Punishing: Gray Raven, the hottest free-to-play Action RPG of 2021 is constantly keeping its player base happy and content with the regular content update schedules. The game offers stylized action combat and buttery smooth 60 FPS gameplay. The Kuro Technology developed skill-based game is a fast-paced, action combat RPG game where players have to time each type of attack and defense both. You can also Play Punishing: Gray Raven in your browser on your PC or mobile without downloading. Click and Play instantly!

Punishing: Gray Raven is a hero collector game where players have to summon their favorite characters using the Gacha system. The gacha system is very generous, however, it follows the usual traditions where the higher tier characters have a lower probability of being summoned. The game does give all players a guaranteed chance to obtain the characters and equipment using a pity system. Players can pull or summon for both weapons, heroes, and/or both in different types of banners – Weapon Banners, Hero Banners, and Composite Banners.  

There’s not much to worry about if you do not pull the character you want as the pity carries over to the next banner. The pity changes for banners depending on how rare the characters are and what the rates are. Generally, it’s 80-100 summons for hero banners and 30 summons for weapon banners. The game takes 250 of the premium currency to do a single pull and 2500 for 10 pull.

Punishing: Gray Raven - Vera: Rozen Guide

For today’s guide, we will be covering the new hero Vera: Rozen which will be coming soon to the global version of Punishing: Gray Raven with the Grand Blue Version on January 26th, 2022.

Vera: Rozen Introduction

Vera: Rozen is an A-class construct that is classified as a Support type construct from the Cerberus Faction. Her signature weapon is Sariel. She is 80% Dark elemental and 20% Fire elemental. Her introduction reads – “Leader of Cerberus. The core of the experimental squad for long-range connection technology. Her extreme ways of doing things and harsh, elusive attitude have made her a controversial character.”

Orb Skills

Orb skills are divided into 3 different types of orbs – 1) Red Orb Skill 2) Blue Orb Skill 3) Yellow Orb Skill

Punishing: Gray Raven - Vera: Rozen Guide

Each construct has these skills in-built and players can combo them to maximize damage. For Vera: Rozen, her Orb Skills read as follows:

  • Red Orb Skill – Release a barrage of slashes, dealing 201.18%/402.35%/603.53% physical damage. Deals dark elemental damage when it’s a 3-orb combo.
  • Blue Orb Skill – Release a slash that pushes you back slightly, dealing 108.82%/217.65%/326.47% physical damage and marks the enemy that you hit first. Deals dark elemental damage when it’s a 3-orb combo. Marked enemies receive 21.65%/43.53%/65.29% AOE dark damage and heal allies 10.59%/20.59%/30.88% based on Vera’s attack. The mark lasts for 5 seconds and only 1 mark can be present at the same time.
  • Yellow Orb Skill – Release a dark energy wave, dealing 105.88%/211.76%/317.65% dark damage, follow up with a forward strike, dealing 10.59%/21.18%/31.76% physical damage multiple times. Deals dark elemental damage when it’s a 3-orb combo.

Active Abilities

Vera: Rozen is a Support type Construct; hence her abilities tend to be more specific towards healing all allies and providing more buffs and utility to allies. Generally, the Active abilities in Punishing: Gray Raven are divided into 5 different types:

  • Basic Attack
  • Ultimate Ability
  • QTE (Quick Time Event)
  • Class-Specific Passive
  • Awakening Ability

Basic Attack

Deal 761.76% physical damage.

Ultimate Ability

Consume 100 energy, release a dark force field and deal 329.41% AOE dark damage. Dark force field deals 82.35% dark damage every second and heals allies within it for 16.47% based on Vera’s attack. Allies within the field also gain the effect of Dark Radiation and 20.59%increased movement speed. Dark Radiation: 10% increased dark damage. Play Punishing: Gray Raven on your PC or mobile without downloads! Click and start playing instantly for a smooth and hassle-free experience.

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Punishing: Gray Raven - Vera: Rozen Guide

QTE (Quick Time Event)

Deal 411.76% AOE dark damage. Heal allies within range by 102.94% based on Vera’s attack and inflict Dark Radiation for 5 seconds. Dark Radiation: 10% increased dark damage

Class-Specific Passive

Increase healing effectiveness by 10% (20%).

Awakening Ability

When entering the battle, get 3 signal balls immediately (only once per battle). This effect needs to be unlocked.

Passive Skills

Vera: Rozen has an interesting Overclock mechanic where players get 3/7/12 overclock points whenever they consume any orb and get passively 2 overclock points every second as well. The maximum overclock points can be 60 and when there are enough overclock points, players can release this by long pressing on the Attack button to deal multiple slashes that deal Dark elemental damage. Vera: Rozen also deals splash damage when dealing with these slashes. Her leader skill states Vera: Rozen gets 5% increased health and 5% increased healing for all teammates. 

Punishing: Gray Raven - Vera: Rozen Guide

The rest of her passives are SS, SSS, and SSS+ rank passives which are difficult to obtain but certainly boost her utility as a healer more. Here are her passive skills in detail:

  • Core Passive – Gain 3/7/12 overclock points for every orb you consume, you will also recover 2 points every second, the maximum overclock point is 60. When there are enough overclock points, long-press the attack button to release the core passive attack, pressing it multiple times afterward will release the remaining core passive attack, dealing 308.82%/298.53%/298.53%/298.53%/321.83% (these are how much each slash deals, so there are 5 slashes total) AOE dark damage. Deal an additional 20.59%/41.18%/20.59%/20.59%/41.18% physical damage to enemies nearby. Releasing core passive attack will consume 12 overclock points and gain 6 energy.
  • Leader Skill – 5% increased health and 5% increased healing to all teammates.
  • SS Rank Passive – 5% increased attack every time you release your core passive attack, lasts for 5 seconds, stacks up to 3 times.
  • SSS Rank Passive – Dark Radiation increases an additional 10% dark damage.
  • SSS+ Rank Passive – Dark force field lasts for an additional 4 seconds.

Punishing: Gray Raven - Vera: Rozen Guide

Games like Punishing: Gray Raven which features real-time battles needs constant key input at lag-free intervals to effectively win the battle. They are also susceptible to battery drainage on the smaller capacity of mobile phones. Playing Punishing: Gray Raven on a bigger screen without worrying about battery drainage and lag-free gameplay is highly recommended. Hence, we recommend playing Punishing: Gray Raven on a PC with BlueStacks using a keyboard and mouse. Why wait? Play Punishing: Gray Raven instantly on your browser without downloading anything. Click, and start playing now.