Puzzles & Conquest on PC is a game full of things to do. From battling the undead forces of darkness to building your citadel and growing your might, there are loads of paths to victory in Saurland. 

But where to focus your attention? 

Let’s take a look at some tips and tricks on how to rise to power in the world of Puzzles & Conquest with BlueStacks.

Gem Placement Matters

Unlike some matching games, the gem swiping battle dynamic in Puzzles & Conquest is not just about combining as many gems as possible. In Saurland, where you make matches matters too.

After a successful match is made during a battle, your armies are released from the gems and travel straight upwards towards the enemy. If there is an enemy in their path, they will hit it and do damage. If, however, there is no enemy there, then your soldiers will just continue on their way, traveling off the far end of the screen without having done any damage at all. This, obviously, is not massively helpful to your war effort.

Puzzles & Conquest: Tips and Tricks for victory in Saurland

To avoid this, you’ll want to try and make matches that line up with where your intended target is standing. The more centered on the enemy the match is, the more of the soldiers will hit it, so you really need to give this some thought.

Puzzles & Conquest: Tips and Tricks for victory in Saurland

Naturally, you will sometimes have to make damage-free matches because there are no other options on the board. Thankfully, this is not totally useless, as any match made will still charge up the powers of your heroes with the same element as the match. If, however, there is no enemy to hit and you have no heroes of the match color, then there really isn’t much to gain, so try avoiding situations like that as much as possible. 

Pay attention to elements

The five colors in Puzzles & Conquest are more than just decorative. They represent the five elemental powers in Saurland – Light, Dark, Gale, Water, and Fire.

Each element is weak vs one of the other 4 and strong vs another, creating an interesting network of power dynamics while fighting in battles.

Puzzles & Conquest: Tips and Tricks for victory in Saurland

Now, every hero in your team will be connected to an element, as will each of your enemies. The trick is to try and attack foes with damage of the element they are most weak to, for example attacking Light with Dark, or Fire with Water. Attacks with the correct element do 2x damage, so they’re really worth the effort.

Puzzles & Conquest: Tips and Tricks for victory in Saurland

However, remember that, in order for your matches to do any damage, you have to actually have a hero of that color on your team. If your attack a Fire enemy with Water, but you don’t have any Water heroes on your team, the attack will do almost no damage at all. Try to bear this in mind when you’re putting your team together, as that lost damage can be really frustrating when in the heat of battle.

Spend Soulstones

Soulstones are the resources used in Puzzles & Conquest to level up your heroes. As resources go, Soulstones are pretty common in Saurland. They are often part of the victory rewards in battles, as well as being possible loot from recruitment attempts at Hero Hall. Soulstones are also harvestable from Moon Wells in your very own kingdom, so there will always be a steady supply, even if you’re not doing anything!

Puzzles & Conquest: Tips and Tricks for victory in Saurland

Because there are so many ways to earn Soulstones, you will likely find that your stores of them grow pretty quickly, even maxing out occasionally. When this happens, it is vital that you go and spend them on leveling up your heroes, not just because you will then have more space for further spoils, but also because your team needs to be upgraded regularly if they are going to stay ready and sharp for battle.

Puzzles & Conquest: Tips and Tricks for victory in Saurland

Though you do tend to earn a lot of Soulstones, it is also worth pointing out that as your heroes reach higher and higher levels, the cost of leveling them up will increase. As a result, your stocks of Soulstones will be able to buy less and less over time. However, by upgrading your Storage facility you will be able to increase your carrying capacity from just 5,000 all the way up to 7,500,000, so if you really love going on spending sprees, upgrade your storage, save up, and go crazy!

Puzzles & Conquest: Tips and Tricks for victory in Saurland

Follow the story

The central questline in Puzzles & Conquest is actually really well written and nicely packed out with interesting characters and loads of information. Like many games, the storyline does start with a tutorial kind of woven in, giving players the basics, but this section is pretty short, and you soon get left on your own to do as you please.

Puzzles & Conquest: Tips and Tricks for victory in Saurland

The storyline does continue, however, less in a tutorial capacity and more for the purposes of worldbuilding and storytelling. However, occasionally, even later in the game, characters will offer useful information, so try to pay attention rather than just clicking away.

Puzzles & Conquest: Tips and Tricks for victory in Saurland

The central questline is wrapped up in chapters and, while there are other quests available, the game won’t really progress much if you don’t play the main storyline. So, while there is nothing stopping you from working your way through all of the other available tasks, we would suggest devoting at least some of your time to the main story, if nothing else just to keep the game moving forwards.