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PUBG Mobile – Everything That Changed With the January 0.16.5 Patch

We can’t believe that an update for PUBG Mobile came out earlier in January and we completely skipped it! We were just so caught up on the new Free Fire content and all the other awesome games that have made their way to the market that we’ve been somewhat away from this popular battle royale game. However, now that we’ve returned and are going to try to get some chicken dinners, we figured we might as well share everything that’s new since the January 0.16.5 patch for PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile - Everything That Changed With the January 0.16.5 Patch

Now, while the core gameplay is obviously left untouched, those who have been away from PUBG Mobile for a while will come back to a game with several new features, both small and large. Among some of the most noteworthy additions, we can find a new game mode, a new map for Training mode, and several smaller changes to spice up and balance the gameplay. As always, if you’re planning on playing PUBG Mobile after a hiatus, make sure to verify that you’re on the latest version since players that haven’t updated won’t be able to match with those that have already updated. If you find yourself waiting upwards of 5 minutes to enter every single match, odds are that you have an update pending.

What Changed?

Here is a list of everything that’s new and everything that has changed with patch 0.16.5 for PUBG Mobile.

New Game Mode

PUBG Mobile—and PUBG, in general—started off as a purely battle royale game. While this mode was more than enough to win over the crowds of players looking for a different type of shooter game back when the game first launched, the competition created by other similar titles like Fortnite, and Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII, among others, have forced the devs a PUBG Corp to reinvent themselves. As such, they have implemented several different game modes to add variety. Namely, the TDM, Payload, and Arena modes, among others.

PUBG Mobile - Everything That Changed With the January 0.16.5 Patch

With the January patch for PUBG Mobile, however, a brand new game mode has made its way into this shooter game. We’re talking about Domination mode, in which two teams of four players each are split into two sides of a map, and they must fight their way to capture specific points. There are a total of three bases in each map and the first team to capture two of them wins.

Domination mode is as hectic as it sounds as teams battle their way for complete control of the bases. Furthermore, the fact that these bases are not all immediately available for capture from the beginning of the match means that there’s always going to be a struggle for contesting one point at a time.

PUBG Mobile - Everything That Changed With the January 0.16.5 Patch

Multiplayer Changes and Additions

Aside from the whole new game mode, the existing modes also got some nice changes.

The training mode, for example, has a brand new map, derived from the Warehouse map. This stage has been restored and converted into an Arena training map where players can go to practice their shooting and tracking skills against other players. Although a TDM map, players won’t be able to select their desired weapons from a loadout menu. Instead, like the regular training mode, they can pick up different weapons and attachments from the ground.

PUBG Mobile - Everything That Changed With the January 0.16.5 Patch

In Classic mode, there is a new addition to Vikendi map in the form of a new two-seater vehicle. In accordance with the ice and snow theme of this map, the new vehicle consists of a light snowmobile, a two-seater that is quite fast, especially in relation to the regular snowmobile. However, while quite speedy, it’s also very fragile and can be blown up easily with sustained gunfire. With the implementation of this new vehicle with the PUBG January patch, the devs have also removed the regular two-seater motorcycle from Vikendi.


For those who regularly participate in tasks of the Royale Pass, there is a wide variety of new challenges and missions, including new multi-option missions that allow players to complete additional objectives either in Team Arena or Payload Mode. Furthermore, the display and guides for the RP missions were improved, which means that these tasks are much easier to track in the UI.

New Season Recap Feature

Last, but not least, a nice touch was the implementation of a Season Recap feature through which, after each season closes, players will be able to check a summary of their performance in the previous season, including some juicy statistics so they can gauge their progress in the game. Furthermore, players will also receive a nice title and rank according to their performance in the previous season as shown on the Season Recap screen.

PUBG Mobile - Everything That Changed With the January 0.16.5 Patch

These results can be shared with anyone via a special page they can generate from the recap screen, which shows their characters in all their glory, depicted as a bust, with all the interesting tidbits of information and statistics about the previous season.

The January patch for PUBG Mobile, while not very big in terms of content, brings a nice variety of changes both the quality of life of the game, as well as several additions to existing game modes. Furthermore, with the implementation of the new Domination mode and the new training map, there are quite a bit of new things to explore.

PUBG Mobile - Everything That Changed With the January 0.16.5 Patch

What did you think about the new patch for PUBG Mobile? Are you enjoying the new Royale Pass rewards and game modes? Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below!

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