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Park of Monster – Beginner’s Guide for This Awesome Match 3 Game

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There’s a lot to gain from the simplicity of some games. Sometimes, we just don’t want to think about stuff and would only love to turn our brains off, delighting in the comfort of the most simple games. Nowadays, most mobile games come with many automation options that make it easier than ever to turn on auto-combat or auto-navigation and let the game do everything for you. However, while these games are actually designed to be played manually, and the automation aspects came after, match 3 games are the opposite.

Park of Monster - Beginner’s Guide for This Awesome Match 3 Game

Games like Park of Monster, Bejeweled, Candy Crush, or Merge Dragons, among many others, embody the concept of simplicity with their designs that encourage calm and relaxing gameplay over intense, fast-paced action. And while games in this genre can be quite simple to play, they also offer plenty of challenges that require more brains than actual execution. In other words, match 3 games are quite easy to play but can offer challenging puzzles and brain teasers.

Park of Monster is one of the newest match 3 games we had the honor of playing, and it’s a very good one. It takes the core concept introduced by Merge Dragons, while adding its own coat of fresh paint and other small differences. If you were a fan of the latter, then odds are that you’d also be into Park of Monster. However, this game is severely lacking in tutorials and introductions, which might drive away newcomers to the genre.

Park of Monster - Beginner’s Guide for This Awesome Match 3 Game

This is where this beginner’s guide comes in as we’ll be explaining the game’s core concepts, as well as sharing a few tips and tricks to get started, in the following paragraphs.

Match 3 Gaming at its Finest

Park of Monster is an interesting experiment as it’s not only your traditional level-based match 3 game like Bejeweled or Candy Crush. While there are stages in this game, they don’t consist exclusively of vertical panels in which you must move pieces to match 3 of the same type and create combos. Instead, stages in this game are maps viewed from an isometric perspective, in which the objective is to combine pieces on the field in order to unleash purifying energies and give life to the land.

Park of Monster - Beginner’s Guide for This Awesome Match 3 Game

While the objective of other match 3 games is to explode a certain number of pieces, or to reach certain scores, the point of Park of Monster is to purify the land in every stage. In some cases, however, the objective is to create a specific item, such as combining three Broken Totems to repair them and win the stage. Moreover, while combining lots of pieces is a good way of creating purifying energy, there is much more to it in this game as some of the pieces in the field have different properties and uses when you tap on them.

For instance, the most basic type of piece, the Sacred Flower Seed, can combine with two more of the same to create a Young Sacred Flower. If you have a monster available, you may click on the young Sacred Flower to have the monster gather from it and produce a bubble of Sacred Essence. Finally, you can click on the bubble to burst it and receive the essence within, through which you can purify the land.

Park of Monster - Beginner’s Guide for This Awesome Match 3 Game

In short, most pieces in Park of Monster can be combined into stronger units with greater effects. In this sense, there’s no one way in which you can complete a stage as, in some cases, you can force your way by gathering enough essences, or you could combine your pieces intelligently in order to create the largest amount of energy with each move, and purify large chunks of the board with every play.

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One last thing when it comes to combining pieces is that, whenever you create a combination with a piece that is on an unpurified tile (represented by the pieces that are in black and white), the tile will immediately be purified. In this sense, with careful planning, you can increase the effectiveness of every move by playing around the pieces that are outside of the playable area.

Park of Monster - Beginner’s Guide for This Awesome Match 3 Game

Hatch and Raise Powerful and Useful Monsters

True to its name, Park of Monster offers a great catalog of monsters that you can hatch from eggs. The way in which you can hatch each egg is, you guessed it, by combining three of the same unit.

Once hatched, however, these adorable monsters can help you with many tasks. For instance, as we mentioned above, they are the ones that harvest flowers and other pieces to extract the purifying essence within, making them crucial for completing certain levels. And the more monsters you have on the board, the more things you can harvest at any one time.

Park of Monster - Beginner’s Guide for This Awesome Match 3 Game

In most stages, it’s important to prioritize combining monster eggs to hatch them as they will be quite useful when it comes to interacting with certain pieces on the field.

Grow Your Personal Garden

Whenever you complete a level, you will receive many different prizes such as buildings, flower, essence bubbles, and even eggs, all of which get sent to your personal garden that you can expand by purifying the land, gathering essence, and increasing your monster power.

Your personal garden functions in a similar manner to a regular stage, in which you can freely combine pieces to obtain different items. This mode is intended to be a way to spend your time growing your own little map with the monsters you’ve unlocked from your travels, and even to create a sustainable source of energy in the form of the flowers that you grow and combine into their strongest forms. All the effort you put into the stages in Park of Monster is rewarded in your personal garden.

Park of Monster - Beginner’s Guide for This Awesome Match 3 Game

Park of Monster is an awesome match 3 game that you’ll definitely want to play, especially if you’re a fan of games like Merge Dragon. You can find it in our App Center, from where you may download it and start playing it right now!

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