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Rage of the Righteous: The Basics

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Rage of the Righteous is a well-crafted online MMO game that offers constant grinding, leveling up, and new skills that keep you playing for a long time. It constantly provides the player with new equipment and new types of enemies to fight, which delays the inevitable staleness that is present for similar games. The game has four unique characters, which all require a distinct type of gameplay from the player due to their exclusive skills and equipment. Upgrading your characters, skills, and equipment while wandering the world in search of new quests and missions can be daunting at first. However, thanks to this article, we will provide you with enough knowledge to help you get started with Rage of the Righteous.

In addition, playing the game on BlueStacks will make your overall experience of Rage of the Righteous immensely easier. We’ve provided you with more information regarding the controls on BlueStacks for Rage of the Righteous in this guide here.

The Quests

Quests are for leveling up and earning gold to get better equipment. While some games make it difficult to track your quests and find your next new objective, Rage of the Righteous makes everything undemanding for the player.

Rage of the Righteous: The Basics

Your next objective will always be displayed on the left side of the screen. Just click on the quest and the game will lead the way for you. Quest objectives are simple for the most time and the rewards are satisfying. Rage of the Righteous does a good job of holding the hand of the player during their journey.

The Awards

As we mentioned above, the awards are constantly satisfying, which makes you want to go for more. After one quests end, you find yourself starting a new one, to enjoy more and more awesome rewards.

Rage of the Righteous: The Basics

To claim your quest awards, all you need to do is go back to the quest giver. Click on the person who gave you the quest and the rewards screen will pop up. For the early stages of the game, you will be rewarded with gold, experience points, and new equipment constantly. Just tap on the screen and enjoy your awesome rewards. Rage of the Righteous is pretty generous with the rewards; so don’t be surprised when you reach higher levels in no time.

Leveling Up

When you collect enough experience points from many rewarding quests, your experience bar will fill up and make you level up.

Rage of the Righteous: The Basics

Leveling up increases your current and overall max AP, which is for being able to use more skills to annihilate your enemies. The more AP you have, the more skills you can use for total devastation. Because Rage of the Righteous keeps pumping up the player with tons of quests, you will reach very high levels in a very short time.

The Dungeons

We talked about constant quests and the generosity of the overall rewards. We also mentioned how you level up easily. But how does the quest system work? Where do we kill these monsters to finish these rewarding quests? We go to the dungeons of course!

Rage of the Righteous: The Basics

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Rage of the Righteous has classic fan-favorite dungeons for you to explore and slay demons. Some are pretty easy to go through, while some others require more finesse. Cleanse these dungeons and claim your rewards.

The Bosses

Rage of the Righteous offers very-well designed boss fights that flavor the overall combat. We’ve encountered several bosses that look epic in the early stages of the game. The bosses usually show up at the end of the dungeon sections as the final trial for your reward.

Rage of the Righteous: The Basics

Early bosses don’t hit too hard; you will receive very little damage – so don’t be afraid to go all in with what you got. Ending your dungeon quests with a good boss fight feels amazing. Get in the dungeon, clear out the minions, and finish up by slaying the big guy.

Use Your Rage

The game is called Rage of the Righteous for a reason. During combat, your ‘rage meter’ will fill up. When the rage gauge fills up, click on the rage button and you will do some colossal damage which can decide the outcome of the battle.

Rage of the Righteous: The Basics

There are no downsides to using your rage. But it refills pretty slowly so you will probably have the chance of using it once per early dungeons. This means the timing is the key. During our gameplay, we preferred using it for the boss battles mostly. However, sometimes many minions will surround you; using the rage mechanics to clear out everything also can be a viable option.

The Trusty Mount

There is nothing better than a trusty mount in an MMO game. It usually becomes your best buddy that carries you to all those epic fights and quests. Rage of the Righteous offers many different types of mounts for the player. In the early game, you start with the most common one: the horse.

Rage of the Righteous: The Basics

Rage of the Righteous has a big world for you to chart. Wandering around on foot might feel cumbersome. However, with the early mounts, you will reach wherever you want in no time.

The Heroes

We have our trusty mounts to get us to the battlefield. But, how about a trusty companion to help us clear those dangerous dungeons? In Rage of the Righteous, you have plenty of heroes to help you out.

Rage of the Righteous: The Basics

In the early stages of the journey, the game will provide you with a hero to help you with your walkthrough. First summon will be free. However, more summons requires resources.

Rage of the Righteous: The Basics

From the heroes menu, click summon and your hero will be ready to help you. Some dungeons are arduous, which makes the summoning of heroes almost mandatory. However, for the most part, especially in the early stages of the game, you won’t need a companion to cleanse the dungeons.

Rage of the Righteous has a colossal map with almost infinite dungeons to keep you coming and leveling up to reach immense strength. With mounts and heroes, you will never feel alone (not even including the online side of things). The game also offers diverse combat which is best utilized by BlueStacks. If this article got you all excited about the game, you should start your adventure on BlueStacks right away!

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