POP! Slots Vegas Casino Games uses traditional elements involved in real slot machines with only a few minor changes so that old and new players alike can still figure out how the game is played. Although, it’s understandable why some people find it hard to follow how they’re winning or losing the game, despite the fact that they seemingly have enough of the right combinations on the board. This beginner’s guide to playing POP! Slots Vegas Casino Games should shed some light on important game mechanics.

Beginner's Guide to Playing POP! Slots Vegas Casino Games

Beginners who start out playing POP! Slots Vegas Casino Games isn’t given that much of a tutorial to understand the lesser-known fundamentals. In truth, there really is no reason to learn about said fundamentals, considering there’s very little you can do to affect the outcome of your spins. However, there are some players who still want to understand what affects their win/lose chances and how their winnings are computed on the machine. Here are some explanations to help you grasp it better.

Understanding Pay Lines 

Pay lines refer to the combination of icons on the slot machine that count towards a win. There are different types of pay lines, and the rewards vary depending on the value of the icon matched in that specific combination. Pay lines don’t necessarily come in straight lines; even zigzag and vertical combinations may count as a payout. Depending on the slot machine format you choose, the pay lines will change significantly, so don’t expect every machine to allow you to win the same way.

Beginner's Guide to Playing POP! Slots Vegas Casino Games

To understand what counts as a pay line on the machine you’re using, simply go to the “Pay” button and tap on the “next” button until you reach the winning combination graph. A minimum of three similar icons or less if it includes a Wild Card is needed for the pay line to be considered a win. These combinations need to be in a specific order though, so even if you think the combination is valid, it won’t result in a payout if they are in the wrong spot or orientation on the machine.

Slot Machine Themes

Early on in POP! Slots Vegas Casino Games, you are introduced to a number of Game Modes that simply turn out to be different slot machines with different themes. Players might think that the only difference in these machines is the design and icons, but each slot machine has a unique set of rules. Aside from the discussed difference in Pay Lines, slot machines also have a special set of rewards and bonuses that match the theme of the slot machine you use.

Beginner's Guide to Playing POP! Slots Vegas Casino Games

The main difference in the stages involves the Bonus icon. Matching the Bonus icon gives the player rewards in the game, but the prizes and game modes that can be collected will depend on the theme of the Slot Machine. This adds a breath of fresh air when playing the game so that players aren’t stuck just looking at the same thing for hours on end. Some slot machines have better rewards than others too, so make sure to find out which ones you have higher success rates in.

Explaining Slot Icons

Slot Icons refer to the images on the slot machines that are used for winning combinations & pay lines. There are different types of icons that reward the players in different ways. Depending on the icons, even the scale of the reward may vary. The icons change depending on the Slot Machine theme, but the types to which they fall are universal.

1. Wild Cards

The Wild Card is a special icon that acts as a free icon on the slot machine. In itself, it doesn’t provide any rewards if you match three or more wild cards in a pay line. What makes the Wild Card extremely valuable is that it will instead combine with other icons on the stage and counts as ALL the icons it matches with.

Beginner's Guide to Playing POP! Slots Vegas Casino Games

This means that getting a Wild Card will often boost your chances of getting winning combinations. Since it counts as any icon, it will also sometimes allow you to be rewarded with multiple pay lines meaning that the rewards you get are much higher than normal. Wild Cards still have to follow pay lines rules in terms of position and orientation.

2. Bonus & Free Spins

The Bonuses & Free Spins are also special icons that work differently from normal icons on the slot machine. They won’t necessarily give rewards but will instead open up game modes that aid the player by providing higher chances of winning a reward. The Bonus icon will reward you depending on the stage you’re playing.

Beginner's Guide to Playing POP! Slots Vegas Casino Games

Free Spins are special in a way. They allow the player to continue playing the game but removes the cost to carry out multiple spins. In addition, players have a chance to get a modifier to further increase the chances of winning more pay lines and combinations.

3. Primary Icons

Primary Icons are the icons that give players big-league rewards. Primary icons are the ones that are highlighted on the slot machine and usually involve character portraits or valuable items. Since they are the primary, the rewards you get from matching primary icons are higher compared to other icons on the machine.

Beginner's Guide to Playing POP! Slots Vegas Casino Games

There are fewer Primary Icons on the board, making them more valuable. Matching them will often result in a reward that’s close to the bet. The more Primary Icons you match, the more the chances you’ll double your bet in winnings.

4. Secondary Icons

Secondary Icons are more abundant than Primary icons but have less value when it comes to your winnings. They are often unhighlighted on the stage and come in the form of numbers, words, or small items. These icons don’t usually give you a lot of chips. Even when they do, they are significantly lower than your bet amount.

Beginner's Guide to Playing POP! Slots Vegas Casino Games

The beauty of secondary items is that there’s a high chance to get multiple combinations in one spin, especially if it involves a wild card. They may be invaluable by themselves, but if you match a lot of them, you’ll be swimming in prize money in no time at all!