Neoverse is a thrilling roguelike with card-based combat where the goal is to travel through a variety of levels and defeat the enemies that are waiting within. These levels often have increasing difficulty in the form of tougher enemies that can inflict status effects, hit harder, and are generally tougher to kill. This goes hand-in-hand with the boss levels that appear several times per run, and which pit you against exceedingly strong enemies that require proper strategy and preparation to beat.

The Best Neoverse Tips and Tricks for Winning Battles and Getting as Far as Possible

As we explored in our beginner’s guide, there’s quite a lot to know before actually getting started in Neoverse. Moreover, once you’ve started your journey in this roguelike, you’ll come up with even more new elements that will both help you to progress through the missions, or actively work against you. And in this tips and tricks guide, we’ll be sharing a few more nuggets of information that can help you to win your battles and get as far as possible in each of your runs.

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Go For the Combo Bonuses to Activate Special Effects

While you’re free to use any cards that you want in combat with no drawbacks, except the ones that may come from using the card themselves, it might be worth taking a look at the lower-left corner of the battle screen to check out your current combo chain. This chain consists of several colored blocks that represent the different card types. And whenever you use the said card types in the order indicated by your combo chain, you’ll activate a special combo bonus, which doubles the damage inflicted by the card played directly after activating the bonus.

The Best Neoverse Tips and Tricks for Winning Battles and Getting as Far as Possible

Using the card combo bonuses is the key to inflicting maximum damage in Neoverse and will help you to defeat both bosses and elite enemies alike.

Parrying Could Save Your Life

There are two special effects in Neoverse that can help you to get the upper hand, even when you’re under pressure by several enemies attacking at the same time. Parrying is one of these effects, which lets you stun an enemy for a single turn if a specific condition is met. This condition is that the amount of armor you have is equivalent to the damage the enemy is inflicting with his next attack. For example, if you have 6 armor, and the enemy deals 6 damage in their turn, they will lower your armor to 0, but then get stunned for a turn due to the Parry bonus effect.

The Best Neoverse Tips and Tricks for Winning Battles and Getting as Far as Possible

The Parry is worth using especially against tougher enemies, since it basically gives you a free turn to wail on them without repercussions. Most of the time, however, it’s better to just destroy the enemies outright if you have the chance.

Try to Score Precision Bonuses

Parrying is one of two special effects, as we mentioned above, and Precision is the second of these effects. This effect basically works in reverse of how parrying goes, in the sense that, whenever you destroy an enemy with EXACTLY the amount of damage in relation to their remaining HP, you will trigger a bonus that grants you an extra 50 gold.

The Best Neoverse Tips and Tricks for Winning Battles and Getting as Far as Possible

For example, if an enemy has 6 HP left, and you deal exactly 6 damage, you will defeat the enemy while activating the Precision bonus, scoring a few extra gold for your efforts. It goes without saying that it’s ALWAYS worth it to go for this extra bit of gold whenever you can since you’ll be able to buy many more items from the shop between missions

Watch Those Ads to Score Extra Rewards On Every Run

Speaking of shops and rewards, your cards and talents are basically the lifeblood of your build. And while you begin each run with a few cards in your deck, you’ll need to quickly branch out in order to prepare for the challenges that lie ahead. Luckily, one of the easiest ways to expand your deck every run is by purchasing cards from the store. However, said cards often cost gold, which is very limited and its availability will vary according to various factors in the current run.

The Best Neoverse Tips and Tricks for Winning Battles and Getting as Far as Possible

One of the easiest ways to score a few extra gold, aside from focusing on earning the Precision bonuses mentioned above, is to watch the ads that appear both in the store, as well as in the talent tree, which rewards you with plenty of gold and a few talent points, respectively.

If you’re playing Neoverse on PC with BlueStacks, you can just minimize the emulator while the ads are running, and use your computer for anything else in the meantime.

Complete Missions to Score Extra Rewards Between Missions

All throughout your run, you’ll constantly find special optional missions that you can complete in order to receive additional prizes, aside from the ones you get from completing the level itself. You can view these missions before choosing your next level, and then also in the “Missions” screen that you can find between levels, by clicking on the book icon on the upper right. 

The Best Neoverse Tips and Tricks for Winning Battles and Getting as Far as Possible

While you can choose missions every time you move to the next level, these stay with you indefinitely until you complete them. In this sense, you can pick a specific mission and leave it there for when you actually need its rewards. For instance, you can choose a “healing” mission early on, and then complete it later when you actually need to restore your health.

Regardless, these missions are a great way to power up your character, as their rewards are instant and in many cases permanent.

Use Status Effects to Easily Defeat Specific Enemies

While it’s easy and straightforward to simply buff your character and unleash maximum damage on your enemies with Attack cards, this might not always be the way to go, especially against tougher bosses. Specifically, there are certain enemies that gain buffs or that can power up whenever targeted by an attack card—the more you attack them, the stronger and tougher they become. In cases like these, it might be better to just hang back and pelt enemies with status effects to whittle them down, without ever having to attack them.

The Best Neoverse Tips and Tricks for Winning Battles and Getting as Far as Possible

If you’re playing Neoverse for free on BlueStacks, you’ll probably only have access to Naya, who specializes in dealing damage with attack cards mainly. However, she can also lean on dealing damage over time with Radioactive attacks, which is a great alternative for passively eating away at the enemy’s health.

Do you have any other Neoverse tips and tricks to share? Feel free to leave us your insights in the comments below!