When it comes to the most played BR game in the world, it has to be PUBG Mobile. It is no secret that the game single handedly jump started the battle royale genre. The fact is that the game has gotten so popular that even its clones are now finding some modicum of success. It would be an understatement to say that the game hasn’t evolved over the updates. New maps, weapons, skins, events, collaborations have kept it fresh. To the point that every player now wants godlike skills in PUBG Mobile. However, you won’t get there from practicing your flicking skills alone. If you don’t do the things that this guide is about to show you then you’re only going to be putting yourself at a disadvantage. This guide will be showing you some of the ways that you can win more of your aim duels. 

  • Shooting Styles

The first one is something not many people think about. You should be utilizing different shooting styles based on how far away your opponent is. For those of you who are unaware, the three shooting styles are tapping, bursting, and spraying. If you think about it, there’s no reason why you should be spraying if you’re fighting somebody who is far away. It makes more sense to tap or burst since controlling recoil over such a long distance is a really difficult task. In close quarters combat, spraying makes a lot more sense. Even if you’re not very good at controlling the recoil, there’s a larger margin for error due to how close the other player is located. 

Simple and Effective Tips to Rank Up Fast in PUBG Mobile

Try to look over one of your past games and see if there are any aim duels that you take where you probably should have used a different shooting style or just other general mistakes. Sometimes you might not be losing aim duels because you have bad aim itself. It could be because you also have poor movement. A lot of Ace and Crown players who put all this time into having superb aim but still struggle with rifles. This happens because they don’t know how to stop their movement before shooting. 

Simple and Effective Tips to Rank Up Fast in PUBG Mobile

This is where Counter Strafing comes in. Counter Strafing is when you move in one direction, let go of that key and press the opposite key at the same time. For example, if a player is moving right with the D key, you can counter strafe by letting go of D and pressing the A key at the same time. This completely stops your character model and allows your shots to be perfectly accurate. If you don’t master this one early on, it’s going to be way more difficult to get it down later on. So make sure to start practicing now.

  • Grenades, Molotovs, Flash

Another underrated aspect of aim duels is using your throwables before the aim duel actually begins. If you can, ask your teammate to set you up with a flash you can run into a full-blind opponent which makes the fight way easier. If you know where the enemy is you can chuck a Molotov into their position to flush them out. Plus, that Molotov will do some extra damage before they get the chance to fire back. At low levels of matchmaking, simple plays where you throw a flash for a teammate to clear an area are really effective. Not only for taking map control but also for getting kills. If you and your teammates should spend a bit of time learning basic flash lineups, you’ll be sure to not only get more easy kills but also make your opponents pretty upset that they don’t have a chance to fight back.

  • Working Angles

Now we can get into understanding the way that angles work in PUBG Mobile. The further you are from a wall, the more likely it is that you’ll see the enemy first. At the same time, if you’re right next to a wall your opponent is probably going to see you before you see them almost every time. One reason you might be losing name duels is that you’re peeking way too close to the wall. If you do that, then the enemy can see you and start shooting before you know where they actually are. With this information in mind, the next time you take an aim duel, try and peek out further away from the wall to give yourself the best chance possible to spot your opponent first.

Simple and Effective Tips to Rank Up Fast in PUBG Mobile

The best thing you can do to improve your success in aim duels is to just have better crosshair replacement. Now let’s talk about some different crosshair placement techniques that you can use as well as some ways that you can practice these techniques. One of the more common aspects of crosshair placement is known as pre-aiming. This is when you aim at a certain position before actually peeking into it in order to have the upper hand. This is something that you want to do with most of the common angles in order to give yourself a better chance of winning a fight.

You should try to pre-aim most of the commonly played positions, but you shouldn’t be pre-aiming all the time. If you only pre-aim common angles you’re going to get caught off guard if the opponent plays an off angle. An off angle is an awkward position that nobody really expects and doesn’t offer much cover. While these positions are risky for the opponent, they’re very useful for catching people off guard, as well as punishing players who rely too much on pre-aiming. In order to deal with these sorts of angles, you need to do what’s called sliding your crosshair.

Simple and Effective Tips to Rank Up Fast in PUBG Mobile

Now this is a term that you maybe haven’t heard before. Sliding your crosshair means moving your crosshair across the entirety of an area so that you don’t let anyone play in an off-angle and slip past your focus. This is something you can do when clearing out any area being contested by the enemy. Some players like to be really sneaky with trigger discipline and hide in spots where they can’t be seen easily and just wait until multiple players enter the line of sight, so they can shoot them all down at once.

By using this technique along with pre-aiming you should be able to prevent this from happening. If you want to practice this technique, go into the practice game mode in PUBG Mobile and just practice walking into areas and clearing out all the angles. If you want even more practical ways to improve your crosshair placement then you should put that knowledge to work. By playing on different maps you can improve on each individual one. 

Simple and Effective Tips to Rank Up Fast in PUBG Mobile

One other reason you might be losing a lot of aim duels is not because you have a bad aim. Instead, you might be putting yourself in positions where it’s difficult to win in the first place. If you’re losing a lot of aim duels you might be taking a lot of unfavorable engagements. You want to play in a position that favors close quarters combat but is terrible at long range fights. With that in mind you should try and play towards the sandwich or maybe hide underneath a balcony. By doing this you put yourself in a more favorable position for the weapon you have.

Lastly, you should take engagements that are favorable for the weapons you have. By applying this logic of engagements to every map you should have a better understanding of which fights you should and shouldn’t be taking. This should result in better decision making overall and aim duels that are just easier to win in the first place. If you want to know whether you’re taking good engagements watch one of your matches and look at your opponent’s POV when they kill you. 

Simple and Effective Tips to Rank Up Fast in PUBG Mobile

Was it easy for them to kill you? Were you out in the open when you died or were you too close to a wall. By asking yourself these questions and reflecting on your play you gain a better understanding of what it means to play in smarter positions. Plus, you will be able to take engagements that are more favorable for you than your opponent.