PUBG Mobile is not just any battle royale game. It is a game that has defined the genre if you think about it. Not many games in the history of gaming have been so impactful that even their clones are successful. What has made the game so successful over the years is the fact that it kept improving. Every update would keep improving the game mechanics or bring new content to the players. Even the battle royale maps are so different from each other that the entire strategy has to change in order to win. Erangel is a map that has both close range fights and long range ones. Sanhok takes players to the jungles of Asia where you have to fight in close quarters. Miramar will take you to a desert full of snipers while Vikendi is a snow filled hellhole.  

Throw a Molotov Cocktail Party in PUBG Mobile

Just the sheer variety of terrain to the most extensive weapon arsenal, PUBG Mobile has it all. Your footsteps matter, your weapon recoil matters, even your skins matter. However, what matters the most is winning that Chicken Dinner. The more dinners you have the better your rankings will be on the leaderboards. Players grind for hours upon hours to climb the leader boards. Winning each match relies on a lot of factors and that includes luck as well. Now we can’t make you lucky but what we can do is give you some very useful tips that can make a world of difference and improve your chances of winning. 

Molotov Cocktail

Suppose you’re in the middle of a gunfight and your health is quite low. Now you need to use health kits to heal up but you’re covered by multiple enemies. In these types of situations, you have to throw the Molotov in the entrance area where your enemies are most likely to rush on you. A Molotov in PUBG Mobile will burn for about nine seconds. That’s enough time for you to use the first aids and boost items. Even if the enemy players rush through the Molotov fire they will lose about 80% to 90% of their health, so you can kill them easily or some enemies will get knocked immediately. 

Throw a Molotov Cocktail Party in PUBG Mobile

So the next time you need to heal in the middle of a gunfight always remember to throw a Molotov before you start healing. It can definitely save you or at least give some help in tough situations. Molotovs are really powerful now in PUBG Mobile, especially when your opponents are camping in a room. Carrying at least two Molotovs should be enough in most matches. 

AR Bullet Jumps

Almost every assault rifle in this game has the first bullet jump. The jump of the first bullet or the gap between the first and second bullet is important as that is exactly how much your weapon jumps after the first shot. It is because of the first bullet jump that you are more likely to miss a few shots at the beginning of your spray and this can make everything fall apart in the match. The first bullet jump is the reason why most of your shots won’t get connected after the first shot. 

Throw a Molotov Cocktail Party in PUBG Mobile

To fix this issue or to avoid the first bullet jump what you should do is aim for the body instead of the head. Take a mental note of the spray pattern of weapons you prefer in practice mode and use it to predict the spray pattern. This will let you predict the spray pattern. After the first bullet jump the recoil will be constant, so it will be easy to control the spray. This tip is more suited for long to mid-range fights where players are using some scope attachment on the weapon. 

Aim Assist Disability

PUBG Mobile has aim assist. If you don’t know how aim assist works, it simply drags your crosshair or your aim towards your enemy when your crosshair is near the enemy player body. However, aim assist is not flawless or rather not too over powered. There are ways to defeat it. In the game, the aim assist only works to its full capacity when the enemy player is standing still When you shoot near a standing enemy player the aim assist will drag the crosshair to the body of the enemy and your bullets will connect. 

Throw a Molotov Cocktail Party in PUBG Mobile

However, there is a drastic change when the enemy player is crouching. When the enemy is crouching, the aim assist doesn’t work at its full capacity. It doesn’t drag the aim towards the enemy like it used to do before for a standing enemy. This doesn’t mean that the aim assist won’t work when the enemy is crouching. It does work, but not as effectively as it would be if the enemy is standing. The only time that the aim assist is completely off is when the enemy player is in the prone position. That is why snaking is so prevalent in the game. 

Map Drawing

Now that you can actually draw lines in the map to chart a path in the game, it is time to hunt. At the beginning of the game in spawn island open your map and click on the mark option at the bottom of the map. Now you will see the route option. Put two markers from one end of the flight path to the other end. 

Throw a Molotov Cocktail Party in PUBG Mobile

Later when the plane path disappears this line will be very useful to determine where the players have most likely dropped. Now you can either avoid those places or go find players to get some good kills. 

Drive By Enemies 

Many players have a tough time shooting from a moving vehicle. One way you can improve your accuracy is by following a practice routine in classic mode. While traveling in a vehicle you have to randomly choose your target. It can be either a tree or rock or some random obstacles and then track them with your scope. If you got extra ammo you can start shooting at the targets. This way you can practice the recoil control as well as tracking the target.

Throw a Molotov Cocktail Party in PUBG Mobile

These are some of the tips that you can use in-game when you’re playing in the BR Mode. Keep in mind that these tips are more suited towards players who are not newbies in the game. Knowledge of the game mechanics is necessary when it comes to winning in PUBG Mobile. The best thing you can do is put some practice in before you jump into a match. You will be surprised how much difference a few minutes in practice mode can make in your weapon control.