The new Perfect World: Revolution has just launched, which means that it’s prime time to jump back into the world first brought to us in Perfect World Mobile and begin anew with a wide slew of new features and optimizations, and other elements designed to enhance your experience with this game.

Beginner Tips for Perfect World: Revolution - Start Your Adventure on the Right Track

If you’re already a veteran from Perfect World Mobile, then there’s little point in getting into Perfect World: Revolution, mainly because they’re very similar games. However, if you’re new to the game, or perhaps even to the genre in the mobile platform, then this is certainly the definitive version of PW that you’ll want to play, particularly since it features loads of optimizations to improve your experience. Especially if you play Perfect World: Revolution on PC with BlueStacks, you’ll get the most enjoyment out of this game due to the wide variety of tools and aspects that our Android app player has to offer, all of which are designed to enhance the game you play mobile games on PC.

With that being said, we wanted to share with you a series of tips, tricks, and valuable info that will come in handy if you’re just starting in Perfect World: Revolution. If you’re new to the game, then this guide will have exactly what you need to get a head start.

Play on PC With the Best Controls

For action MMORPGs like Perfect World: Revolution, which feature combat in real-time, getting the best controls is paramount for your in-game performance. However, playing on your phone can leave a lot to be desired, especially regarding the controls, as touchscreen buttons are a lot more clunky and awkward to use than physical controls such as those on a keyboard or on a controller. 

Fortunately, and as we mentioned above, you can install and play PW:R on PC with BlueStacks, and get access to a handful of tools to improve your experience, one of which being the Keymapping Tool. This feature lets you freely customize your controls to suit your preferences, and even lets you create various control schemes that you can change on the fly. This is useful in this case since you might prefer certain configurations for specific classes, and BlueStacks makes it very easy to switch between them.

Beginner Tips for Perfect World: Revolution - Start Your Adventure on the Right Track

Check out our BlueStacks tools guide for Perfect World: Revolution to learn about all the other features that our emulator has to offer when it comes to enjoying this new MMORPG.

Your Class Choice is Important

The class you choose to start with in PW:R is crucial for a variety of reasons. Not only does your choice affect the aesthetics of your character, since certain classes are bound to specific races, but they also significantly influence your enjoyment of the game. Suffice to say, the classes in this game can feel very different from one another, which is great since it adds tons of variety and replay value, making each subsequent character feel like playing an entirely unique experience.

Beginner Tips for Perfect World: Revolution - Start Your Adventure on the Right Track

There are seven classes in PW:R at launch, divided into three different races. Each of these offer different skills and can fulfill specific roles both within a group as well as in a solo setting. Check out our class guide to learn more about the different classes, and to find which one would be the best suited to your preferred play style.

Use the Best Settings

Now that you’ve installed and started the game, we first need to make sure you’re gaming with the best possible settings to get the optimal experience.

PW:R is essentially a very identical game to Perfect World Mobile, except the orientation is locked mostly in portrait mode and the controls are adjusted accordingly, in order to make it easy for phone users to play with one hand. However, this game also features optimizations to improve the performance across a wide variety of phone models. These optimizations mean that, if Perfect World Mobile already ran great on BlueStacks, then Perfect World: Revolution would run even better. 

Beginner Tips for Perfect World: Revolution - Start Your Adventure on the Right Track

However, in order to get the very best experience, you first need to access the settings menu in-game, head over to the graphics tab, and tweak the different items to the highest levels. If you’re playing on BlueStacks, feel free to simply click on the “Ultra” preset to automatically adjust the settings to their best levels. However, make sure to also scroll down to the bottom and activate the “HFR” setting, and drag the bar all the way to “60”. This last adjustment makes it so the game can run at a silky smooth 60 FPS, which will not only make it much better to play, but it’ll also improve your abilities since you won’t have to deal with slowdowns that could mess with your inputs.

Beginner Tips for Perfect World: Revolution - Start Your Adventure on the Right Track

If your PC is on the lower end of the hardware spectrum, however, you can also play with these settings to get the best performance without sacrificing too much on graphics. In our case, while we can run the game at Ultra without issues, we turned off “Screen Blur”, “Motion Blur”, and “Bloom”, since we personally don’t like these visual effects. On the flipside, by disabling these settings, you may get a much-needed frame rate boost on your computer.

Optimizing Story Progression

Despite offering us a vast open world rich with lore and plenty of things to see, Perfect World: Revolution is yet another MMORPG for the mobile platform, which means that whenever you’re not fighting against players and monsters alike, there’s a good chance that you’ll be working to unlock a new feature or to progress through a variety of missions.

Beginner Tips for Perfect World: Revolution - Start Your Adventure on the Right Track

One of the most important series of missions that you can complete in this game are the story missions. From the very beginning, you’ll get access to these tasks as shown on the top right panel. By clicking on the missions in this list, you can get your character to navigate automatically to the quest locations and attempt to complete it whenever possible. This type of auto-questing is the most effective way to progress in PW:R, and we recommend adding a keyboard shortcut using the Keymapping Tool in order to get easy access—simply press a single button (by default, it’s the Tab key), and your character will begin questing automatically.

Beginner Tips for Perfect World: Revolution - Start Your Adventure on the Right Track

Suffice to say, if progressing is your main objective, the main story quests should be your priority. Focus on these and you’ll be leveling up and collecting awesome gear in no time.

Keep Your Gear Upgraded

Even though the story missions will take you far and wide, you’ll run into issues very soon if you’re not on top of your gear and equipment. Specifically, if you don’t keep your weapons and armor upgraded, there will come a time when you run into enemies that, no matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to beat in a timely fashion.

Beginner Tips for Perfect World: Revolution - Start Your Adventure on the Right Track

Fortunately, this can be easily remedied simply by regularly checking the different upgrade features in the game, which include gear enhancement, skill upgrades, and cultivation, among others. You can quickly tell if you have an upgrade pending if you see a red dot on the icon of any of these menus. In this sense, whenever you see a red dot, make sure to open up the menu and purchase the upgrades that are available.

By diligently keeping your skills and gear at the highest possible levels, you ensure that you won’t run into any snags or difficulty walls along your travels.

Get a Head Start With These Promo Codes

As a mobile game, the main element that will slow down your progress in Perfect World: Revolution, aside from the considerable time investment that you’ll need to make in order to progress at a steady pace, is the resources available to you. Simply put, even though you can keep your gear upgraded with the materials you get from completing daily and story missions, you’ll still need to save up and grind a lot in order to purchase the most powerful upgrades.

Beginner Tips for Perfect World: Revolution - Start Your Adventure on the Right Track

At the end of the day, progressing and upgrading comes down to being diligent and patient. However, you can speed up your progress in PW:R by using these promo codes, all of which have lots of useful and interesting items.

  • PWRMyrtle4: 3x Psychic Gem, 2x Overhaul Stone.
  • PWR1HAND: 6x Amber Stone.
  • CELEBRATE: 2x Red Thread, 2x Amber Stone, 3x Overhaul Gem.
  • PLAYPWR: 1x Blessing Stone, 1x R2 Catalyst Box, Perfect Explorer title.
  • PWRNOW: 2x Amber Stone, 5x Forger’s Stones.
  • REVOLUTION: 7-day Black Steward outfit.
  • PWRFOREVER: 1x Ever Perfect Chest.

The Ever Perfect Chest, above all else, has tons of awesome rewards and can be opened once every 24 hours. While all the rewards above will come in handy, you definitely won’t want to miss out on the last one. However, keep in mind that, in order to access the “Benefits” menu, which is where you redeem codes in this game, you’ll first need to reach level 12.

Beginner Tips for Perfect World: Revolution - Start Your Adventure on the Right Track

We don’t know how long these promo codes will remain valid, but considering Perfect World: Revolution has just released, they still should remain active for several weeks, if not permanently. Nevertheless, don’t delay and redeem them ASAP!

By following all the tips we’ve mentioned in this guide, you can not only enjoy the new Perfect World: Revolution with the best performance and graphics, but you can also progress at a lightning fast pace with all the upgrades and free stuff that the game throws at you.