There are loads of different resources and items available in Puzzles & Conquest with BlueStacks, each with its own unique and specific uses. From building your kingdom and gaining might to feeding your troops and upgrading your heroes, items are important for almost everything you do in Saurland.

Gaining an understanding for what they all do and, crucially, how valuable they are is, therefore, crucial to your success as you rise to the challenge of beating back the undead scourge that has overrun the land.

Basic Resources

Arguably the most basic resources in Puzzles & Conquest are Food, Wood, Iron and Gold. All of these items can be created through the use of Farms, Lumber Camps, Iron Mines, and Gold Mines, respectively. These buildings are built on the open fields outside of your citadel walls, where they will slowly produce the resources you need, with production getting faster and faster as you level the building up.

Puzzles & Conquest: Saurland Basic Items Guide on PC

On the whole, these resources are used in constructing buildings in your kingdom, training and feeding armies, and generally paying to keep everything running as it should. 

Puzzles & Conquest: Saurland Basic Items Guide on PC

To begin with, you will only need to be familiar with Food and Wood, as Iron and Gold only come into play at later stages in the game. In general, just make sure you have more of these items coming in than going out, and you should be fine.

Puzzles & Conquest: Saurland Basic Items Guide on PC

The main things to look out for are balancing the books when it comes to gold and food, keeping an eye on your expenditure and the amount of food your armies are eating. It’s all too easy to get overexcited while building a massive army, only to realise that you don’t have nearly enough food being farmed to feed them all.


Soulstones are another farmable resource in Puzzles & Conquest, but they have a slightly different use to the basic resources mentioned above.

Soulstones are the primary resource in Saurland used to upgrade heroes and make them more powerful. Aside from harvesting them from Moon Wells on the open plains outside your city walls, you can also find soulstones while battling your way through the Puzzles & Conquest campaign. In fact, they are by far one of the most common resources in the game, and you will likely reach your storage limit fairly regularly, forcing you to go and show your teams some upgrading TLC before you carry on fighting the undead forces of darkness.

Puzzles & Conquest: Saurland Basic Items Guide on PC

Just be aware that the cost of each level up increases, so all those thousands of soulstones might not go as far as you think, so really think about which heroes you are spending them on to maximise the benefit to your team.

Puzzles & Conquest: Saurland Basic Items Guide on PC

Fairy Feathers

Ok, so now we get into the slightly more obscure items, of which there are many. To begin with, we have Fairy Feathers, which are also used in the improvement of your heroes, but not through upgrades.

Puzzles & Conquest: Saurland Basic Items Guide on PC

Where Soulstones upgrade characters level by level, Fairy Feathers let you evolve characters so that you can level them up more.

Heroes can only be upgraded normally 10 times before they have to be evolved to make room for more levels, so Fairy Feathers are vital to keeping your team growing stronger and staying sharp.

Puzzles & Conquest: Saurland Basic Items Guide on PC

Like Soulstones, Fairy Feathers can be found while battling in the campaign as part of the victory rewards. So, in order to get them, you don’t just have to play, you have to win!

Enchanted Swords

As with most games, levelling up characters gets more and more expensive the more powerful they get. After a hero has reached level 30, further evolutions require both Fairy Feathers and Enchanted Swords. 

Puzzles & Conquest: Saurland Basic Items Guide on PC

Like Feathers, Enchanted Swords are found while playing the campaign. However, unlike Feathers, which can be found in any chapter of the campaign, Enchanted Swords can only be found from the 5th chapter onwards.

Oath Runes

These small discs can be found scattered throughout the game in chests and as quest rewards, among other things. They are not the most common resource in the game, though Oath Runes do come in three levels, each of increasing rarity. 

Puzzles & Conquest: Saurland Basic Items Guide on PC

Oath Runes can be spent at Hero Hall to try and recruit new heroes to your team. Though you may occasionally get a fully-fledged heros from a recruitment attempt, you are more likely to get items or hero fragments.

The different levels of Oath Rune will unlock characters, or items, of different levels.

Oath Runes I can unlock 2-3 star heroes.

Oath Runes II can unlock 2-4 star heroes.

And Oath Runes III can unlock 3-5 star heroes.

Puzzles & Conquest: Saurland Basic Items Guide on PC

Stars are a very good indicator of a hero’s strength and rarity, so the more stars you see, the happier you should be!

Hero Fragments

As you continue on your adventure, more and more heroes will join your team, some through quirks in the storyline but, more likely, because you managed to recruit them in Hero Hall or collect enough Hero fragments to unlock them.

Puzzles & Conquest: Saurland Basic Items Guide on PC

Hero Fragments can be used to unlock unrecruited heroes, however they also have a use once you have heroes on your team. 

Puzzles & Conquest: Saurland Basic Items Guide on PC

One of the other ways to improve members of your team is to collect enough fragments to Enhance them, given them sizable buffs in all stats. Enhancing is not something you get to do often, but it’s totally worth the slow collecting of Hero Fragments, as your heroes, and by extension your team, will be so much more powerful after a few enhancements.