RAID: Shadow Legends 1.8 Update Is Live, And Here Are The Details

RAID: Shadow Legends 1.8 Update Is Live,...

As a successful gacha/RPG hybrid, RAID already contains a lot of features. If you don’t believe us, take a look at our RAID: Shadow Legends articles and see for yourself: We prepared a lot of guides about this game. And it still continues to gain new mechanics, in order to offer you a complete experience. The recently released 1.8 update is a perfect example of this: Some of the long-awaited features come with this new patch. And by new, we mean it literally: The 1.8 update released only 24 hours ago and we are ready to show you what it brings. Let’s polish our weapons and get ready to fight: This will be a long night.

The Multi-Battle Feature

To be honest, this new feature does not mean anything to BlueStacks users. It is an important one, sure, but we are already offering a much more advanced version of this feature. The Multi-Battle is a new way of automatizing campaign missions. You already know that each and every story mission in RAID can be repeated, but you need to do this “manually”. Well, with the Multi-Battle feature, you can automatize it and repeat every mission up to 15 times. Of course, you need to have enough energy too.

The feature can be customized and for example, can be set to continue even if all of your heroes hit the maximum level. You can even sell artifacts and accessories automatically. This is a good addition but BlueStacks users can already use the better version of it, thanks to our Combo Key feature. So we appreciate the effort dear RAID development team, but we already have a much more advanced version of it.

New Dungeon Levels

The bad news is that this update does not include any new dungeons. The good news is, it adds legendary (rank 6) artifacts and additional stages to current dungeons. In other words, you get to fight with new bosses and collect shinier loot.

The following dungeons gained 5 more stages and you can start grinding them immediately if you have completed the previous ones:

  • Ice Golem’s Peak
  • Dragon’s Lair
  • Fire Knight’s Castle
  • Spider’s Den

New “Chickens”

Now that’s really new. Remember the good old days where you get to sacrifice low-level heroes in order to increase the rank of your favorite one? Well, there is no need for that kind of mass murdering anymore: You can use chickens for this job. Yes, literal chickens, and slow cooked ones. They can be purchased in the tavern and be used to upgrade the rank of a champion. You can also win chickens by completing various events.

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New Daily Login Rewards & New Champions

And here is the most important thing that comes with this new update: You get to play with lots of new champions, and three of them can be won via daily login rewards. This promotion will last for 90 days and you can claim a new champion every 30 days. That’s right: No “purchase” needed, just log in to RAID for 90 days and straight and add three 4-star champions to your collection.

These champions are:

These are only the champions that can be claimed for free. There are 14 more heroes in this new update, which can be claimed by the usual methods. You can see all of them in the following table:

Cruetraxa Legendary Attack
Inithwe Bloodtwin Legendary Attack
Jareg Epic HP
Teshada Epic Defense
Missionary Epic HP
Interceptor Rare Defense
Centurion Rare Defense
Steel Bowyer Rare Attack
TreeFeller Rare Attack
Witness Rare Support
Tracker Uncommon Attack
Zephyr Sniper Uncommon Defense
Pit Cur Uncommon HP
Thrall Common Attack

Cruetraxa is probably the best new champion you should focus on: Her attacks ignore 50% of the enemy defense and she can resurrect herself, which is a handy skill to have.

If you are planning on returning RAID Shadow Legends with this update, now you know what to expect. And before doing that, don’t forget to take a look at our RAID guides – they contain lots of tips and tricks that will help you during your adventures. And we are re-installing RAID too, just like you: Let’s play together!

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