PUBG Mobile is a fast-paced tactical shooter game where players play in squads of 4. Being a part of the squad plays a major role in the game. A good squad can help you progress in the game faster and polish your skills in a better manner. Squad fights can become very intense especially in the closing zones. This intensity can often lead to players choking and falling short of the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. Playing as a part of a squad does come with a number of advantages and safety, but there is one way in which the intensity of the game can be shot up. 

Be a Lone Wolf: PUBG Mobile Guide to Solo vs Squad

PUBG Mobile allows players to play in squads, duos and even as lone wolves in solo and all these come with their advantages and drawbacks. However, while playing the game on the BlueStacks Emulator, we noticed something unusual about the nature of squad matches. In the initial stages of a match, some players were getting killed without being knocked down. This is very unusual to see at the start of any squad match as most teammates are alive and looking for loot. This happens because few players want to increase the challenge in the game and play Solo vs Squad. 

What is Solo vs Squad?

Solo vs Squad is an option in PUBG Mobile where players can be a part of a squad match while playing on their own or solo. This might sound like a silly idea to a lot of people, but it does make the game more challenging and intense. This can be done by turning the auto-matching off and choosing to play in a squad match while being in the lobby. The matchmaking doesn’t take as much time as a solo match as squad matches are the most played matches in PUBG Mobile. 

Who Should Play Solo vs Squad?

Playing against a team of 4 while being alone might sound like a very silly and suicidal idea, but it can be helpful for a lot of players and there is no harm in experimenting. Players who want to practice their movements and perfect their spray transfer can try their hands in solo vs squad. It is very hard to win a match like this, but there can be a lot of new things to learn while being a part of matches like these. However, there are always some advantages and disadvantages to this. 

Advantages of Playing Solo vs Squad

There are not many advantages of playing solo vs squad, but it can help in some ways. These can be a game-changer in squad matches and make you the anchor of the squad. 

  • Better Enemy Spotting Abilities

When you play in a squad, you are asked or supposed to look for enemies in only one direction. However, in solo vs squad, you have to be aware of every direction and after the update that introduced the glider, you have to keep a watch on the sky as well. You will become of vary of even the slightest movement that takes place. You might not see the improvement instantly but if you keep at it, you would have enhanced the enemy spotting abilities. 

  • Enhanced Spray Transfer

Spray transfer is an important thing in combat situations. Sometimes you might need to target multiple enemies with a spray of bullets. This ability can be worked upon in squad matches as well but there is always a scope of being defended and protected. Even in solo matches you are spraying bullets on only one enemy and in case there is a third party there would be two targets at max. 

Be a Lone Wolf: PUBG Mobile Guide to Solo vs Squad

However, while playing solo vs squad there are four enemies that you have to fight. This will make you bound to work on your spray transfer. If you manage to knock three out of four members of a squad, that means you have taken down 75% of the team. This is a good start to achieve and work on. Talking of stats, this will also help you reach a higher K/D ratio in the game along with securing more average damage. These numbers are important if you are serious about the game and want to progress faster. 

  • Better Understanding of the Maps 

Playing solo in a squad match can push you to such parts of the corner where no one usually goes. Kamishki in the Erangel map is one such example. You can know about these places better and can make them your default drop location. This can be because of many reasons. 

Be a Lone Wolf: PUBG Mobile Guide to Solo vs Squad

The loot can be good, a flare gun might be easily available there or the number of vehicle spawn is higher. Playing solo vs squad can make you notice and understand all of this. 

The advantages are not a lot but these can actually help you up your game and skills.


There are several disadvantages of playing solo vs squad but these can be overcome too with practice. 

  • Getting Killed Early 

The clear and the most obvious disadvantage of playing solo vs squad is the possibility of getting killed early in the game. If you are spotted alone in the game, you might be rushed upon. Tackling a rush by four players at the start of the game can be difficult and, in most cases, get you killed. Not to mention, most rushes in PUBG Mobile happen at the beginning of the match as not players can manage a good loot and this makes them vulnerable.

  • Being Outnumbered

Playing in a match where most teams are playing in a squad of four, there is a clear disadvantage of being outnumbered. Even at the top of your game, it is not very easy to take four players out by yourself. 

Be a Lone Wolf: PUBG Mobile Guide to Solo vs Squad

You will be outnumbered by a squad and this will result in your death. This can be avoided by being in cover all the time but there can still be a big possibility of being outnumbered. 

Tips for Solo vs Squad

Irrespective of all the disadvantages, there are a few things that can be done to circumvent them:

  1. Keep Away from Air Drops

Airdrops are extremely sought after in PUBG Mobile. Players get a chance to acquire better guns and gears from the airdrop and this makes the airdrop most rushed to place on the map

Be a Lone Wolf: PUBG Mobile Guide to Solo vs Squad

Players from all across the map rush towards the airdrop. Staying clear of the airdrop is a good idea if you are playing solo vs squad. You can stay at a distance and keep a watch on the drop to spot the enemy but that is the most you can do. Shooting at the enemy would not be a good idea. 

  1. Avoid Hot Drops 

Hot drops are popular locations on any map where a bunch of players land at the beginning of the match. These areas can be extremely risky while playing solo vs squad as it is hard to keep a track of all the players who have landed and where they have landed. You might get in the way of a squad rotating and get killed due to that. 

  1. Camping is the Way to Go

The best way to last longer in a solo vs squad match is to camp. You can land in the corner of the map and then make your way to the other locations on the map. This will help you survive the first few zones. You will have to face a lesser number of enemies and even incomplete squads. So that can be an advantage. 

Be a Lone Wolf: PUBG Mobile Guide to Solo vs Squad

  1. Avoid Using Flare Guns 

Using flare guns can be exciting. There is a chance of getting better guns that can give you an upper hand over your enemies. However, firing a flare gun draws the attention of other players. This can result in a rush happening on you. 

  1. Use Covered Vehicles

Covered vehicles like UAZ and Dacia provide more cover and protection than vehicles like the Buggy and Motorbike. It is very easy for the enemy to spray bullets at you in an open vehicle. This changes in a closed vehicle and increases your chances of being safe and alive. You can also try to run over some of your enemies with a vehicle. 

  1. Don’t Take the Road

Avoiding the road while playing solo vs squad can be a good idea because in the woods you can always take cover behind a tree or a rock. While you are on the road, you are more prone to being shot at by the enemy and there won’t be enough cover for you. 

  1. Keep a Sniper with You

Entering close combat is really not the way to go when you are playing solo vs squad. However, you can take long range fights as it will take the enemy some time to figure out your position. 

Be a Lone Wolf: PUBG Mobile Guide to Solo vs Squad

Adding a suppressor to the sniper would increase the stealth and keep you from revealing your position. 

  1. Keep Changing Positions

Revealing your position is not a good thing when playing solo vs squad. Change your position after every shot you take at the enemy. This will let you surprise and attack the enemy from different angles and might help you secure more kills. 

Be a Lone Wolf: PUBG Mobile Guide to Solo vs Squad

These are some of the things that players need to keep in mind when thinking of playing solo vs squad. It does come with its own fair share of risks but can be a very helpful thing to do.