People who have begun to play Nova: Iron Galaxy are now steadily progressing towards the endgame where the strongest start vying for supremacy. The biggest hurdle that new players experience is learning how to increase their development points, which becomes a very crucial prerequisite for a lot of the game’s mechanics. We’ve created this guide to help players learn where they can earn a ton of development points quickly so that they can get to the top of the rankings.

How to Increase Development Points in Nova: Iron Galaxy

Development points are a value that determines how strong your space station has become. This is done by taking the average power value of each part of your space station including space ships, station areas, and admirals. There are so many things that affect development points and players can easily get confused about which ones they should prioritize if they’re looking to improve. This guide aims to help players learn the best way they can increase their development points in Nov: Iron Galaxy.

Upgrading the Station

Upgrading the station is the most basic way to improve your development points. This can be done by upgrading the building levels and enhancing all of their parts. Players can do this by going to the Building tab on the lower-left side of their screen and choosing to upgrade all of the areas that they see there. Remember that the maximum level of your buildings depends on your commander’s current level so it’s a good idea to level up quickly if you’re looking to max out your development points.

How to Increase Development Points in Nova: Iron Galaxy

Players should upgrade every part of their space station to the maximum level. This is because they cost very little resources and give very nice bonuses the higher their level becomes. For some areas like the Factory, they contain multiple instances of the same building so you’ll have to upgrade all of them individually. It’s still worth spending all your resources maxing each of them out since that’ll reduce the amount of time it takes to construct your components.

Choosing the Right Admiral

Admirals are an integral part of your fleet. We already discussed the fundamentals of how you can create the perfect spacecraft in our Shipbuilding Guide, so check that out if you’re unfamiliar with that topic. Players can acquire different types of admirals as they play the game and each of them can command their own fleets, depending on how many your space station can currently accommodate. The better your admiral, the more powerful your fleet will become as they are a key part of your military strength.

How to Increase Development Points in Nova: Iron Galaxy

Admirals have a stat called Leadership Points, which determines how many and what kinds of ships you can include on the fleet they command. Each ship has a specific value and the strongest ones require a ridiculous amount of leadership points to be included, essentially balancing out the game by preventing players from simply sticking all their strongest vessels on one fleet. It’s also a good idea to level them up in the Admiral tab so that they’ll gain more leadership points and stats.

Managing Your Fleet

Managing your fleet can be one of the best ways to quickly gain development points. As we’ve already mentioned, choosing the right admiral can give you the option to command as many ships as possible in one fleet. However, having a lot of ships doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily get stronger unless the ones you’ve chosen are also powerful. This is why it’s a good idea to manage your fleet in a way that you’ll have all the best ships possible in terms of raw power and utility.

How to Increase Development Points in Nova: Iron Galaxy

It isn’t a good idea to place all your strongest ships on the fleet and expect them to perform well in every battle. Sometimes, you’ll need to find ships that offer very good utilities as well. Balancing out Frigates, Battleships, and Cruisers can give your fleet the right balance in terms of offense, defense, and utility. Each ship has its own unique passive ability that activates for the entire fleet so read up on the vessels you currently have to get a general idea of how to use them in combat.

Research and Development

The Research Lab is a very underrated facility that gives players a very good bulk of development points. In this area, players can upgrade or unlock certain items and upgrades that players will definitely need. One of the most important things that they need to unlock is the Second and Third Fleets if you’re a beginner. There are many types of upgrades you can choose from and all of them have their own importance so it’s not recommended that you skip out on any of them.

How to Increase Development Points in Nova: Iron Galaxy

Players may find it daunting to upgrade every single tech in the research lab but keep in mind that you can only upgrade parts that are available. Some techs can only be unlocked or upgraded after your research lab has reached a certain level. During this time, it’s a good idea to upgrade every tech in the lab. A good tip is upgrading each of your techs equally and leaving the ones with the long upgrade timers at the very last so that you can maximize the number of tech points you can upgrade or unlock at a time.

Raising Commander Level

Raising your commander level is the trick that binds all of the others together. We kept mentioning how you can only unlock or upgrade things according to your commander’s current level, that’s why it’s a good idea to reach a high level quickly. By reaching a high level during your first days of playing the game, there is very little that can restrict you from doing the most important tasks in the game.

How to Increase Development Points in Nova: Iron Galaxy

There are many ways to raise your commander level such as completing missions, attacking NPCs, and upgrading your space station. The fastest way to gain experience is by attacking space pirates and other types of NPCs since you can do so multiple times daily. Just be careful about expending your resources because you might end up letting your entire fleet get severely damaged that you leave your station vulnerable to attack.