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In a battle royale game like PUBG New State, there are bound to be long-range engagements. There are players who prefer taking long to medium range fights as it plays to their strengths. These players are called snipers and what they do in the game is called sniping. In the game, there are sniper rifles and marksman rifles that exist solely to take long-range shots. The bullets fired from these rifles can travel longer distances without suffering from bullet drops. That part has to do with the mechanics of the game, this guide is going to take a look at sniping itself. 

PUBG: New State Sniping Guide - Three Sniping Styles

When it comes to sniping, it probably is the most limiting playing style in general. Players who are snipers tend to have excellent aim, spotting skills, directional awareness. However, the areas where they lack skills can prove to be fatal to them. Snipers tend to have very rigid movement and they will almost always lose a close-range fight with an entry fragger. Yes, snipers do have excellent aim, but in a very different sense. An entry fragger aim takes into account that the target will be moving constantly and a lot of bullets will be wasted. They will not have the precise aim of a sniper but a more general aim to connect as many bullets as they can with the target. 

Snipers don’t work on developing this part of their aim and that’s why players who main as snipers always position themselves away from the action. In this PUBG New State guide, you will be learning about the different sniping styles that will help you in becoming a better sniper. 

Anchor Sniper

When a sniper is playing with a team, most of the time they will fall into this playing style. Anchor playing style is at the core of sniping and is one of the easiest to play. Most sniper players tend to play long angles from where they can get a good view of their surroundings. They will hold that angle and will make sure that no enemy player can pass through. Though that depends mostly on their skills, these snipers can hold down an area easily. However, as mentioned, this type of sniping can only be done in a squad where there is support available. 

PUBG: New State Sniping Guide - Three Sniping Styles

It can be done in solo games as well, but the only problem is the lack of support. Sniping as a playstyle tends to depend heavily on support from others. There is a reason why snipers also fulfill the role of a scouter. Most sniper players will adjust their playing style to the needs of their teammates. The fact is that most snipers will find one playstyle that suits them and will stick to it. Something to note here is that the anchor playstyle is all about consistency. That means a sniper has to make their shots count a lot more than other players. 

PUBG: New State Sniping Guide - Three Sniping Styles

Miss a shot and the enemy will not only be alerted, but since there will be some distance between you and the enemy, they can also run away. This is not a very flashy playstyle but a practical one that relies a lot more on awareness and aim control.

Aggression Sniping

This is a sniping playing style that works well in duo games only. Using this in squad games or solo games will not prove beneficial. Sniping by default is a very passive playstyle as the player has to wait to find a target. However, when you are playing duo games in PUBG: New State you can be more aggressive as a sniper. The reason for that is the team composition. Duo games have only two players, in a setting like that the sniper has the support of a teammate and a teammate to support. Here, a sniper can come out of their vantage points and make a move towards their targets. 

PUBG: New State Sniping Guide - Three Sniping Styles

If the above playstyle was the traditional way of sniping, this is the exciting way of sniping. The idea here is to take inspiration from players who tend to play close-range fights, take high risks and get high rewards. When as a sniper you start pushing to your enemies, your crosshair placement needs to be precise. Controlling your gun is the first thing you need to do as a long-range weapon works very differently in close-range fights. Something that you should incorporate in your playing style is movement. In close-range fights, movement becomes far more important as there is not much distance between you and the enemy. Something to remember is that close-range fights for a sniper do not mean fighting inside the same room. 

PUBG: New State Sniping Guide - Three Sniping Styles

No, it means that the distance between you and the enemy is just enough that an SMG would start experiencing bullet drop. Since sniper rifles don’t have to suffer from bullet drop, you can maintain enough distance that you can duck into cover if you miss your shot. 

Mobile Sniping

While the other two sniping styles are more based on players who are new to sniping, this playstyle is for those who know to snipe. Mobile sniping is all about being mobile in your game and constantly moving from position to position. Unlike aggressive sniping where there is movement involved, mobile sniping involves mobility. Yes, it is confusing but basically, one playstyle needs you to do things like jiggle peek, and the other needs you to change buildings. Mobile sniping is a playstyle that can only be effective when the player has spent a lot of time in-game. Knowing where and how to approach an angle or knowing when to change positions are just some of the things that you need to do when you’re using this playstyle. 

PUBG: New State Sniping Guide - Three Sniping Styles

This type of sniping also requires its user to play cautiously and change positions all the time. For example, a sniper takes a shot at the enemy that is hiding in the front building. If the sniper does not change their position in time, they will be sitting ducks for some grenades. However, they cannot just enter another building without any plan of action. A player who knows how to use this playstyle will make use of every bit of information they have to make a move. As your knowledge of PUBG: New State’s game mechanics will increase, your playing style will also evolve. A better way of understanding this playing style is to think about how a rifle player would play with a sniper rifle.