PUBG Mobile is a tactical squad based game. The squad plays a major role in the progression of the game. Since it is a team game, the path to becoming impactful and impressive with your gameplay starts with being a part of a squad. A squad that understands the mechanics of the game and comes with strategies and tricks of their own. These tricks can range from shooting from underwater by hopping onto the rear seat of a vehicle or just hiding in a bush and being ready for a heal battle. All of this comes with practice and grind in the game. 

Play the Part: BlueStacks Guide to Squad Roles in PUBG Mobile

Even though squads play a major role in the game, it comes down to the individuals who make up the squad. Players can play as a part of as many as 4 players in one squad, which might look less to a lot of players, and it is lesser than CS: GO and Valorant where every squad has 5 members. Having one less number of players in the squad can make it difficult for the squad to assign roles to individuals, but it is not impossible and can be effective in its very own way in the game. 

Building a squad is difficult and one has to go through multiple trials and errors to develop a fully functional squad that is ready for every challenge that is thrown at it. While playing the game on the BlueStacks Emulator, we figured out that there are certain ways in which players can form a squad that is ready for every challenge that the game throws at them. 

Play the Part: BlueStacks Guide to Squad Roles in PUBG Mobile

These ways are effective for players who are starting out with the game as well as players who might want to rebrand their squad as something new moving forward in the game. Tactics and play style needs to be modified at intervals so that you do not become predictable to the enemies. There are several ways of doing it and this guide will help you know all about it. 

The Roles in a Squad

There are several aspects and things that players need to keep in mind while forming a squad in PUBG Mobile. One of the major aspects of squad building is deciding on the roles that every player is supposed to play in the game. The roles come with different practice drills, different gun choices and different positions in a set formation. 

  1. Entry Fragger 

This can be considered as one of the most crucial and game changing roles in the whole squad. An entry fragger is a player who leads the attack of the team in search of the first kill or takedown. 

Play the Part: BlueStacks Guide to Squad Roles in PUBG Mobile

The main job of an entry fragger is to rush fearlessly towards the enemies and take them down in order to create an opening for the entire team to follow. This is the riskiest of all roles in a squad as the chances of getting killed by the enemy as extremely high. It is an aggressive role and not all players can fit into it. 

Tips for Entry Fraggers

Players assigned the role of an entry fragger in a team need to keep a few things in mind. It is not all about aggression. One should not lose the essence of the game which is winning. 

  • Use Throwables 

The only style of gameplay acceptable from an entry fragger is rushing. An entry fragger can not sit back and watch the show. The player needs to be on the forefront of the action. Therefore, it is best to make use of the throwables in the game like frag grenade, smoke grenades, flash bangs and Molotov Cocktails before rushing towards the enemy. All of these will help create a distraction or barrier in front of the enemy giving you a clear opening to rush and take them down

  • Use Boosts

Rushing straight into a squad of 4 players can be very foolish and often result in you getting killed. The best way to do so is using boosts. There is not a lot of scope of using boosts in PUBG Mobile, but the ledge grab ability is often not used by players to its fullest potential. If you are sure of the enemy being in a particular house or building, you can enter any adjacent building and then jump on the ledge of the building in which enemies are hiding. 

Play the Part: BlueStacks Guide to Squad Roles in PUBG Mobile

This will help you locate all of them, and you can be sure of taking at least one player down before being spotted. Climbing on the roofs of the building is also another boost. You can go to the balcony and climb up the door to reach the roof. This way you will have a higher ground along with a clear and better view of the enemy. This will also help you tell their location to your teammates if they want to rush. You can create an opening by securing a knock followed by the rest of the squad rushing. 

  • Choose the Right Guns 

Since the entry fragger is supposed to take the enemies head-on, it is very important to use a gun with a high rate of fire and damage. Assault rifles like the M416, AKM, and M762 can be extremely effective for an entry fragger. SMGs are also a very good option. The Uzi for instance has the highest rate of fire in PUBG Mobile and even though the magazine size is small, it won’t matter in close combat situations where most of your bullets will hit the enemy. 

  • Scope and ADS

Scopes are very important for an entry fragger. Most of the fights that an entry fragger takes are close range and therefore going with either the red dot or the holographic sight would be the best option. These scopes do not zoom in on the enemy and therefore, do not affect the recoil or control of the gun. Players can also use the canted sight if other scopes can not be found. Avoiding any zooming in scopes like the 2x or 3x is the best idea when rushing. However, keeping one in your backpack never hurts. 

  1. In-Game Leader(IGL)

In-Game leader or the IGL is the backbone of any squad in PUBG Mobile. The player needs to know all about the game and make strategies with the help of that information. The strategies and game plans include but are not restricted to, deciding drop location, allotting compounds for other squad members to loot, deciding rotation, etc. 

Play the Part: BlueStacks Guide to Squad Roles in PUBG Mobile

The IGL commands the game. The player is also expected to shift roles according to the stage where the match might be. The IGL can not command the game just on the basis of knowledge, one has to be skilled to be the IGL. 

Tips for In-Game Leaders

In-Game Leaders can get stressed and frustrated due to the performance of their team, but there are a few things that they can do in order to reduce the blow. 

  • Assist, Don’t Jump In

There can be times when the IGL forgets about the importance of the role and wants to jump into the action with the entry fragger. This can be extremely risky as the entry fragger already comes with a high risk of death and the squad can not afford to lose the IGL at the same time as the entry fragger. It is best for the IGL to assess the situation and provide inputs for the team while being slightly behind providing cover fire. 

  • Mark Escape Routes

Escape routes and rotations are extremely important in PUBG Mobile. The IGL has to decide when to engage in a fight and when to make a way out of it. It can be very easy to get caught in a crossfire in the game. The IGL should always have an escape route or a plan ready for the squad ensuring that they last longer in the match. 

  • Be Patient

Losing the entry fragger in the middle of the match should not be a surprise. However, the IGL can not lose calm. One needs to be patient and understand the situation in order to decide rotations and predict the zone. All of this can not be done in a hasty mindset. 

  • Keep an Eye on the Fragger

Since the IGL is a support to the entry fragger, that player needs to be slightly behind the fragger. However, the IGL can not lose vision of the fragger because support is always needed. It is best for the IGL to take a position from where the support can be provided, and the full squad can be maintained for a longer time. 

  1. Sniper

Most players and squads might not have a sniper in the team, but it is an extremely important role that not everyone is capable of playing. Snipers need extreme patience and trigger discipline. Since they are not shooting sprays of bullets on the enemy they need to be absolutely sure that whatever target they are aiming for converts into a kill. Missing the target even by an inch can make them reveal the position of the whole team and this can cost the match. 

Play the Part: BlueStacks Guide to Squad Roles in PUBG Mobile

Snipers might not seem to play a major role in the squad but having one is extremely important especially for the long range distant fights. Most assault rifles do not have a bullet range as that of a sniper. Therefore, it is an important role and position. Players should try to include or be the sniper of their squad. 

Tips for Snipers

Sniping might look like a tough job, but there are always ways to provide support to the team and push them to victory at least in the fight that is in hand. 

  • Take High Grounds

Sniping is a long distance game and being on the plain ground would do no good. Try taking a higher ground to keep a watch on the enemies at a distance. You can spot the enemies who are rushing at you and also take enemies down who have no idea of your presence in the distance. 

  • Be Stealthy 

Stealth is one of the requirements for a sniper. One way of managing stealth is by adding a suppressor to the sniper. Even if you fire at your enemies, they would have a hard time spotting you. Since sniping only gives you one chance to make a difference, it is best to maintain stealth.

Play the Part: BlueStacks Guide to Squad Roles in PUBG Mobile

Another way of ensuring stealth is crouching and being in cover. Taking cover prevents you from getting exposed, and you can trace and spot the enemies whenever they are around.

  • Try Mastering DMRs

DMRs in PUBG Mobile is a close alternative to snipers. They might not have the range as snipers, but the fire rate is higher. DMRs also have larger magazines and do not reload after every bullet. If you think sniping is too much of a gamble for you then you can always play with the DMRs first and then try the sniper rifles in the game. 

  • Be a Finisher 

It is a known fact that snipers have a high damage rate. Whenever a player in your squad knocks an enemy down, be sure to secure those kills by sniping at them. Movement after being knocked down becomes slower and this will make it easier for you to place your aim and shoot at the targets. 

  1. Healer

Healing and reviving is an important part of PUBG Mobile. The main role of the healer is to stock up on supplies like painkillers, energy drinks, adrenaline syringes, health kits and med kits. 

Play the Part: BlueStacks Guide to Squad Roles in PUBG Mobile

In case a player needs supplies, a healer should be the one to provide them. Healers might not be the part of the action as much as other players but they play a major role in keeping the entire squad alive. Healers are also the ones who need to revive players in the team who get knocked down by the enemy. 

Tips for Healers

Being a healer is not an easy part, but there are some things that they need to keep in mind in order to contribute as much as possible to the team. 

  • Be Selfless

Reviving in the middle of an ongoing fight can be risky. It comes with a risk of you being knocked down as well. Healers need to be selfless and revive the players keeping their HP aside. You should also not be afraid of getting knocked while trying to save your teammate and hope that your teammates will do the same for you.

  • Compromise on Bullets

Bullets take up a lot of space in any player’s backpack. Healers need to fill up less on the bullets and focus more on gathering supplies for the team. This player should have enough supplies to ensure that every player can reach the max health at least twice in the whole match. 

  • Be a Cover

As mentioned above, being knocked down slows your movements. Make sure you are providing enough cover fire for the teammate who is knocked down so that they can reach a cover where you can revive them and provide them with supplies. 

  • Avoid Reviving in Open 

Getting a third party attack is very common in PUBG Mobile and being in the open with a knocked teammate is a very bad situation. Make sure you revive your teammates only after you have escorted them to a cover where they are safe and can heal themselves before getting back to the fight at hand. 

  • Be a Part of the Fight When Needed

There can be times when the whole squad is required to fight. Make sure you are contributing at your best. Try being at the back but at the same time make sure you are doing enough damage to the enemy for your teammates to take them down. 

Drills for the Attackers

There are several drills that can be done by players to fit into their respective roles better. 

  • Entry Fragger 

Entry Fraggers need to perfect their movements and make sure that they are fast enough to dodge the enemy bullets. The jiggle movement is the best way to do that. Practicing sprays is also very important. Try shooting at the moving targets in the training ground while moving yourself. Master the red dot sight and the holographic sight as well for close as well as mid-range fights. 

  • In-Game Leader

IGLs need to make sure that their zone prediction is spot on in order to plan the rotation.  For that, you need to spend a lot of time playing the battle royale mode and understand how the zone works. The path of the plane does not always help, but keep a watch on the airdrops that happen in every zone. Wherever the airdrop takes place, the next zone will have that area in it. 

  • Snipers

Snipers need to fix the 8x scope on every gun in the training ground, reach a higher ground and take shots on other players there. The other players would not get killed or receive damage, but you will be able to practice and master your aim at moving targets. 

Play the Part: BlueStacks Guide to Squad Roles in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is an intense game and every player in the squad needs to play their part. Understanding the top guns in the game is important but your skills and game sense are what will make the difference.