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MU Origin 2 – How to Become a Beast in the Arena

Posted by: BlueStacks Content Team

In MU Origin 2, fighting other players is probably the most entertaining thing you can do. It’s also one thing that the game constantly pushes you into – whether through events, multiplayer dungeons, attractive PK areas, or quests. No matter where you turn, sooner or later, you’ll have to kill some people in order to progress with your character. Just the way we like it.

MU Origin 2 - How to Become a Beast in the Arena

In addition to all the ways you can engage players out in the open world, you can also challenge others in the arena, which is essentially a 1v1 battle. Even if you’re an F2P player, it doesn’t mean you can’t compete. Sure, you probably won’t make it to the top of your server, but you can still obtain a pretty high rank if you know what you’re doing. This guide is going to prep you Rambo-style and turn you into an arena beast.

How the Arena Works in MU Origin 2

We mentioned earlier that, in MU Origin 2, the arena allows only 1v1 battles. In addition, these are not real-time fights, which means that you are actually playing against the AI (using another player’s character), rather than a real person. This gives you a certain advantage, but, as you’ll see in a moment, the progression system balances it out nicely.

MU Origin 2 - How to Become a Beast in the Arena

In short, you can never fight an opponent with lower CP than your own in the arena. The game simply selects a list of opponents for you, arranges them in a progressive manner, and allows you to advance only if and after you’ve defeated each one at a time. There is no way to refresh the list of challengers, so you basically have to win against them all.

This might sound harsh, but the AI is often silly, so it is actually fairly easy to beat. So long as your CP is not too far under that of your next enemy, you can easily win against them provided that you control your character manually. If you’re having a hard time moving around and switching between 2 sets of skills, remember that you can always play MU Origin 2 on BlueStacks and use the Keymapping Tool to assign keyboard shortcuts to all buttons on the screen. We would argue that, if you’re going to climb the ranks, this is absolutely necessary.

MU Origin 2 - How to Become a Beast in the Arena

We’ll look at a few tips you can use during PvP combat in a moment, but, for now, let’s focus on what you can do before the actual match to improve your chances.

Boost Your Level and CP Quickly

Especially if you’re an arena rookie, you might find it particularly difficult to get started because the difference in CP between you and the next player is often too great to overcome with pure skill. Certainly, you can and should have a few tries at the match, but, generally speaking, if your opponent has double the amount of CP you do, you’re unlikely to succeed.

MU Origin 2 - How to Become a Beast in the Arena

This is no reason to quit, though. After all, PvP is part and parcel of the MU Origin 2 experience. If you won’t face this opponent, you’ll likely have to face similar ones in multiplayer events and dungeons. To stand a chance, you need to boost your level and CP as quickly as possible.

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MU Origin 2 - How to Become a Beast in the Arena

We’ve already put together a guide to how you can increase your character’s strength in a reliable and free manner, so feel free to check that out for more details. Otherwise, just remember a few essentials: complete all daily tasks to increase your level quickly, upgrade your wings, pets, and mount, advance your class, rank-up your emblem and artifact, and, most importantly, get better gear.

Gearing Up for Victory

There are a few ways to obtain awesome gear in MU Origin 2, all of which we’ve discussed at length in a guide to itemizing your character correctly. To get a quick CP boost for your next arena match, you can try any of the following:

  • Doing some solo or party dungeon runs on Hell mode for a chance at Legendary (orange) equipment.
  • Participating in Devil’s Square and doing your best to get the last hit on the boss whenever the event is on.
  • Enhancing your gear whenever you have Jewels of Blessing/Soul to spare.
  • Using the best jewels you have to slot your rank 4+ armor.
  • Evolving a piece of gear whenever you have 3 identical copies, as well as enough Emperor’s Tomes.

MU Origin 2 - How to Become a Beast in the Arena

Most of these methods take some time to put into practice. As such, if you’re an F2P player, it will probably take some time until most of your buffs kick in and you begin to roar through the arena ranks.

Combat Tips that Help You Win More Matches

The odds are stacked up against you in the MU Origin 2 arena, but remember that you are playing against the AI and the AI is, well… rather clumsy. To put it mildly, everything your opponent will do is run at you and cast random spells from the first skill set only. Unless the other player has customized their bars especially for the arena (which doesn’t happen often), the AI will work without a few essential perks.

MU Origin 2 - How to Become a Beast in the Arena

As an archer, for example, your second bar includes a heal and a summon by default. These and the dodge ability are some of your strongest skills, but they will rarely be used by an enemy archer. Of course, the only way to take advantage of this is to control your character manually, rather than put them on Auto.

In addition, since you already know that the AI will immediately run at you and start throwing nukes, you can time your dodges properly to avoid most of the damage. Sometimes, you’ll be caught in the AoE, especially if you’re casting a spell yourself, but this does not happen often if you move enough. It’s also not a big problem when you do get hit. Just run around the arena for a while until your heal comes off cooldown and you can safely recover some of your HP. Don’t back yourself into a corner, though. It can be painful to eat an entire nuke from an opponent whose CP is way higher than yours.

MU Origin 2 - How to Become a Beast in the Arena

That’s basically it. In five words: dodge, then attack; sometimes heal. As you can see from the leaderboard on our server (our first image), the top player is not necessarily the one with the highest CP. That’s because, so long as the difference between your CP and your opponent’s is decent, you can use your arena skills to power through the battle. Naturally, playing with your keyboard on a PC is also much easier. But that’s what BlueStacks is for.

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