Learning how to use all the different guns is going to take you some time, but you can shave off a lot of that by knowing these simple tips. In this PUBG Mobile gun guide there will be one tip for each and every gun. 

Side Arms

Let’s start with the first gun on the list, the R1895. For the R1895 the first tip is to tap slowly. Spamming is something that a lot of players love doing with the silenced R1895. Obviously, it’s just wrong. If your opponents don’t have a vest and you can’t hit them four times in the body, aim punching them the whole way through then spamming isn’t too bad. Headshots are what you need to win fights against armored opponents. If staying calm and shooting similarly is difficult for you then fear not. You could always practice it by just playing some pistol-only TDM games. 

If you’re more of an R45 player, we got you covered as well. Since the guns are sort of similar, tapping slowly still applies. However, the .45 ammo is more easily available. Since you get more bullets, you can spam and pre-fire a bit more. The biggest difference between the two guns really isn’t the fact that the R45 has readily available ammo. It’s the amount of damage these weapons deliver. So if you’re going to end up using it, make sure that you’re abusing that fact. That means you should definitely try to spam smokes and pre-fire your corners.

The Most Comprehensive PUBG Mobile Weapon Guide Ever Made

For the P18C, the number one tip you should consider is you can easily and effectively run and gun. The P18C’s running accuracy is amazing as long as you don’t spam it. You have a really good chance even at longer ranges with this pistol. A lot of players have the misconception that the P18C is about as accurate as the R1895. In reality, the stats just don’t reflect that. The gun is actually very accurate as long as you don’t spam it. 

One of the best sidearms in the game is the Skorpion. It’s a pretty solid gun and actually has a decent spray range. That being said, you do need to make sure that you get the kill with that first spray. Otherwise, you should be or might be dead 9 out of 10 times. For the Skorpion, the play style is pretty straightforward. Just make sure that you’re hiding in the most annoying corners that you can find. Taking some risk in your positioning when you only have a Skorpion is almost always worthwhile. As long as you play in a corner that you yourself find hard to clear you should have a great amount of success.

When it comes to the Sawed-Off Shotgun, things are very similar. You should be playing close and perhaps in a bit of a pushed up position. The biggest difference is that it’s a lot easier to kill multiple people using it. The Skorpion can realistically only kill one or two people before it has to reload. The Sawed-Off Shotgun can basically just ace if you hit headshots or even bodyshots. Even the time to reload with the Sawed-Off Shotgun is less. The Sawed-Off Shotgun does allow you to position a bit more freely and kill multiple enemies. A Skorpion can spray someone down with its 9mm ammo.

The Most Comprehensive PUBG Mobile Weapon Guide Ever Made

Now the big boy gun at least when it comes to pistols. It’s the Desert Eagle and it is one of the most difficult in the whole game to use. It has the very skillful quirk of being able to hit one-shot headshots and it’s a staple in ranked games. In order to optimally use the Desert Eagle, you should practice your aim for a relative 6000 hours a day. But why do that when you can just abuse the broken part of the gun? Just double body shot enemies instead. Holding an angle close and spamming your Desert Eagle as hard as you can while crouch doesn’t really take that much skill. With that said, this is a great gun to abuse in PUBG Mobile.

Now let’s take a look at one of the older pistols in the game, P1911. With the P1911 you can basically do anything. The most important thing to remember when using it is simply using the correct shooting styles. The P1911 is very accurate when both running and tapping slowly, but it becomes very random when spamming. Make sure to keep your shooting style in mind and don’t spam your P1911 at longer ranges. Tapping with this gun is very good, and you should do it even at shorter ranges. 

Let’s take a look at the P92. Anything that P92 can do another pistol can do it better. Its only purpose is to mow down players early game when they don’t even have proper loot. Otherwise, it’s just completely useless. So don’t use it, and no it’s not the new undiscovered gem of a weapon. 


Now for the most favorite gun in PUBG Mobile, the AWM. The biggest tip is, don’t be static with it. Basically, you want to make sure that you’re always switching up your play and try to stay unpredictable. For the AWM’s little brother aka the Win94, the biggest tip is to use the running speed but don’t overuse it. 

The Most Comprehensive PUBG Mobile Weapon Guide Ever Made

You run faster with the Win94 and almost everybody realizes that. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be running all the time. Using the movement speed to quickly reposition after you knock the player is great. Holding an angle normally while standing still is not. 


In shotguns, you have the S686. Tip for that gun, it’s pretty simple. In low ranks, you can get away with double body shotting people, especially at mid-ranges. In the high ranks, you can just equip the Desert Eagle instead. If you really want to use the gun, make sure you’re playing around cover so you get the chance to hit that second shot. Then you have the S1897. This gun goes berserk. It only does so after like a second of firing. That means you need to get lucky with the early spread. 

The Most Comprehensive PUBG Mobile Weapon Guide Ever Made

Use it to spam a smoke or more optimally hold a close angle. The early randomness doesn’t really matter that much. Then you can use the berserk part to deny any potential saves of your knocks. Then there is the S12K. It’s better than the S1897. The only time when you should use it is when you can’t find any other options. Even then you should still probably want to consider picking a pistol instead.


Firstly, the Uzi. With Uzi, the most important thing to focus on is making space for your riflers. You could literally just rush in with a support rifle behind you and you’re already doing your job. Just make sure that you play together with them and give them the proper space to get kills. For the MP5K, the biggest one is to really just learn how to spray the gun. If you’re able to control its recoil this gun can be criminally strong. So make sure that you’re practicing its recoil. Just give up on the Thompson and spend your time learning the MP5K. Thompson is the worst SMG in almost every situation. It’s just not worth the time to practice.

The Most Comprehensive PUBG Mobile Weapon Guide Ever Made

MP5K does have some uses as it has a faster rate of fire and therefore is great to use. With that being said, there is no reason to use the Thompson over the other SMGs unless you’re going to spam smokes. The UMP9 is kind of in a similar spot. It just can’t beat the MP5K since the big nerfs it’s got. It now only gets picked because it feels familiar to older players. So the same thing implies here too. Learn to use the MP5K instead. The P90 is perhaps the one gun that does more damage than an MP5K, but it’s also in a very awkward spot for an SMG. It doesn’t have the same kill reward and it also only in Livik.  Basically, you may as well just pick an UZI and do a lot more with it.

Assault Rifles

Speaking of the ARs, let’s talk about the QBZ. The tip for this gun is to either play it on very long ranges against pistols and SMGs or play it short to mid-range against other rifles. The gun has fantastic accuracy compared to weaker guns but against rifles, it just doesn’t have what it takes in the accuracy department. So you want to make sure that you close that distance a bit. For the M762, the same thing applies. The most important thing is that you finally learn the spray pattern. The M762 is simply a very strong gun for its stats. It can definitely carry you but in order to do that you need to know its spray pattern. 

For the AK, what is by far the most important thing is proper pre-aiming. In theory, you could just one tap everyone out of the game if you have proper pre-aiming. It’s definitely the most important factor when it comes to success with this gun. So just make sure that you’re working on that whether that would be in TDM or in different BR maps. For the M416, one thing to consider is its low recoil. It’s just the premier gun to spam spray smokes with. It usually baits players into trying to shoot you back. 

The Most Comprehensive PUBG Mobile Weapon Guide Ever Made

Once you do, you can tell where they’re shooting you from because of the sound. Well, they have no way to see you since the sound of the M416 is not that loud in the game. A general tip for M416 is to play around with your AWM snipers. AWM snipers in PUBG Mobile are very important and as a rifler, it’s your job to make them comfortable. Hold the angles that the AWM can’t and make sure that you’re playing around them.


Let’s start off with the MK-14. This gun is really great when it comes to longer-range duels against rifles or SMGs. However, it suffers against AWM at the same range. It means that if you don’t expect your opponent to have an AWM you should play those longer ranged angles. However, if they do have an AWM, make sure to play really close and try to get into that one-shot headshot range that it offers. The QBU used to be really great but now it’s just a bit mad. It does really well holding long sightlines and it is good when it comes to accuracy and that’s about it. 

The Most Comprehensive PUBG Mobile Weapon Guide Ever Made

If you want to use it then tap as much as possible. Tapping this gun is much better than spraying with it. When it comes to the DMR snipers aka the SKS, the one thing that’s important is that you hold angles that are difficult to peak for rifles. You have a lot more freedom with the SKS cause of the auto fire it possesses. The one sniper DMR to avoid is the SLR. Just don’t use it. You’re only going to gift your life to your opponents. If you really want a sniper just use M24, Kar98k or AWM instead.