After the end of the increased drop rate event for S-Rank Construct Nanami: Pulse, a new event has popped up in Punishing: Gray Raven that sees the drop rate of S-Rank Construct Kamui: Tenebrion up to 70% in Arrival Limited Research and Fate Arrival Limited Research.

Like the Nanami: Pulse drop rate event, the drop rate will remain increased for around 2 weeks, starting from the 27th of August at 08:00 UTC and ending on the 10th of September at 07:59 UTC. 

Basically, whenever an S-Rank Construct is researched through the Arrival Limited Research and the Fate Arrival Limited Research, there is a 70% chance to receive S-Rank Construct Kamui: Tenebrion during the period of the drop-rate up event.

Kamui: Tenebrion belongs to the Strike Hawk faction and is a damage-dealing tank in the Punishing: Gray Raven universe. The character is made up of 50% Dark and 50% Physical Element as far as the mastery of element is concerned. This means Kamui: Tenebrion deals physical and dark damage.

His gameplay involves a lot of 3-pings to maintain Dark Mode, which is an integral part of his gameplay and is activated after he uses his Signature Move, with the aim being to keep the Dark Mode activated for as long as possible. His Red Orbs help him go up against heavily armored mini-bosses and mobs, with the red orb able to shred superarmour easily. The Yellow Orb allows Kamui: Tenebrion to tank damage coming his way while the Blue Orbs are useful to eliminate enemies who are not equipped with superarmour.