One of the underdogs in the Ragnarok series of games, titled as “Ragnarok Origin” has recently been released globally and met with huge appreciation. Giving away multiple freebies during this time, players can expect tons of content and gameplay systems that were familiarized by the original fantasy MMORPG back in time. 

Ragnarok Origin – Tips and Tricks for Efficient Progression

Table of Contents

  1. Make sure to take advantage of AFK Farming
  2. Tired of a specific build? You can set up multiple builds using Presets!
  3. Slay MVPs and Mini MVPs for Rare Items

In this article, we will be listing some of our personally observed and community driven tips and tricks used for achieving tons of progression at the beginning of your journey itself. If you’re an avid fan of the MMORPG genre, you might be familiar with the basic tips such as levelling up your main character first, focusing on the quests, and upgrading your characters at every step of your journey. Do not worry as this guide is not going to be your generic run-of-the-mill, follow this and do that type. Instead, we have accumulated some actually helpful tips from inside the community released by veterans to help new players.

The MMORPG genre is quite tedious, as tends to be the nature of the beast. Ragnarok Origin is not an exception to this clause as things tend to be quite complicated at the higher level of content. We will try to fit in the best parts, explained in a layman’s way, without your time. 

Make sure to take advantage of AFK Farming

Many might not know that Ragnarok Origin actually has an AFK Farming feature implemented in the game. It works exactly as you might think – grinds resources for you even when you are not actively playing the game. However, it is not that easy to understand the system. Firstly, you must take into account that you can only get Experience and Item Drops for 150 minutes throughout the day while being AFK. 

Ragnarok Origin – Tips and Tricks for Efficient Progression

Post your daily quota, you will enter a “Fatigued” mode. During the Fatigued status, you will not be able to accumulate EXP and item drops but still, be able to get some resources via a new mode titled “Monster Annihilation”. During this mode, all chances of receiving item drops are 6 times more than usual. A new currency known as “Blessing Time” is required to activate Monster Annihilation mode. Every time you attain 100 Daily activity points, 30 minutes worth of Blessing Time is given to you as a reward.

Another interesting mechanic is the usage of Lucky Candy which can essentially double the chances of item drops while participating in Monster Annihilation mode. According to community estimates, players get around 210 minutes of Blessing Time. Make sure to use them wisely during special events to maximize the rewards obtained from Monster Annihilation. One more helpful tip, even when you can’t get EXP or Item Drops after 150 minutes of AFK Farming, you can still get Magic Dolls or Elemental Specimens.

Tired of a specific build? You can set up multiple builds using Presets!

Yes, you read it correctly. You can change your entire build including the likes of spells, abilities, stat allocations, and equipment to be equipped. In fact, you do this multiple times at a tiny cost of 20,000 Zeny the first and the second time. The third preset costs a little bit on the expensive side as of the recent update. However, the catch is that this feature is available only for your main character.

Ragnarok Origin – Tips and Tricks for Efficient Progression

One more thing, you must reach Level 45 to be able to unlock your first preset. In a game like Ragnarok Origin where the stats and skills matter greatly when it comes to combat, investing in presets can be a boon. Many of the veterans recommend doing so within the community. Such tactics also keep the game fresh for players who want to experiment with new builds without losing the original build that helped them progress thus far. 

The best part about these presets is that you can change them anytime you want by re-setting them. The first 3 times, the reset can be done free of cost. After the third time, you will have to pay a small sum in the form of menial resources.

Slay MVPs and Mini MVPs for Rare Items

Collecting a slew of rare items can be a chore but prove to be quite beneficial in the long run as you outmatch your opponents in terms of raw stats. A lesser-known way for newbies to get better items is simply by searching for MVPs and Mini MVPs (or Minis) and hunting them down. MVPs are generally your bigger, stronger, and more difficult bosses that require a strategic party to be made around them in order to defeat them. The party must consist of major roles such as DPS, Healer, and a Tank at the very minimum. 

Ragnarok Origin – Tips and Tricks for Efficient Progression

Mini MVPs on the other hand are comparatively easier to tackle. Many mid-game players have hunted them even solo without the assistance of other players. For an early game account, they can be quite challenging when faced alone and require the assistance of a stronger player. A good tactic to summon them instantly is by using an item called Bloody Branch. 

Hunting these menacing bosses in a group will result in the rewards being divided into several categories. These can be among the likes of which player initiated the fight, which player dealt the most damage, and which player dealt the last blow to the boss. To avoid unfair distribution, it’s often advised to consider forming a party of friends beforehand and discuss the reward distribution strategies. Sadly, the game knows the value of these bosses and has put a limit on how many you can kill per day – 5 MVPs and 5 Mini MVPs. 

To play Ragnarok Origin on a bigger screen of your PC, it is highly recommended to use BlueStacks along with your keyboard and mouse.