Once you start to play Nova: Iron Galaxy, the game tests your ability to make hard decisions and squeezes out every ounce of patience that you have. Learning how to play the game can be quite the challenge so you’ll really need a lot of help trying to improve if you’re a beginner who just started to play the game. Luckily, BlueStacks has prepared some of the best tips and tricks that will give new players a head start when they’re looking to play the game at a serious level.

Tips and Tricks to Playing Nova: Iron Galaxy

Nova: Iron Galaxy has a lot of systems in place that give players multiple options on how to play the game. Waiting for your buildings to finish or not having any ships to assemble can be pretty boring, that’s why there are other game modes that will help you out. If you’re looking to play the game at a higher level, you might need to learn more than just the basics. Here are some of the pointers that veteran players shared with us when they’re playing the game competitively.

Check the Stash!

The stash is like your inventory bag where almost all of the items you acquire get stored. In Nova: Iron Galaxy, players get a ton of items as rewards from tasks like completing missions or successfully finishing skirmishes. While most of the resources and rewards you get automatically get credited to your station’s resource dump, some of the items you can get still need to be manually claimed by going to your stash and opening them one by one and claiming their contents.

Tips and Tricks to Playing Nova: Iron Galaxy

The stash can be found on the lower-left corner of your screen. Once you open the stash, it’ll show you different categories which sort all of your loot according to their types. The most important ones you need to look at are the Crates. These can offer random rewards depending on the type of crate you’re going to open and players can sometimes get really rare items like an Elite or Legendary component or hull. If you’re lucky, you can get something that will make you really strong.

Keep Your Station Busy

The Space Station is the place where everything happens in the game. In our Development Guide, we discussed many ways for players to improve their station and one of the points that we emphasized is upgrading your station. This can be done by constantly upgrading your station areas such as the Space Station, Factories, Ship Center, and resource collection facilities. With so many that need to be done, it’s a good idea to keep your station busy with stuff to do all the time.

Tips and Tricks to Playing Nova: Iron Galaxy

Keep your station busy by constantly collecting resources, having something being researched in the lab, and giving your factories something to manufacture all the time. If you keep your station occupied like this consistently, you’ll be able to catch up with some of the top players even if you started playing the game late. Remember that even if you think something isn’t worth doing, it’s better to start doing that task rather than leaving your station idle, which causes you to lag behind in terms of progression.

Complete Dock Orders

Your Space Station constantly receives guests in the Dock that ask for supplies. Being able to deliver these supplies can give relevant rewards, which players should always try to prioritize when they have nothing better to do with their time. Luckily, players won’t run out of ships that they can supply meaning they can receive a ton of rewards by being able to complete orders quickly. However, it’s important to keep in mind that ships only stay in your dock for up to 24 hours before they leave.

Tips and Tricks to Playing Nova: Iron Galaxy

The items that most guests ask to be delivered are ship components and hulls. Most of them can easily be acquired by manufacturing these goods in the factories. That’s why it’s important to manufacture every component that you can in your factory and have at least three of every item available at all times since some of them go to deliveries and not necessarily on shipbuilding. If you can’t complete the order using components, don’t be afraid to use a ticket to instantly complete the ship’s orders.

Participate in Intergalactic Explorations

Intergalactic Explorations are a type of skirmish that players can participate in to get really good rewards. This game mode also contains a decent narrative that players can follow if they’re feeling bored or are looking to do something to kill the time while waiting for their other tasks to finish. The reason why you want to participate in Intergalactic Explorations is that you get an abundance of resources and items being awarded after the completion of every planet.

Tips and Tricks to Playing Nova: Iron Galaxy

The biggest challenge that you may face when trying to complete intergalactic explorations is that it can get difficult very quickly. Having a decent fleet is one of the most important things that you need to have because you’ll constantly get damaged as you progress through the exploration period. You can simply repair your fleet or if you’re feeling like it’ll get really challenging, try to assemble a fleet that can take on even the strongest opponents in this game mode.

Join an Alliance

Joining an alliance is one of the most important parts of playing any real-time strategy game. Having an alliance in a military-focused game can be a life-save because you will have protection from enemies that may want to attack you. Being a member of an alliance prevents players from attacking you because they’re afraid that your alliance might retaliate in full force. Alternatively, if an enemy attacks you, you can ask for help from your alliance members.

Tips and Tricks to Playing Nova: Iron Galaxy

Take in mind that it’s important that you try to join an active alliance to truly reap the benefits. Being in an inactive guild means that you’re carrying deadweight despite being only a member of that alliance. Try to look for an alliance that’s in the top 20 in the server since those are usually the most active ones available. Once you’ve joined, don’t forget to contribute.