So you just started a new game in RAID: Shadow Legends and aren’t sure what to do. Well, while the game definitely has a nice tutorial that introduces you to its main mechanics, it doesn’t quite mention what tasks you should be focusing on. Moreover, as you progress through the main story and level up, you will progressively unlock new features, which will only add to the confusion.

RAID: Shadow Legends Beginner Tips and Progression Guide

If you’re just like us when we started out, and simply want to learn what missions you should be completing in order to progress efficiently in RAID, then you’re definitely going to want to read this progression guide. In the following paragraphs, we’ll be sharing some useful basic tips as well as shedding a light on what your standard progression should look like when playing through the game for the first time.

Choosing your Starter Champion

As soon as you begin the game, you’ll be introduced to your starter champions. This is the only time that you’ll be asked to hand-pick heroes from a list, so it’s understandable if you feel pressured to make the right choice. However, you really can’t go wrong with your decision since all four champions can ascend and become one of your main farmers. Nevertheless, depending on your choice, you might have an easier time transitioning to the mid-game grind thanks to the unique skillsets of some of these champions.

RAID: Shadow Legends Beginner Tips and Progression Guide

If you’re looking for longevity, go with either Kael or Athel as both have great potential for becoming a farming champion that you’ll want to upgrade to 6*. Regardless of your choice, however, you can easily replace your starter hero as your farming champion if you manage to summon a better farming character from regular summonings.

The Campaign Missions

First and foremost, the element you’re introduced to as soon as you start the game also happens to be one of the most important grinding tools in RAID. Whether you’re looking to unlock new features, grind for experience, or farm for new gear, the main campaign missions are definitely the way to go.

RAID: Shadow Legends Beginner Tips and Progression Guide

In short, your main objective here is to progress as far into the story missions as you can. If you’re just starting out, you’ll quickly run into a wall with enemies far too strong for you to defeat in your current state. When this inevitably happens, just head back to the toughest stage that you can complete with auto-battle and grind it to level up your team.

Early on in the campaign, you’ll receive Warpriest, a 3* Rare character that is a good support for this part of the game. If you focus on grinding your starter and Warpriest, you should be strong enough to continue in the story. Keep in mind that, once a character reaches max level, you need to feed them several champions of the same star level to promote them to the next star level. For instance, when you get a 3* champion to level 30, you will need to feed him three 3* champions to promote the character to 4*, increasing their level cap and potential.

RAID: Shadow Legends Beginner Tips and Progression Guide

Eventually, you’ll be able to complete all 12 campaign chapters in normal difficulty, after which you’ll want to do it again in hard, and eventually in brutal difficulty. The higher difficulties are not only more challenging, but they also give better rewards, improving your farming and grinding capabilities.

Things to do While/After Completing the Main Campaign

While your main focus should always be to progress through the story (mostly because some of the best stages for grinding Experience and Silver are here), you may also want to engage in other activities to break up the monotony.

Clan Boss, Arena, and Dungeons are other game modes that you can engage in RAID: Shadow Legends which, upon completion, yield specific rewards. While they’re not as good for general XP and Silver farming, they’re your go-to choices when you’re looking for specific items such as ascension potions, mastery scrolls, and all sorts of different pv, among others.

RAID: Shadow Legends Beginner Tips and Progression Guide

Keep in mind, however, that every challenge is different and therefore requires a unique approach:

  • Clan Boss: The goal here is to deal as much damage to the boss as you can. If you’re just starting out, however, you should try to survive as much as you can—at least until after the first damage buff kicks in—in order to maximize your damage. If you picked Kael or Athel as your starter champion, then you’ll have better luck here thanks to their unique skill sets.
  • Dungeons: A set of different combat stages all focusing on specific challenges. Though the best team composition varies according to the dungeon you want to grind, there are some general stats and properties that you’ll want to include in your team in order to get the best results. Some of these properties include lots of AoE Damage, Debuff Removal and Buff Removal skills, as well as abilities that can block enemy healing and skills that can hit multiple times, among others.
  • Arena: The PvP mode in RAID: Shadow Legends. In the beginning, your best bet would be to focus on champions that can buff your team’s attack while debuffing the enemy’s defense. In terms of attack, you should have lots of AoE, as well as strong single-target burst to clean up the field of any survivors.

Which Character Should I Upgrade to 6*?

While you’re grinding through the story missions and other challenges, you’ll inevitably start to upgrade your characters to newer heights. Once you reach 5* with your main team, you will need to decide what character to upgrade to 6*. This is an important decision mostly because of the significant resource investment necessary to upgrade a character to this level.

RAID: Shadow Legends Beginner Tips and Progression Guide

The short answer is simple: If you don’t have a 6* character yet, your first choice should be to upgrade your best farming champion to this level. The best-case scenario here would be to upgrade a character that is not only good for farming, but that is also excellent for other game modes—kill several birds with one stone, so to speak.

If you chose either Kael or Athel as your starters, and you don’t have any better farming champions, then you can consider upgrading these to 6* as they’re great choices for farming and grinding story missions. Afterward, your next 6* champions should be upgraded as the situation demands. For instance, if you’re lacking in support, then your next 6* should be a good support champion. However, always try to upgrade characters that are good for more than one purpose as these will give the best return on your investment.

The key to progressing in RSL is to complete the main campaign ASAP. However, it’s also great to branch out and complete other challenges to farm for different materials and gear. With the progression tips in this guide, you’re ready to face any challenges that may come up when you’re first starting off. Feel free to leave us a comment if you have any questions or concerns!