PUBG Mobile has one of the most brutal battle royale competition when compared to any other BR game. Sure, in the early ranks it is easy to win when you’re stacked up against mostly bots. But that changes very quickly. Before players know it they are thrown in a ball pit of intense competition. Your rank will decide your competition and the game has eight of them. Players start their way into the game from the Bronze rank and then their winning decides their ranks. The top rank of the game is called Conqueror and in that bracket, you find the best players of the game. It’s not that reaching that top rank is impossible but that does take consistent effort as well.

Fights in PUBG Mobile are one of the most important aspects. Even if you know every map perfectly and all the tips and tricks that you need you can still be caught off guard. Finding the perfect weapons and loot is helpful for getting the upper hand. However, these weapons are useless in the hands of someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. This guide will take you through some key tips to start to win firefights in PUBG Mobile. If you implement these strategies you should be able to elevate your gameplay.

PUBG Mobile Battle Royale Tips, Set Your Own Terms of Engagement

The first thing is that all of this comes through practice. The best players got that way through devoting time to practicing. All of these tips are helpful but at first, they will take some time to get used to. As you practice your strategies for firefights more, you will start building up muscle memory from executing these moves.

Terms of Engagement

Engage only when you’re sure that you can down at least one enemy player. It is easy to get tempted to fire right away when you spot an enemy but that can be fatal if there are other players nearby. The moment you fire the shot player near you will also be aware of your position. What you should be focusing on is how you can actually cover your movement.

PUBG Mobile Battle Royale Tips, Set Your Own Terms of Engagement

Sound can give away your position but what it can also do is create a distraction. Use your teammates’ fire as a cover to hide your movement sounds or use grenades to create a distraction. Directional sounds are a big part of what makes PUBG Mobile such a great game. So use your game knowledge to make every fight count.


Vehicles are a big part of this battle royale. In maps like Erangel and Miramar, players almost need a car from the moment they land. PUBG Mobile offers players a variety of ways to travel around and also to take those vehicles down. Not all sets of wheels are the same. The three wheeled motorcycle is way too unstable to use and the crashes reduce your health. In solo matches, the most ideal car is the buggy.

PUBG Mobile Battle Royale Tips, Set Your Own Terms of Engagement

It’s fast and can almost climb anywhere without a hitch. However, the open top design of this car does mean that more bullets will connect with you. What works in the favor of the buggy is how fast it runs and that open top also means that spotting players becomes easier as well. In Sanhok, the cars to avoid are all of them. Maps like Sanhok and Livik are too small for driving around. Vehicles make a ton of noise and in small maps they only work as a beacon to your position.

Guns Blazing vs Stealth

Many players would argue as to which approach works better in PUBG as user experiences and experiences vary. But the ideal way to do things is a balanced one. Stealth is perfect for when you’re trying to take out enemies without getting found or eliminated. Going all in guns blazing is much better for clearing out smaller areas swarming with opponents. Make sure that you use that mini-map above to keep a watch on enemies nearby.

PUBG Mobile Battle Royale Tips, Set Your Own Terms of Engagement

The mini-map will show you if there are any enemy footsteps around you or a vehicle driving around. Terrain, structures, and vehicles make for a good cover. Moving while you are crouched or going all prone will reduce your movement sound to a huge extent. If you can find suppressors for any weapon, pick them up. You can throw them away later but they are very useful in hiding the gun sounds.

1v1 Fights

When you’re in a 1v1 fight with the enemy, then you need to pay close attention to two things in specific. The first and the most obvious one is the sound. Even if you have spotted the enemy and now are near to their position, even if you can’t see them you can still hear them. So many players have clutched a game because they heard the sound of a health kit being used or a painkiller being taken. Sounds of footsteps will at least give you an idea of their position and you can use the sound to misdirect the enemy as well.

PUBG Mobile Battle Royale Tips, Set Your Own Terms of Engagement

The other thing that you need to take care of is the angle of the camera. Your camera angle should ideally be a little up than usual. Make sure that the camera height is at a level that your crosshair should connect to the enemies body. Its basic crosshair placement. Another thing to add is that if there is an angle that you think a player is hiding then enter with a jump. This won’t do much but the enemy player won’t be able to put their crosshair on your easily.

Bullet Drop #GunTip

A thing that confuses many players in PUBG Mobile is that their bullets don’t connect to the target in long range. The game tries to replicate real world gun mechanics in the game and it shows. The reason that many of your bullets don’t connect when you’re sniping long range is because of bullet drop.

PUBG Mobile Battle Royale Tips, Set Your Own Terms of Engagement

Under 100 meters that drop is almost non-existent but as that range increases, so does the drop. To counter that you should try aiming just a little above the target. This is something that can only come with practice. One thing to note here is that Kar98k has probably the worse bullet drop in sniper rifles. M24 and AWM have a much more controlled and predictable bullet drop.