The final step to play Nations of Darkness as a competitive player is learning the advanced tactics that are needed to understand how you can get ahead of the competition. The game involves many ways a player can get an advantage over other players but not all of them have to involve spending a lot of money. In fact, there are many ways players can become competitive simply by investing their time and effort into developing their nation to reach its peak form in the game.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Nations of Darkness

Nations of Darkness is a hardcore real-time strategy game where players will have to defend their nation against the threat of attackers from opposing factions and alliances. It’s difficult to develop your own nation and even if you spend a lot of time playing, it’s no guarantee that you’ll survive the threats that come your way. We’ve come up with some of the best tips and tricks that will help new players get the best information that they’ll need to quickly reach the point where they can survive.

Make Use of Speedups

Speedups are a valuable resource in Nations of Darkness. Players can find this in their inventory or can simply use it whenever they’re doing any task that involves a countdown timer. A common misconception among new players is that they shouldn’t use this resource immediately because they’re trying to save it for a better time. However, a great tip is that players should always use their speedups early on and try to skip as many countdown timers that are 1-minute or above whenever they play.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Nations of Darkness

These speedups give new players a quick way to upgrade their kingdom without waiting for short-timers. Even if it’s just 1-minute, it’s still worth using a speedup because you can immediately skip the wait and move on to another task. Once your buildings are above level 10, it becomes harder to use speedups because the countdown timers use up too many resources at once. Players should use this resource as much as possible and don’t be afraid to expend all of them in one go.

Keep the Nation Busy

Keeping the nation busy means doing as many tasks as possible in a short amount of time. This can be done by making all of your structures do the tasks they were meant to do as well as constructing or upgrading new buildings. Maximizing the number of tasks that players can complete during their playthroughs allows the nation to level up quickly, making it easier to catch up with the hardcore players who are spending premium resources to accelerate their progression.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Nations of Darkness

The most difficult part about doing this is managing which tasks need to be done first to maximize the time. It’s a good idea for players to start with tasks that have shorter timers and move on to longer timers towards the end. The game rewards players who have the patience to have longer playing periods but even those who don’t have a lot of free time can still succeed. As long as players can play for a total of 3 hours per day, they can keep up with the top cut of the competition.

Collect Powerful Heroes

Collecting powerful heroes is one of the tasks that players need to do as they continue playing the game. Having the strongest heroes in your nation will allow you to do more advanced tasks such as sieging enemy nations. We’ve talked about the strongest heroes you can get on our Hero Tier List which should give you the best idea of which units you should look out for. Nations of Darkness has a large roster that contains a lot of characters that can help you along the way but only a few of them stand at the very top of this list.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Nations of Darkness

Heroes play a central part in your progression so players should take advantage of all the free ways they can acquire these units. There are players who are willing to invest money into acquiring the best units but acquiring new units is not exclusive to those who have the means. Nations of Darkness offers different ways to acquire gems and recruitment tickets that all players have access to if they are willing to play the game on a regular basis and invest their time and effort into completing different tasks.

Scout Your Surroundings

Scouting your surroundings means taking a look at your nation’s position on the world map. This is extremely important because it can determine whether or not you’ll experience bullying in the game in the form of being constantly attacked by other players. The worst possible thing that could happen to a player is getting placed in an area near a group of players who are very active in the PvP sector of the game. This can cause your overall experience playing the game to be horrible.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Nations of Darkness

All fresh accounts have ONE free ticket to relocate anywhere in the world. It’s a good idea to use this ticket to find an area without any aggressive players and have an abundance of resources that the player can farm. However, players who are planning to join an alliance in the future should is their relocation ticket to move into the alliance territory to give them a sense of safety. 

Join an Alliance

Speaking of alliances, the most important tip that we give to players who play any real-time strategy games like Nations of Darkness is to join one as soon as possible. Alliances are the strongest weapon and best defense in Nations of Darkness because being with a powerful group of players ensures that other players will stay away from you since they are afraid that the stronger members of your alliance might retaliate on your behalf.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Nations of Darkness

We recommend that players join high-level alliances with active members and an organized communication system. This means that the players are serious about playing the game and won’t ignore their members in case they need something to be done. Usually, these alliances have very high requirements for joining but if you work hard enough, you should eventually get noticed by these groups.