Playing in a team is considerably more difficult than going solo in a mobile game and this is no less the case with PUBG. When you’re up against any number of teams, you have to keep in mind that numerical advantage is your chief strength or, if you don’t have it, your biggest weakness. Even the most accomplished of players will go down when faced against two less-skilled, but highly-coordinated players.

PUBG Mobile on PC: Duos and Squads Guide

The higher your rank, the more strategic and coordinated your opponents will be, which means that you have to be equally prepared to counter their plans. The main difference from solo to duo/squad play is that winning takes a bit of coordination and tactics. YOLO rushing your opponents and aggressively taking positions may give you a couple of kills, but these strategies ultimately succumb to synchronized teamplay.

Etiquette Is Key

High-ranked players recommend that you team-up with someone you already know. This way, you’ll be able to understand one another without great difficulty. Unfortunately, this is one of those things that’s easier said than done – not everyone has an advanced PUBG Mobile player friend at the ready. In fact, most people just pug and hope to find themselves paired off with someone that has a similar level of skill and commitment to the game.

PUBG Mobile on PC: Duos and Squads Guide

If there is a golden rule of interaction that will ensure your success when playing with others, it’s that “you catch more flies with honey than vinegar.” What does this mean? That following a few, basic, in-game etiquette rules will go a long way towards making others feel that playing with you is constructive, even when your game is not the best that it could be. Here are some dos and don’ts:

Don’t run off on your own

This is not solo play. Agree on your direction/objective and advance towards it together. Also, mark where you’re dropping before you make the jump – don’t be quick on the trigger, since too many will do this without thinking. In those cases, you want to follow them to increase your odds of survivability.

PUBG Mobile on PC: Duos and Squads Guide

Never ninja loot unless permission is granted

The bounty belongs to the player who made the kill, by default. If you want/need it more, make your case and wait for them to agree.


You can text, voice or emote, but do something. If you need a revive, ask for it in one way or another.

Fire discipline

Don’t shoot at someone on sight unless a) they’ve spotted you, b) you absolutely know you can kill them, or c) at least one other team member has your back. Always assume that their buddies are nearby and waiting to snipe you.

Don’t friendly-fire with a vehicle

You’ll be surprised at how many times we’ve been ran over by our colleagues. This is in the same category with “don’t throw a grenade in the vicinity of your teammates”.

PUBG Mobile on PC: Duos and Squads Guide

While there is room to expand the list, we feel that the golden rule, alongside these 5 core tips will be enough to get you on the path to becoming an extraordinary team-mate that everyone will want to play with.

Always Focus/Cross Fire

This is an extension of rule no. 4. The best way to ensure that an enemy goes down is to have at least two people firing at that person. Often, this will require patience for your teammate(s) to get into position and/or some repositioning work on your end. This is a superior approach to just shooting on your own because it lowers the odds of the tango escaping alive and giving information on where you’re shooting from.

PUBG Mobile on PC: Duos and Squads Guide

While doing this, communication is crucial. Learn how to give indications based on your compass and map. When you spot someone, the first thing you should do is inform your squad clearly about how many targets you saw and where. This is not the time for fireside stories or poetic discourse: “2 rushing us from North-West” is usually enough. Once you’ve fired at somebody, expect your position to be given away, so try to either crouch or look the same way from a slightly different spot in order to avoid being pre-fired on.

PUBG Mobile on PC: Duos and Squads Guide

In our experience, the best approach to a failed engagement is to wait for your teammate to open fire and then back them up. This strategy has a high probability of confusing and overwhelming the receiving end of your assault.

Playing Together

This tip can never be overstated. All high-rank players will agree that one of the most frequent reasons they die in duo/squad play is because they lose touch with their group. There are many reasons why Julius Caesar was so successful, but a chief one is his effective use of the divide et impera (divide and conquer) strategy. When you’re alone, you’re more vulnerable than together.

PUBG Mobile on PC: Duos and Squads Guide

In effect, this is an extension of rule no. 1. You can move apart, but being more than 100 meters away from one another will severely diminish your odds of providing back-up in case of a medium to close-range engagement. What’s more, if either of you is knocked down, reviving is made increasingly more difficult by the distance and/or obstacles that sit in your way. Knowing the terrain well will go a long way here.

If you’re going to take risks and go off on your own, you might as well just queue for solo and avoid aggravating someone else. If they did it to you, it wouldn’t be much fun, would it?

PUBG Mobile on PC: Duos and Squads Guide

Never immediately rush to loot a box of a person you’ve just killed. Odds are, their squad is waiting for you to show your position and spray you when you’re in a vulnerable spot. Wait and see if someone is coming to revive or gather some of the loot.

The Bait and Switch

This is a commonly used approach in multiplayer modes. What this means is that your teammate shoots at someone to draw their attention. Then, your friend hides and gives you a chance to look towards the enemy’s position to kill them. To work, this has to be done fast, but it pretty much guarantees a quick kill (if you have vision) as the tango will be distracted by your squad member’s fire.

PUBG Mobile on PC: Duos and Squads Guide

With these fundamental rules, you’ll be well on your way to dominating PUBG Mobile’s Duos and Squads.