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PUBG: New State Assault Rifle Guide – Learn How to Use Your Rifles

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In PUBG: New State you will have different types of weapons when you land in the game. These weapons will be of different categories and will play to the strength of that weapon category. If you pick up an S12K shotgun, then you will have to play to the strengths of that gun. Since shotguns are weapons that are only good for close-range fights, you won’t be able to use them in medium ranges. SMGs are similar to shotguns but offer a much higher rate of fire and effective range. That is why players tend to have a favorite weapon that they main in the game. Every gun in the game has its strengths and weaknesses that the user needs to keep in mind when playing. 

PUBG: New State Assault Rifle Guide – Learn How to Use Your Rifles

However, something that will be universal is how you use the guns of the same weapon category. You can pick any assault rifle you want in the game, the rules of the gun will remain the same. What this means is when you’re using an assault rifle, you will have more flexibility in terms of range. A gun like the AKM can take fights in close, medium, and long ranges if the player knows how to use it. However, since assault rifles use bigger rounds than SMGs, they tend to have a lot more recoil to deal with. Recoil is not a major issue with SMGs as there is significantly less recoil to deal with compared to rifles. Assault rifles also have a lower rate of fire compared to the SMGs and LMGs in the game. 

PUBG: New State Assault Rifle Guide – Learn How to Use Your Rifles

However, rifles do gain an upper hand over the SMGs rate of fire through damage stats. LMGs are heavier than assault rifles in the game and can impede on player’s movement in an intense fight. Again, assault rifles are lighter than LMGs which makes their user more mobile. This is a very basic overview of how gun mechanics work in PUBG: New State. In this guide, you will be learning about how to improve your skills with assault rifles in the game. They are the most versatile weapon type and when used properly, they can give excellent rewards. However, mastering this weapon type is a bit more complex than just picking it up and running with it. These tips will make it easy for you to get crazy good with your favorite rifle in the game. 

Spray Control:

When you are using an assault rifle, chances are that you will be spraying bullets with it. In PUBG: New State, guns have different firing modes. There is single fire, burst fire, and spray fire. Single fire is when you tap the fire button and your gun shoots one bullet per tap. Burst fire is when you tap the fire button and your gun shoots a burst of bullets per tap. Most of the time a burst fire will contain four bullets and most players avoid shooting with this mode. Spray is the shooting mode you will be using throughout your game. Spray fire or auto fire is when you press the fire button and your gun keeps firing bullets until you un press the button or the magazine gets empty. 

PUBG: New State Assault Rifle Guide – Learn How to Use Your Rifles

If you are a player who prefers using assault rifles, then a good start would be to learn spray control. As mentioned above, spray fire or auto fire with an assault rifle has noticeable recoil to it. However, every gun in PUBG: New State has a set recoil pattern that stays the same no matter how many times you spray with the gun. In order to master recoil, you need to spend time with your favorite guns. Enter the practice mode and pick the gun you want. Then proceed to shoot with the gun on a target or a wall from different distances. By doing this a few times you should be able to tell the spray pattern of that particular weapon. Once you know the spray and recoil pattern of the gun, you can then start to get familiar with it. 

PUBG: New State Assault Rifle Guide – Learn How to Use Your Rifles

However, mastering recoil control has levels to it. There is the basic tier recoil control that any player will learn after spending some time playing the game. This level of recoil control is almost necessary for the game just to hit body shots with assault rifles. Then you have a more advanced level of recoil control that usually comes into play when you’re spray shooting at headshot level. Then you have spray transfer, which is when you are dealing with multiple targets and moving your spray from one target to another. All of this is something that you can quickly get a good feel of in the training grounds. 

Prone Spray Control:

The next tip also has to do with spray control and that’s prone spraying. Going prone when used at the right moments can make your spraying endeavors a whole lot easier. Not only that but going prone will make you a bit harder to hit as well. When spraying while standing up, you will have to pull down quite a bit with most assault rifles in PUBG: New State due to recoil. Sometimes this can make getting a proper aim on the target very difficult. However, if you go prone just a second after you initiate your spray, you’ll only have to pull up your crosshair. Guns like the AKM have a recoil pattern that makes the barrel go upwards as you keep firing the weapon. When you are in the prone position, your crosshair also comes down from the head level. 

PUBG: New State Assault Rifle Guide – Learn How to Use Your Rifles

This means that when you’re shooting an assault rifle in the prone position, you’ll only have to worry about the horizontal recoil. Which is already a whole lot easier to control when you are prone. On top of that, you’ll also be a bit more difficult to shoot for your opponents. As for your opponents, once they first spot you and you start shooting at them, you’ll be standing. But shortly after you’ll suddenly be in the prone position. Meaning that they’ll have to readjust their aim mid-spray, which as you probably realize can be quite difficult to do. Basically, prone spraying will allow you to dodge an extra bullet here and there. At the same time, it will also improve your spray and accuracy when you’re shooting from the ground. 


Something else that’s hugely important with assault rifles is positioning. These guns tend to have a lot of power in medium to close range engagements. A lot of players in the lower ranks just kind of position wherever or they stick to a single position. They don’t move from it once throughout the entire game. When you’re using assault rifles in PUBG: New State, that’s definitely not the way to go. When it comes to your positioning, you want to have at least two things going for you. Firstly, you want to stay unpredictable. You do this so that you don’t get pre-aimed or pre-fired and die instantly. Secondly, this is hugely important, make sure you’re taking angles when you at least have some advantage. 

PUBG: New State Assault Rifle Guide – Learn How to Use Your Rifles

The more advantage you have, the better, as long as you don’t play in the exact same angle over and over. Something else that a lot of people forget about when they are positioning is grenades, molotovs, and smokes. When you position yourself somewhere, you should already know what happens when someone mollies or ‘nades you in your position. Standing out completely in the open, although unpredictable, is still a bad position. You might just get a grenade thrown at you and have absolutely no chance of doing anything. By putting yourself in positions where you have good cover, you will be able to avoid taking fire. 

Assault rifles have decent long range capabilities for the most part and can take medium range fights with relative ease. As a player, you should use that range advantage that you get by trying to take fights from a distance. If you position yourself in a manner where there is considerable distance between you and the target, you will be creating a buffer zone in between. This buffer zone will help you if the engagement turns bad by letting you run away from it. Another thing that this will do is give you space to plan out a path to the target. You can throw a smoke grenade to create a blind screen and flank your enemies.

PUBG: New State Assault Rifle Guide – Learn How to Use Your Rifles

Being able to recognize sound cues is a very important part of playing PUBG: New State. Sometimes the smallest sound will be the key piece of information that you need to win the game. This is why players are always paying attention to the smallest detail of sound. So they know what their opponent is up to. One consequence of this is that players will usually peek against their enemy if they hear a grenade pin sound or gunfire. You can take advantage of this by doing what’s called fake bait. All you need to do is create a sound that your enemy can hear. This sound needs to do two things. It needs to give your enemy a fake position of where you could be. Second, it needs to get their attention. This is something that you can try in the end game to bait the remaining players.

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