PUBG Mobile is a fast-paced multiplayer game. Players spend most of their in-game looting and fighting but going from one side of the map to the other can be very time-consuming. The distance on the map needs to be covered constantly whether it is for looting, rushing or just moving inside the zone in search of enemies. Vehicles, in PUBG mobile, play a crucial role here. 

There are multiple vehicles in the game designed and present for different terrains. The game has multiple maps based on different terrains. For instance, the vast map of Miramar is located on a desert and is mostly barren. The map of Vikendi is mostly snow and even most of the water bodies are frozen there. 

Kills On Wheels: BlueStacks Guide to Vehicles in PUBG Mobile

The vehicles in the game have been designed keeping in mind every map, and it is very important for players to know about all the important and crucial vehicles in the game that can save them in critical situations or just help them move around with ease. 

Land Vehicles

Vehicles that are designed for moving along land are designed differently. There are multiple vehicles ranging from two-wheeler vehicles to three and four wheeler. All of these vehicles have different levels of resistance to damage and top speeds. It is very crucial for players to know all of this before hopping on to a vehicle in PUBG mobile.

Two and Three Wheelers

There are not just cars in PUBG Mobile. Multiple two and three wheelers can be seen in the game as well. 

  • Motorbike 

The Motorbike in PUBG mobile has a top speed of 152 km/h. It is the fastest way to reach from one point of the map to another, in other words, the fastest vehicle. However, this vehicle is a high-risk high reward deal. It has the potential to speed you around the map, but it also makes you vulnerable to enemy gunfire and attacks. This can result in one or both players on the bike getting taken down and killed. 

Kills On Wheels: BlueStacks Guide to Vehicles in PUBG Mobile

The plus point here is that it does make it extremely difficult for other teams and players to trace you with their spray because you are at a very high speed. This is not a good option if you are playing in a squad as it can seat only 2 players. The motorbike also has a very high chance of getting out of control as the speed might become too much to handle for players.

  • Scooter

The Scooter in PUBG mobile looks like the Motorcycle, but is slower and has much less HP. It is a Sanhok exclusive vehicle and comes in three different colors. It is difficult to climb uphill or on rocky terrains with the scooter, but it does just fine on roads. It does not have too much HP, so it’s easy to destroy. It seats two people. This should only be used in times when no other option is available. You might be safer on-foot in some situations. 

  • Tukshai

The Tukshai or the auto-rickshaw is another Sanhok exclusive vehicle. This is very similar to the Scooter as it is low on HP and has trouble handling uphill terrain. It seats three people and has a speed very similar to the Scooter. Again, not a good idea to use unless absolutely needed because of the slow speed and low HP. The low HP also means that it doesn’t work as a good cover either.


This category has the most number of vehicles in the game. They are the most effective and solid vehicles to go around in.

  • Buggy

Buggy is an off-road vehicle. It is available for every map on PUBG mobile. It has a small engine but since it has an open frame it seems lighter. This makes it relatively faster. This vehicle can seat 2 people and can climb uphill terrains with ease. It has a top speed of 90 km/h when on a plain surface. 

Kills On Wheels: BlueStacks Guide to Vehicles in PUBG Mobile

However, the light frame makes it hard to control. This often results in the vehicle drifting in a different direction as a result of any minor contact while speeding. The open frame also makes the player sitting on the back prone to enemy gunfire and experiencing heavy damage.

  • Dacia

This Sedan car in PUBG Mobile is one of the best options if you are planning a squad rush. 4 players can sit in this vehicle at one time. It has a top speed of 139 km/h. This makes it a really fast vehicle with a top hood saving you from being shot by other players from a distance. However, players might struggle with the speed when climbing up steep hills and ridges which makes it a disadvantage while rushing on hilltops. 

  • UAZ

This car is available in two modes in the game, with and without the hood. Players can benefit from the open UAZ  in the beginning of a match while rushing instantly after dropping. This can also be a good option if you have missed the drop location and want to reach there. It is not a good idea to rely on this in the mid-game and especially towards the end. 

Kills On Wheels: BlueStacks Guide to Vehicles in PUBG Mobile

The closed variant is different and can save you from enemy bullets. The car has added resistance and endurance with the hood that prevents it from catching on fire or blasting for a little longer.

  • BRDM

BRDM is the only drop-exclusive vehicle in the game. It can be obtained by firing the flare gun outside the zone. However, the vehicle is weaponless but has the ability to move both on land and water. It has the maximum amount of damage resistance in the game of 2500 and can run at a top speed of 105 km/h on the ground and 22 km/h on water. This car is ideal for the last or ending zones as it lets you spot the enemies while eliminating the risk of being damaged by enemy bullets.

  • Mirado

Mirado is a muscle car that can be driven only on the Miramar map. It is tied to be the fastest vehicle in the game along with the Motorcycle. It has a different colour and comes without a top and with one. It seats four people and has a good HP like the UAZ. 

Kills On Wheels: BlueStacks Guide to Vehicles in PUBG Mobile

This vehicle has a very ground-hugging build making it blazing fast which makes it very hard to hit. However, the Mirado is not ideal for off roads making it difficult to reach places on the map that are away from roads.

  • Minibus

The Minibus is an extremely slow-moving vehicle, maybe one of the slowest in the game. It has the option to seat six people even though only 4 players can be a part of a PUBG squad. It has a good lot of HP and is big, making it a very easy target. 

Kills On Wheels: BlueStacks Guide to Vehicles in PUBG Mobile

It is a very bad option for off-roading which makes it an easy target for the enemies. It is only found on the Miramar map where the terrain is tough and rocky making it not a very good choice of a vehicle.

  • Rony

The Rony is the pickup truck rendition of the Sanhok map. It is one of the most silent vehicles in the game meaning alerting less enemies. It is fast and has a lean build, but any team with more than two people will be exposed to enemies. It seats four people and can off-road pretty well.

Water Vehicles

Water is also a very important part of the maps in PUBG Mobile. There are not a lot of options for moving on water, but the ones present have some good attributes. 

  • PG-117

The PG-117 is one of the first water vehicles that could be seen in the game. It seats four people. It is a speed boat that has a high HP and is among the fastest water vehicle. Furthermore, it has a slow turn rate which means players need to be careful around the land, or the vehicle can get stuck. 

Kills On Wheels: BlueStacks Guide to Vehicles in PUBG Mobile

Players need to keep in mind that it is an open vehicle therefore not a 100-per cent safe option.

  • Aquarail

The Aquarail is the only other water vehicle in the game apart from the PG-117 and only seats two people. It is slower but has excellent controls. But it also has low HP which means it can be destroyed easily. This is found on all three maps in the game. It is ideal for short distances but moving around on this vehicle is not always a good idea.

Kills On Wheels: BlueStacks Guide to Vehicles in PUBG Mobile

The attributes of all of these vehicles are very important to understand for players who want to become better in the game and progress in a fast manner. Vehicles play a major role in PUBG Mobile and players should realize it.