Almost every player has seen the crazy clips from top tier pros and wanted to try the AWM themselves. But whenever you pick up the Big Green, things seem to go a little differently. So, what are you doing wrong? In this PUBG Mobile AWM Guide you are going to learn the top 10 tips to make you a better AWM sniper. The AWM is a staple in the PUBG Mobile meta and when used correctly, it can be devastating. Without further ado, let’s get into it. 

1. Aiming

There are hundreds of different ways to play PUBG Mobile, but with the AWM you only need two. There are those who play super aggressive and surprise the enemy with a fast push. On the flip side, there are passive players who hold an important angle for a while and wait for the enemies to walk in front of their crosshairs. As with an AR, AWM-ing has a similar idea of active and reactive aiming. Those of you with low sensitivity on the mouse will generally use the AWM to slowly clear angles when pushing towards the enemy. 

PUBG Mobile AWM Guide, AWM-Ing Made Easier Than Ever Before

Those who play with higher sensitivity will be pushing out and getting those fast shots onto enemies that peak out. There is a slight problem though when pushing out with the AWM. If you play too aggressively with an active aim style, there’s literally no room for error. If you miss that shot, there’s a high chance you’re dead. That’s why many AWM snipers prefer to play a more passive style by clearing an angle slowly and making sure not to be surprised by a player hiding in a corner. 

2. Positioning

One problem with many AWM snipers is being static and playing the same way. Make sure you’re constantly on the move and harder to kill. Many players at both low and high ranks will sometimes call for a fast push. If you’re holding the angle it can get overwhelming easily. Best case scenario, you get one kill. Unless of course, you get a nice collateral. So when the team is fast pushing and you’re holding with an AWM you have to make sure that you get your first kill and fall back instantly. 

Most of the enemies will be grouped up during a rush. If you don’t move, the delay between your shots will definitely cost you. You have to be ready to get that kill, move back behind cover and then be ready to get the next one.

PUBG Mobile AWM Guide, AWM-Ing Made Easier Than Ever Before

Once an enemy thinks they know where you are, they’ll either try to kill you or just stay away from you. That’s why if you stay in the same position enemies are going to run towards you and try to get that AWM off your hands. If you move instead, you’re being safe for the time being. Holding a new angle is good as the enemies who are trying to stay out of your line of sight will jump out of the window and won’t expect you to be looking at them. This combination of repositioning and holding different angles is one of the major tips needed to become a better AWM sniper.

3. Peeking

Sometimes when using an AWM, it can be unclear whether you should peek and repeat. Hopefully this tip will give you more information about this topic. Specifically, when peeking different angles with an AWM you have to make sure it’s the most favorable angle for you to peek. It’s quite a high risk to peek out without a smoke or flash grenade to help you out. Sometimes you could still peek with a bad angle, have a disadvantage and still get away with the kill.

PUBG Mobile AWM Guide, AWM-Ing Made Easier Than Ever Before

This may seem good as you might want to round off it, but it will put you into bad habits. Make sure when peeking these angles, especially ones held by an AWM user, you do it in the most favorable way.

4. Movement

Using an AWM isn’t always about getting the difficult kills but making sure you get the easy ones. Movement and mobility is another key factor of being a great AWM sniper. There will be times when you miss your shot and you’ll have to quickly strafe jump behind cover to not die. Then hopefully repeat and hit your shot while your enemy is pushing you. This tip links well to the previous one about repositioning when fighting. You need to get from Point A to Point B after hitting your shot as fast as you can. This will make sure that you have enough time to hold another angle. 

PUBG Mobile AWM Guide, AWM-Ing Made Easier Than Ever Before

Having good movement and mobility will definitely help you do so. Mobility is the ability to quickly run and get behind cover before the enemy has even peeked you. This is a combination of map knowledge, weapon switching, and movement in conjunction. Once you have mastered this technique to get away from fights and reposition, you’ll be a dangerous player with an AWM. As is the case, some players will be able to hit the hardest shots in the game. However, if you can get yourself in a good position in time your shots will seem effortless and kills will become easier.

Sometimes you’ll be in a difficult situation when using the AWM, where having an AR such as the AK would just be a lot better. In these times the best way to get out is by using your throwables. For example, if you hear two enemies pushing you from either side, the best thing to do would be to throw a quick smoke, blocking off one angle and isolating the fight from a 1v2 to two 1v1s. You have to do this due to the fact that the AWM has waiting time between shots. This is essential because sometimes you need to repeat an angle with an AWM. 

For example, when AWM-ing from the window, most players will throw a flashbang outside the window from a safe position. You may see players do this all the time but remember that flashbangs are most effective the closer they are to the enemy. This is why after flashing out the window you may peak and the enemy isn’t blind. So make sure to throw to your flash much deeper towards the enemy or get a teammate to flash for you. Peaking in an angle without a flash is the best way to get yourself killed and lose the chance to use that AWM.

This is a rookie mistake that many players at the lower ranks will make. So if you want to rank up with the AWM, make sure to take notes. 

5. Communication

This leads nicely to the last tip. Communicating with teammates when using

your AWM is necessary. For example, asking teammates to flash for you is another great way to use the AWM. One great way for both you and your teammates to get kills is making sure your teammate is close to you. Enemies know that the AWM has downtime after firing. They will likely push you or shoot you after you shoot. This is why when playing close to a teammate with a rifle means after you fire you can hide behind cover. Then your teammate can swing the angle from a different position than where you just shot from.

PUBG Mobile AWM Guide, AWM-Ing Made Easier Than Ever Before

This will surprise your enemies as they’re expecting an AWM and definitely not a rifle. This can also be done the same way with your teammates when they’re holding the angle. Having a good amount of necessary communication will help you gather information and therefore knowing what angles to hold with the AWM. This will be insanely beneficial for the game due to the AWM’s importance in PUBG Mobile.

The benefit of using the AWM is that you hold the power of the round in your hands. The best way to use that power is to be as creative as you can. There are many positions that enemies will instantly assume an AWM user is holding. For example windows, roofs, sniper towers, etc. Most players will be scared to peak because of the AWM. This means you can challenge your opponents from a different angle. This will keep it fresh and make you unpredictable as well.

PUBG Mobile AWM Guide, AWM-Ing Made Easier Than Ever Before

The change of playstyles makes it really difficult for the enemy to counter you as you’re constantly changing how you play. It also means that they won’t know where to smoke or throw throwables towards you as you may not be there. The AWM is a powerful weapon so make sure to use it right in a way that the enemies have no chance of getting it off your hands.

Another major tip is that it’s all about using your AR’s when playing with the AWM. Sometimes you just won’t have the chance to back off when using the AWM. This is

mainly due to poor positioning, but sometimes you just get unlucky. This means that after firing your AWM you’re stuck and you must switch to your secondary weapon. There are certain ARs and SMGs that are better and worse to switch to when using the AWM.

PUBG Mobile AWM Guide, AWM-Ing Made Easier Than Ever Before

For example, the M16 and Mutant are both terrible guns. Yes, they’re high in damage and can be one-hit guns. However, their limited ammo and bad accuracy when moving make them terrible to use. The UMP45 is also a bad weapon. It’s very good at close range and has the ammo for it. However, it just doesn’t have the speed and mobility that the UZI offers. When you’re getting pushed you need a gun that’s has a fast switch to fire speed. This is why you should be using either the

AKM or the SCAR-L. 

So now you know what gun to use. Make sure to become the best with it. That means practicing with the weapons as you’re going to use them a lot more than you think. Saving your AWM is so important when playing PUBG Mobile. It’s one of the most devastating weapons in the game. So make sure that you don’t waste your shots.