higher drop rates. If you have the time, doing both is the best way to increase your chances at good items and EXP gain.

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MU Origin 2: Daily Must-Do Checklist for the Active Player

Daily Tasks and Events

In addition to a host of dungeons, you can also opt to complete daily tasks for rewards ranging from EXP and gold to upgrade materials, gear, and EXP or clear tickets. Tens of such activities can be tackled each day, so it’s easier to remember them in the following categories.

Login Bonuses

There are two types of Login Bonuses in MU Origin 2 (aside from special, temporary events). To begin with, each day of the month is assigned a reward that can include Zen (the in-game basic currency), gear and wings upgrade materials, as well as Invisible Capes for Blood Castle or Entry Tickets for Devil’s Square. Besides, a cumulative login bonus can be obtained by spending up to 100 minutes online per day.

MU Origin 2: Daily Must-Do Checklist for the Active Player

Daily Mandatory Tasks

These tasks can be found under the “Mandatory Task” tab in “Events.” You can earn up to 5 chests with increasingly better goodies by accumulating activity points every day. By accessing the correct tab, you can inspect the various tasks – which will often include dungeons, quests, arenas, and more – on the right side of your screen.

MU Origin 2: Daily Must-Do Checklist for the Active Player

Limited-Time Events

Still in the “Events” menu, the first tab on the left-hand side will take you to a series of tasks that can be completed for straightforward rewards (EXP, gold, gear, and more). While you can finish tasks from the left side at any time of the day, tasks from the right side can only be tackled at certain hours, so it’s worth keeping an eye on them at all times to maximize your EXP and loot gain.

MU Origin 2: Daily Must-Do Checklist for the Active Player

Daily Quests

These quests are organized in 3 groups of 10 tasks each. Once per day, you can set your character to complete them automatically for high amounts of EXP and gold. Although they do tend to take some time, the fact that you don’t have to control your character from one quest to another means you can safely AFK for the entire duration.

Guild Dailies and Training

You can complete up to 20 guild dailies per character to earn more EXP, as well as guild contribution points. Unlike with regular daily quests, you will have to accept these manually, but most of the tasks are as easy and quick as talking to a nearby NPC. An even better way to use the guild for EXP is to invite an online member to “train” with you. This lasts a couple of minutes at a time, offers huge amounts of EXP per train, and can be done twice a day.

MU Origin 2: Daily Must-Do Checklist for the Active Player

Sounds like a lot? Well… we told you MU Origin 2 takes itself seriously. If you’re worried that completing all of these tasks on a daily basis will result in a fun-less grind-type of experience, don’t forget that you can play MU Origin 2 on BlueStacks in order to optimize and even automate many of the quests and dungeons. Then, you can use your non-AFK in-game time for some actual fun-having!

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