Rage of the Righteous Characters Guide

Rage of the Righteous Characters Guide

You will have four amazingly distinct characters in your hands to wander through Rage of the Righteous ’ immersive and beautiful world. Every character is good at something and they all have very unique gameplay styles. Some characters are easier to use while some are much harder to handle. We tried all the four characters and found out that there are no winners amongst them. With this article, you will find out much about these great characters and you will be able to decide which one you are going to choose for your long journey.

The Monkey

The Monkey is an all-rounder brawler character that is great for all kinds of playstyles.

The developers consider the Monkey as the easiest character to play. It can use any weapon and does stylish tricks with his staff. He also resembles Wukong from League of Legends a lot. If you are new to the MMO genre and looking to get started, the Monkey is a great character. He is great at close range and with his staff, he can even deal damage to enemies at range.

Monkey has three different skills:

  1. Boomerang: This is a great skill to use when enemies surround you. If you feel overwhelmed by hordes of minions, just use this skill to clean everything up. When you use this skill, Monkey will spin around for some time and deal massive damage.
  2. Dragon Spin: Another great spin skill that belongs to Monkey. What’s different from the Boomerang move? Well, this also knocks enemies back when he is done spinning. Use this for cleaning up your surroundings and creating space between you and the tough enemies.
  3. Triple Sweep: Monkey’s last and probably the strongest skill is called ‘Triple Sweep’. When you use this skill, Monkey will sweep three times and deal massive damage. This skill has the longest cooldown due to the overall damage it deals.

Overall, Monkey is great for starters. It has short and long range abilities that can help create distance between enemies and Monkey.

The Draconian

Draconian is another melee character that requires a bit more finesse compared to Monkey. She can deal tons of damage but she is also susceptible to more damage due to her fragile nature.

She wields very stylish twin blades and deals damage in quick succession. Compared to Monkey, you are going to need to be more careful with your dodges, because when hit, she will receive more damage.

As you can see from the image, Draconian is a very stylish character that needs precise handling. She also has three different skills for you to use:

  1. Swirling Slash: This is the Draconian’s basic ability. When you use this, she will do regular slashes that deal a good amount of damage.
  2. Cloud Step: This ability can be used for a variety of instances. When it’s used, Draconian will do a dash forward and slash her enemies up. In spite of offense, it can also be utilized as a defensive tool to create distance from tough enemies.
  3. Light Dance: This is the most powerful skills of Draconian. She instantaneously teleports to the location of her enemies and deals massive damage by kicking them numerous times in quick succession.

To review, Draconian is a very stylish character that requires finesse. She feels like some sort of an assassin with her twin blades. You can deal tons of damage in a blink of time but you also need to be precise with your dodges to negate your enemies’ damage output.

The Fox

Fox is another stylish woman who is extremely fragile. She is probably the hardest character to play with. She utilizes a bow to devastate her enemies, which means she always needs to be far away.

You can’t just go in with Fox like the rest of the characters. You need space to utilize your bow and deal tons of damage.

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Fox is a long-range character that is suitable for the players who like to stay away when their enemies till their last breath. Fox has three unique abilities:

  1. Wind Arrow: This great ability deals areal damage to enemies. It creates a cyclone to deal damage. It is the most basic ability of Fox.
  2. Freeze Arrow: This is another elemental ability of Fox. In addition to dealing damage, it also freezes enemies and creates enough time for you to reposition.
  3. Charged Shot: By holding the bowstring for some time, Fox charges her shot to deal massive damage. The longer you hold the button, the more damage you will deal when the arrow is shot. It’s great for dealing massive damage against bosses.

Fox is great for long-range battles. She requires patience and good positioning. She is extremely fragile so you need to be careful when picking her. We recommend this character for the veteran players mostly.

The Bull

The Bull is your classic tank character that deals tons of damage up close; but up close only. He can tank a lot of damage due to his tough nature. He wields stylish knuckles that are great for smashing down enemies.

Being a tough and strong character does not make Bull easy to play. He is the slowest character to play and his dodges are very clunky. You need to be always close to your enemies to deal damage.

Bull uses his knuckles to pull out some nasty moves. His skills are:

  1. Spin Kick: This skill is great for areal damage. He spins around and kicks his enemies to deal a good amount of damage.
  2. Fist Storm: This is a very aggressive move. When used, Bull will rapidly punch his enemies while moving.
  3. Energy Ball: This is another skill for dealing AOE damage. Bull will absorb energy from the environment and do massive damage.

Bull is the tank of Rage of the Righteous. He is slow and clunky but he is a monster up close. He can also be considered as a hard character to play, suitable for veteran players.

To summarize, all four characters of Rage of the Righteous are great, distinct, and a lot of fun to play. They all have amazing abilities and game styles that require good handling. To achieve maximum performance on the battlefield, the best way to play Rage of the Righteous is BlueStacks. By modifying your controls the best way possible on BlueStacks, you will be able to use these characters to their maximum potential.

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