Out of the many maps in PUBG Mobile, Sanhok is one of the smallest and densest maps. Maps play a major role in PUBG Mobile as not all of them are the same and can not be approached in the same manner. The understanding required to completely master these maps vary and the design of every map is different from each other too. The terrains and the design of the maps are different. The size of the map also needs to be ideal so the match neither looks cramped out nor unending. The right size and contents of the map are very important. 

PUBG Mobile: The BlueStacks Guide to Sanhok

There are multiple factors that can make or break the deal for a map. On playing the game on the BlueStacks Emulator, we realized that these factors can be different for players with different styles of gameplay. For players who like to rush, a plain and open map is more preferable as it gives them ease of movement and can help them reach from one place of the map to another fast. For defensive or camping players, a map with dense areas and hiding places is more preferable as it helps them preserve their style of gameplay. 

The Map

Sanhok is 4×4 kilometers big which makes it half the size of the Erangel map. The total land-covered area on the map is 49.26% and the water covered is 50.74%. This makes the Sanhok map the only map with more water coverage than land. This implies that water vehicles are equally important in this map and can help with commute within the map. Like all the other maps in the game, Sanhok is also based on an island. The map is primarily green with a lot of flora on it. It is divided into 3 parts by water bodies. The largest part of the map, which some players like to consider the mainland of the map, consists of areas like Paradise Resort, Boot Camp and Camp Bravo among other areas. 

PUBG Mobile: The BlueStacks Guide to Sanhok

The two areas that are separated from the mainland by water bodies are on the western and south western side of the map. The south western island consists of areas like Camp Charlie, Ruins and Pai Nan. The western island on the map consists of areas of Camp Alpha and Ha Tinh. The commute is not very difficult as the map is smaller. However, since the number of players in the lobby is 100, the matches can get highly intense. The commute is also not restricted to roads. It has a good river network too and players can easily move around the map by being on the water. 

Places for Fast-Paced Players on the Sanhok Map

Fast paced players might face some challenges while playing on Sanhok. The map is more favorable for stealth and defensive players. However, this does not mean that they are at a disadvantage. Like every other map in the game, there are some areas on the Sanhok map that can help the fast-paced or rush players maintain their style of gameplay. 

Hot Drops

There are multiple hot drops on the Sanhok map that allow players to be in the center of the action. These areas have a good probability of being in the zone and keep players from moving around very often on the map. The map is small and frequently moving around might not be a very good idea. 


Bootcamp is one of the most famous spots in Sanhok, it is on the western side of the Sanhok mainland and can be seen to be in the center of the map. As the name suggests, it is a camp and has a number of buildings and shelters. The buildings are single storey and multi-storey with ample to suffice for more than two squads. The area is not very big so keeping an eye on the number of people while landing is a good idea. 

PUBG Mobile: The BlueStacks Guide to Sanhok

It also has a number of ditches where players can find loot and take cover after landing here. Vehicles are also easier to find here, a buggy or a UAZ can always be seen on the corner of the area. Bootcamp offers a number of angles for players to keep a watch on the enemy and take them down without leaving cover. The presence of ample cover also allows players to rush. 

Paradise Resort

Paradise Resort is one of the biggest locations on the Sanhok Map. As the name suggests, the area is a resort. It is a big building with a number of rooms. The loot here is good and can be optimal for 2 squads. The availability of loot is one of the major reasons behind it being a hot drop. The area is on a hilltop and this allows players to get a high-ground and keep an eye on the action that might be going around. 

PUBG Mobile: The BlueStacks Guide to Sanhok

It is also a good place for defensive players, but make sure that you are in cover as a number of players might come to this area of the map. It also has a good probability of being in most of the zones and mostly falls on or around the path of the plane. Since it is on a hill top, availability of vehicles is less but the commute is not difficult from this place. 

Pai Nan

Pai Nan is situated towards the south of the map. The area is divided by a stream and this makes it a safe hot drop location. It is a proper residential-like area with a number of houses and warehouses. It is a good landing area for players who do not want to be very fast paced but also don’t want to resort to a defensive style of gameplay. Since the area is divided, it gives enough time for the players to land and loot without engaging with the enemy right away. 

PUBG Mobile: The BlueStacks Guide to Sanhok

You can be on the lookout for other players landing in the area and decide which side of the stream you want to land on accordingly. This area allows you to move towards any side of the map that you want, it is close to a bridge and water vehicles are available here too. 

Camp Alpha 

A lot of players might disagree with this area being on the list, but the fact it is one of the important areas on the map and can not be neglected. Like Boot Camp, this is also a military camp with a lot of buildings and shelters where players can land and get loot. The perception that it is not a very important area draws a lot of attention of the campers and defensive players and this can be taken advantage of by rush players. 

PUBG Mobile: The BlueStacks Guide to Sanhok

The commute from this place might be difficult as it is very easy to get killed while moving around on water, but there are two bridges too, for players who are skeptical about traveling on water. The loot here is spread out and players might have to look for guns and attachments, but the availability is not a problem as most of the things can be easily found here. 

Places for Campers on the Sanhok Map 

The Sanhok map is very favorable to players who want to camp. It is dense and offers a number of areas and opportunities for players to lay out camps on this map. These areas can be a good option, but since the map is not very big, it is best to not camp and instead, take fights head on. 


Quarry is a place where there are a number of ramps and gazebos throughout the area. The area is sprinkled on the map and does not have any buildings or houses. There are small ponds and puddles in the area too, that is a reason why not all players like going there as the water slows the characters down in PUBG Mobile. 

PUBG Mobile: The BlueStacks Guide to Sanhok

The area, however, has a significant amount of loot and supplies and players can easily land there and camp. It might not be a good idea to camp there if it falls on the path of the plane, but otherwise, it is a good place. It is close to the Boot camp and Pai Nan, so you can see players commuting and take them down. 

Kampong and Lakawi 

Kampong and Lakawi are two adjacent areas on the east side of the map. These areas are not visited by a lot of players, so you can land there, spread out in groups of two and pick up loots and supplies. 

PUBG Mobile: The BlueStacks Guide to Sanhok

There might be a disadvantage to landing in this area because no hot drop is around. But if your sole purpose is to stay away from the action and be hidden in one place unless the zone pushes you out, then this might be a good place for that. Both the areas are on the coast, and you can get water vehicles here that can help you commute on the map. 

Khao and Tat Mok 

Khao and Tat Mok are on the northern side of the Sanhok map. Both of these places are dense with buildings and houses offering multiple good hiding places. The places are not very far from each other meaning that even here players can spread in groups of two and take one area each where they can pick up loot and supplies and wait for the players to come there. The areas are also very close to the Paradise Resort which is a hot drop and can be watched from Tat Mok.


Ruins is an area that has old and destroyed buildings and architectural pieces. There are no major buildings, but the loot here is in abundance. Players can easily get everything from gears to ammo and supplies. There are multiple areas to take cover too and players can actually bring out the stealth gameplay that the map calls for. Ruins is very close to Pai Nan, so you can keep a track of players while landing. Even when there is a fight going on, it can be very easy for you to get there as a third party and pick up kills for yourself and your team. 

PUBG Mobile: The BlueStacks Guide to Sanhok

Players can also travel to Boot Camp as they would only need to cross a bridge, and they will be able to look over the Boot Camp and the action that might be going on there. These decisions can be made by relying on the gunfire sounds that can be easily heard from ruins for both Pai Nan and Bootcamp. 

Camp Charlie and Ban Tai

Camp Charlie and Ban Tai are two areas that are on the southern end of the map. These areas are close but not very close, and it is not advised to travel between these areas without a vehicle. Players can set up a good camp here as these places are also close to Pai Nan. You can travel to Pai Nan with the help of a boat as well since the areas are connected through a stream. The loot here is good and not a lot of players visit these places on the Sanhok map, allowing for a good camp. 

There are a lot of other places on the Sanhok map for campers, but those areas might not be very accessible or might not have enough loot for all the teammates. So, it’s best to avoid them if you are planning on camping. 

Guns for Sanhok

There are a number of guns available in PUBG Mobile and developers are adding new guns with every update. However, there are some guns that are exclusive for the Sanhok map and these can be a good option for players along with other guns in the game. 


QBZ95 is an assault rifle that can only be used in Sanhok. The gun has good damage and range. The AR also has a relatively lower sound of gunfire, but a lot of players might disagree. The recoil control of the gun is also not very tough and can be easily handled even by beginners. The gun uses the 5.56 ammo. 

Ideal Attachments for QBZ95

The gun, in itself is a good choice, but the attachments can enhance the performance even further. Players should go for a suppressor to keep the increase the stealth of the gun, apart from that, adding an extended quick draw mag along with a 6x can be a good option as you can toggle with the zoom of the scope according to the distance that you might need to cover. 

PUBG Mobile: The BlueStacks Guide to Sanhok

You can attach a canted sight in case you need a scope for close range fights. A vertical foregrip is recommended for the gun, but any other grip would work just fine. 


QBU88 is a DMR that is also exclusive to Sanhok. It is a good option for players who like taking down enemies from a distance. The gun has good damage and is easy to handle for the players. This is a good option for players who do want to use a sniper and want to rely on a gun that can fire more bullets. The gun is not very hard to acquire either. It can be easily picked up from the Paradise Resort or Pai Nan, among other places. 

Ideal Attachments for QBU88

The attachments for this gun can enhance its stealth properties. A suppressor or compensator can be a good option. The extended quickdraw mag is a must since the default magazine does not have a lot of bullets to work with. QBU88 is compatible with 8x, so players should attach one as soon as they get their hands on one.  The best part about this gun like other DMRs is that it is compatible with the attachments of assault rifles too, so players don’t have to look for designated DMR attachments. 


M416 is the most versatile gun in PUBG Mobile, and it is no surprise that it is effective on all the maps. The gun has a good range and fire rate. The recoil might be hard to handle for some players, but it can be mastered with practice. This gun is available on all the maps in the game and therefore being good at handling it should not be a problem. 

Ideal Attachments for M416

Since Sanhok is more focused towards stealth gameplay, it is best to ditch the customary compensator for this gun and go for a suppressor. Some players might argue that it increases the recoil, but that is not true. Along with that, the extended quickdraw mag for longer sprays and vertical foregrip for better control would do. Players should also add a tactical stock to the gun to get it fully equipped for action. 


Stealth and snipers go hand in hand and nothing changes on the Sanhok map either. The M24 is the best sniper that can be acquired on the map, apart from airdrops, and is very effective too. The damage and the range are good and since it is a sniper, there is no issue of recoil control. The reload time might bother some players but that just comes with snipers. 

Ideal Attachments for M24

M24 should be equipped with a suppressor or flash hider to avoid revealing your position along with an extended quickdraw mag to make the reloads slightly faster. An 8x scope is absolutely necessary for a sniper and players should equip it too. The cheek pad is optional but can be acquired if you manage to get your hands on it. 

PUBG Mobile: The BlueStacks Guide to Sanhok

These are not the only guns that are effective on the Sanhok map. Guns like AKM and Beryl M762 are also good options but choosing the above-mentioned guns can make for a complete loadout and apart from the M24, all the guns require 5.56 mm bullets, so you can have one type of bullet for all the guns in the loadout. 

Good Loot Location on Sanhok

There are not a lot of locations with good loot, but players can manage to get some good loot in the following places. Bear in mind that these places might also be hot drops and being aware is always a good option in PUBG Mobile. 

  • Boot Camp
  • Paradise Resort
  • Ruins
  • Pai Nan
  • Camp Charlie, Alpha and Bravo
  • Quarry
  • Ha Tinh

The Sanhok map calls for an intense match every time. This guide can help you be on top of your game and achieve the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner in PUBG Mobile. The map has something to offer for every player, one just need to find it.