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Complete Monster Guide for Park of Monster

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As we’ve mentioned on numerous occasions, Park of Monster is a match 3 game in practice—the basic gist of this game revolves around combining different items in order to receive more useful objects. However, while the basic premise of the game is simple, there’s much to Park of Monster than meets the eye, especially considering that there are over 500 different monsters that you can unlock in the game.

Complete Monster Guide for Park of Monster

In this match 3 game, your monsters fulfill a very important purpose, both in and out of stages. In the former, the monsters allow you to farm certain objects on the board in order to receive the prizes contained within. Out of stages, your monsters will help you to construct most of what you will need for your personal garden. In other words, without monsters, you’ll be getting nowhere in Park of Monster.

Since there are many different monsters, as well as many more uses for these creatures, we went ahead and wrote a guide on how to obtain new monsters, as well as how to use them effectively in Park of Monster.

How To Obtain More Eggs

Before you’re able to put your monsters to work, you’ll first have to add a few of these beasties to your roster. Whether it’s in your personal garden or when you’re out and about clearing stages, your monsters will be one of the most important elements in Park of Monster. However, while you’re basically given free eggs during stages in order to complete the puzzles within, you’ll need to work to obtain new eggs for your garden.

Complete Monster Guide for Park of Monster

Fortunately, there are many different ways of obtaining new monster eggs in Park of Monster, including the following:

  • Store: By using your collected gold and ores, you can purchase specific eggs from the store. This will be your main resource investment in the early game since purchasing and hatching eggs is the best way to expand your territory at first.
  • Stage Rewards: When you clear certain stages, you may receive new eggs as a reward. Furthermore, if you’re lucky, you could receive additional eggs as the card rewards bonuses after completing stages.
  • Collection Achievements: Your collection is the place where you can find a list of every single element in Park of Monster. Every time you discover a new element, you must go to your collection and click on the corresponding entry to unlock it. By discovering and unlocking new elements, and reaching certain milestones in your collection, you can receive many different prizes, which include eggs.

Complete Monster Guide for Park of Monster

Merging Eggs and Monsters Efficiently

This principle applies to everything in Park of Monster, though it’s quite important when it comes to eggs. By combining 5 eggs instead of the regular 3, you will get an extra monster as a result. If you’re purchasing or farming for eggs, make sure to combine in fives for maximum results. The same applies when combining monsters.

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By clicking on the monster list button on the rightmost panel of your screen, you can view a detailed list of every single monster in your garden, which is great considering that counting them manually is an absolute chore since they fly around everywhere. Moreover, in this list, you can view how many of each monster you have, and even combine them by clicking on the corresponding button. The same principle applies here; if you combine at least 5 monsters, you’ll get an extra creature in the process. Always try to collect at least 5 units of the same monster before combining them for maximum results.

Complete Monster Guide for Park of Monster

Complete Monster Guide for Park of Monster

Combining monsters is important for many reasons. On the one hand, a higher-level monster has more combat power than its base form, and on the other, the upgraded monster also gives much more monster power than its counterpart. Monster power is crucial for advancing in Park of Monster since it allows you to unlock new areas in your garden.

The Best Monsters For Any Occasion

When it comes to building your garden, most monsters are great for any purpose, though some types are better suited for certain tasks than others. Luckily, these monsters are divided into specific categories in your monster list, which would help you to tell them apart at a glance. Nevertheless, while you’ll have access to some basic creatures in the beginning, such as Ugly Fish, Hummingbirds, and Lickers, among others, there are some monsters that, once upgraded, are far better than others.

Complete Monster Guide for Park of Monster

Another reason why monsters are so important in Park of Monster is that they are crucial for PvP. That’s right; this game has PvP.

The PvP in this game consists of invading an enemy garden with a squad of your most powerful monsters and using them to pillage and destroy their buildings. However, your enemy has guards that awake shortly after you invade, which sets the stage for a battle to the death. In this sense, it’s important to have a squad of powerful aggressive-type monsters in order to lead the best assaults. Similarly, it’s possible to be invaded by enemy forces even while you’re offline, which is why establishing a defense squad is also important for PvP. In this case, however, you’ll want to create teams that consist mostly of defensive monsters.

Complete Monster Guide for Park of Monster

In any other case, such as when you’re working on your garden, you will want to have many builder-type monsters as they can work on more projects before having to go back home and rest.

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