Getting ready to play Nations of Darkness as a competitive player? It might not be as easy if you’re playing this genre for the first time. Learning all of the basics is the best way for players to make their way towards becoming top players on the server by being able to prioritize the important tasks when trying to build their nation. This might not be easy especially if you’re just a beginner who has no experience playing real-time strategy games before or has little experience doing so.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide to Playing Nations of Darkness

This beginners’ guide aims to give new players a chance to learn the most important aspects of the game without overloading them with advanced knowledge that they’ll learn naturally in their playthrough. These basics should place players at a strong start that might be enough for them to be part of the upper bracket of users in Nations of Darkness. To help you even further, learn how you can install Nations of Darkness on BlueStacks to give you more features that’ll help you succeed.

Controlling the Economy

The economy is the central part of any nation as it acts as the lifeblood that supports any endeavors that the player plans to have at all times. Every action in this game will cost specific types of resources and it’s important that the nation can meet the costs without being burdened by a poor economy. Once a nation is able to procure more resources than its spending while being active, that nation has reached the pinnacle of success and will allow the player to succeed in the end.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide to Playing Nations of Darkness

Controlling the economy isn’t easy as it involves doing regular tasks and maintaining the different structures and tech in this sector. We’ll be dedicating an entire article to how players can manage their economy better but it’s important for players to understand now that being able to create the basis for a functional economy should be their top priority. Everything else comes second so players should do everything they can to increase their resource production value and acquisition rates.

Establishing the Military

The military is another important part of any real-time strategy game. Soldiers protect the nation from anyone who tries to threaten you and can be sent on missions to collect resources and defeat enemies in the server. Regardless of whether or not you plan to participate in war, players will still be forced to create a powerful military because even the PvE part of the game requires players to have an army they can mobilize to defeat enemies that might drop important loot.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide to Playing Nations of Darkness

The most important reason why players need to have a powerful military is that they act as the primary defense from aggressive players. Every real-time strategy game has PvP as its focus and there’s no guarantee that your neighbors won’t try to attack you if they see that you don’t have the capability to fend off an attack. Even though training soldiers can be difficult due to the costs and time it takes to produce more troops, players should always try to push for a higher number daily.

Infrastructures & Research

Building new structures is another big part of the game and there are some players who don’t fully understand the importance of this mechanic. There are people who play games like this like city-building simulators but the genre is not designed to prioritize aesthetics over functionality. As such, players are forced to build all of the structures that are available and upgrade their level to the max to fully make use of their purpose. Otherwise, the entire nation will be left behind in terms of progression.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide to Playing Nations of Darkness

Research is another sector that involves players upgrading the values of different sectors. For example, upgrading the production value of a specific building can be done which makes them more efficient. Just like constructing new buildings, researching also costs time and resources to finish so it won’t be an instantaneous bonus that all players can enjoy. As long as players keep upgrading and constructing new buildings regularly as well as researching new tech, they’re guaranteed to be at the top of the playerbase.


Expansion is a key feature in unlocking new stuff in Nations of Darkness. If you’ve already played the game, it has already shown that some features can only be unlocked once the player has cleared an unclaimed area of the map. The expansion involves clearing out debris and defeating any threats inside that area before they can claim that area as a part of their nation. Once the area has been claimed, they’ll be able to utilize that space and use any structures that were ruined inside of it.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide to Playing Nations of Darkness

Space is also an important resource because players will eventually own a lot of structures whenever they level up. The more buildings you have, the harder it will be to manage your nation. By being able to maximize the space when trying to sort buildings according to their function, it’ll be a lot easier to do specific tasks rather than scrolling around the map just to find a specific structure. Try to keep this in mind once you start building more structures in the future.


Heroes are special characters in Nations of Darkness that play a special role in the game. Unlike standard troops, these heroes can be used for a variety of tasks like leading an entire squad and being used to apply bonuses. In Nations of Darkness, heroes can be acquired through a loot box system that contains a random set of characters that players can acquire by spending premium currency or tickets that they get as a reward from the game.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide to Playing Nations of Darkness

It is very important for players to acquire as many heroes as they can but the primary goal is to pull characters with a higher rarity. Higher rarity heroes are simply the best units in the game because they are intentionally designed to have higher stats and better skills that make them the most efficient units to have for your nation. Players with the most higher-rarity heroes are often the ones who succeed in this game.