Note: This game is currently not compatible with BlueStacks

In a game where you have to shoot and kill your enemies to win, the way you shoot matters a lot. In PUBG New State, depending on the engagement and the gun you’re using, your shooting style will change. Overall, there are three shooting styles in the game and each of them has its advantages. There is the tap shooting style where you shoot one bullet at a time, then you have burst firing which has its own place and is something that many players prefer. Lastly, the shooting style that is most used by default, spraying. When you’re playing the game, you will face many situations where you will switch your shooting style. 

PUBG: NEW STATE Shooting Guide, Learn All the Shooting Styles

In this guide, you will be learning about the differences between each of these shooting methods and when to use them. Many players make the mistake of using the default spray shooting in fights where they should use single fire. This leads to them losing a fight they would have won. Another thing, by learning about the different playing styles you will also increase your gun knowledge. In PUBG New State weapons have different modes of shooting. By knowing which shooting mode to switch to when facing an enemy, you will increase your chances of winning fights by a good margin. 

Single Fire:

Many of the guns, especially assault rifles, sniper rifles, and marksman rifles will have a single fire mode. Single fire, also known as tap fire is when your gun fire’s a single bullet every time you press fire. This mode of firing is by all accounts the most precise way to hit your shots. Some of the most insane shots you will see in the game will be very precise single-fire shots. While this shooting style is precise, it does leave you very vulnerable to return fire as well if you miss your shots. Missing shots is something that is bound to happen no matter how much raw aim skill a player posses. 

PUBG: NEW STATE Shooting Guide, Learn All the Shooting Styles

That is why single fire is not a firing style that suits close-range fights. However, things change when you use single fire in long-range engagements. Now, long-range here means range far enough that your spray will be all over the place. Single fire trumps burst fire and spray fire when it comes to long-range precision. There are guns in PUBG New State that have very heavy recoil and do a ton of damage over long distances. Those guns can be used almost as a surrogate sniper rifle when you switch them to single fire. The right way to tap fire is to shoot at the target, let the crosshair reset completely and then shoot again. If you don’t let the crosshair reset itself then you will be missing out on the advantage that tap firing offers. 

Burst Firing:

Another method of firing is burst fire and it serves as a midpoint between a single fire and sprays fire. In burst fire, a gun fires a small burst of bullets and then spots. Imagine how a single firework but with more than one bullet. Burst firing is a great way to send multiple well-placed bullets instead of a misplaced spray. Burst fireworks are best in medium to long-range fights as it too suffers from the same weakness as single fire. When using burst fire in close range, you will be vulnerable to return fire. 

PUBG: NEW STATE Shooting Guide, Learn All the Shooting Styles

The basic rule of thumb when using this firing style in PUBG New State is to fire in short controlled bursts. Not only is burst firing more accurate but since you will be sending more bullets towards your enemies, it also offers a higher DPS. DPS is damage per second and since there is more than one bullet in a burst, the DPS on a burst fire is higher too. However, the moment you neglect the crosshair reset after a burst, you will be giving up on the precise control that burst fire offers. Another way burst firing can help is in conserving bullets. When you are in the end game or in an engagement and don’t have a lot of bullets, using small bursts can help in conserving ammo. 

PUBG: NEW STATE Shooting Guide, Learn All the Shooting Styles

Something to note here, not all guns in PUBG New State have the burst switch on them. Also, unlike the tap fire where you don’t need to be familiar with the way that gun shoots, you need to understand your weapon to hit a proper burst. This part of burst firing is a lot more like spraying. You will need to learn the timing and control of burst fire of the weapon you want to use. 

Spray Fire:

This is the shooting method that most players in the game will be familiar with. Spray fire or auto fire is when you press the fire button and your gun keeps cycling through the bullets. Most of the guns that you will be picking up in PUBG New State will be spray fire guns and this firing style has a ton of advantages. In a battle royale game, there will be fights that will happen in close ranges. In those situations using single fire or burst fire will leave you undefended, especially if you miss your shots. Spraying fire in close range is a much better method of shooting as you will be shooting more bullets on the target. 

PUBG: NEW STATE Shooting Guide, Learn All the Shooting Styles

The reason why it works well in close range is recoil. Guns show their recoil when you spray the fire with them and in close range, it is much easier to control recoil. Even if you miss your shots, you will still be firing bullets on your enemy and keeping the pressure on them. Something to keep in mind is that crosshair placement goes a long way in assisting spray fire. When you are shooting a spray of bullets, you will hit the recoil wall and your gun will start swaying. So you have at most five bullets before the recoil begins. If you keep your crosshair always at head level in the game, all you will need to do is move it to where the enemy appears. 

Once you have the enemy’s head in your crosshair, spray the bullets and you will have a good chance of hitting a headshot. One thing that will always matter in PUBG is hitting a headshot.