Farming is essentially the core of RAID: Shadow Legends. No matter the stage of the game, you will likely spend considerable time grinding for XP, silver, shards, potions, gear, and more. So long as you want to improve your teams of champions, you will always need some type of resource, which is why it’s important to know exactly where and how to get it.

Farming for XP
Farming for Potions
Farming for Gear

RAID: Shadow Legends – Need to Farm? Be Smart about It

The first rule of farming in RAID is that it should be done using the “Auto” feature of the game. Otherwise, it will simply take too much time to get anything done. If you want to farm dungeons or campaign stages that are too difficult for your best team to handle on their own, consider recording your manual run with the BlueStacks Combo Key. Then, you can re-run even the hardest bosses effortlessly.

Campaign Stages: Farming for XP and Silver

For the better part of the early game, you will likely spend most of your time completing and redoing different stages of the campaign. There are 12 chapters in total, each with 7 stages. All stages give decent XP, silver, and a pre-determined piece of gear (weapon, helmet, shield, gloves, chest, boots, and a random drop – in that order).

RAID: Shadow Legends – Need to Farm? Be Smart about It

You should use campaign stages to level your best champions, as well as the champions you intend to sacrifice in order to upgrade the former. For maximum efficiency, find the furthest stage on the highest difficulty that your party can complete on their own and have them rerun this specific instance for as long as needed.

If you are trying to upgrade “food” for your best champions, have 3 food champions run the stage together with a farming hero. The latter is a hero that is good enough to clear the entire instance on his own, since his lesser companions will likely die in the process. The XP gain will be split four ways, so you’ll only waste 25% of the total while quickly leveling up your food champions.

RAID: Shadow Legends – Need to Farm? Be Smart about It

Meanwhile, if silver is your priority, use your best party to clear the highest possible chapter. Most people prefer to farm silver on stage 6, because this seemingly gives the most currency per clear. However, stage 3 is slightly easier (and faster) and while it does drop a bit less silver than stage 6, it also drops a shield that you can sell for similar results.

Dungeons: Farming for Potions

In RAID, potions are used to ascend champions in order to increase their base stats. Each champion requires arcane potions and magic, spirit, force, or void potions, depending on their specific type. The best way to farm these resources is by completing the dungeons Arcane Keep, Spirit Keep, Magic Keep, Force Keep, and Void Keep.

RAID: Shadow Legends – Need to Farm? Be Smart about It

Of all the latter, only the Arcane Keep is available throughout the entire week. The Spirit, Magic, and Force Keeps rotate on a daily basis (after your first week in the game), while the Void Keep is only available on Sunday. There are several stages to each dungeon and the higher the stage, the more likely it is that a superior quality potion will drop. Be wary, though, because higher stages also cost more energy, so you shouldn’t waste resources on them if you don’t need superior potions.

Unlike in the case of campaign stages, dungeons pit your teams up against powerful bosses, so your party configuration should be slightly different for this purpose. Most notably, you’ll want to use plenty of champions who apply debuffs and/or DoTs because this will significantly improve your overall single-target DPS.

RAID: Shadow Legends – Need to Farm? Be Smart about It

Dungeons: Farming for Gear

Gear dungeons include Dragon’s Lair, Ice Golem’s Peak, Knight’s Castle, and Spider’s Den. Each respective bosses drop pre-determined sets of gear, which you can check by clicking on the different dungeons on the map. However, unlike in campaign stages, bosses do not drop specific pieces, so you might have to farm them for some time before you obtain all the best-in-slot items for your champions.

RAID: Shadow Legends – Need to Farm? Be Smart about It

There are 15 stages to each gear dungeon and the star quality of the items increases incrementally as you clear higher levels. However, the bosses here are also significantly more difficult to beat, so you’ll likely have to come up with specific strategies and teams for each opponent.

Dungeons: Farming for Mastery Scrolls

Each champion features their own mastery skills distributed across three trees – offense, defense, and support. To fully develop a hero’s mastery, you need 100 basic scrolls, 600 advanced scrolls, and 950 divine scrolls, all of which can only be obtained once the previous level is complete.

You obtain scrolls for a particular champion by having them in a team that runs the Minotaur’s Labyrinth Dungeon. Since only a few scrolls are dropped per clear, the grind can take longer than any other goal in the game, so it’s best you only start doing it once your team is able to complete stage 13 of the dungeon (at least) on Auto.

RAID: Shadow Legends – Need to Farm? Be Smart about It

The Minotaur himself is a fairly straightforward, though difficult boss. A few tips that can help you build a team capable of defeating him include:

  • Brining a decent amount of sustain by using at least one hero that can heal.
  • Choosing heroes with abilities that apply debuffs to their targets so that you can increase your overall DPS and finish the fight before the Minotaur finishes you.
  • Delaying the boss with speed debuffs so that you minimize the damage your party takes throughout the encounter.

RAID: Shadow Legends – Need to Farm? Be Smart about It

Where Do You Go from Here?

With so many things to farm in RAID, it can be difficult to decide what you should focus on at particular moments in your progression. Until you reach the mid-game, however, your first priority should be to build a strong, properly geared team.

You can do this by following a simple step-by-step formula. First, focus on the campaign stages to farm XP for your best champions. Bring them to max level, rank them up, then repeat. At this point in the game, increasing the rank of your heroes is the most effective way to grow the power of your team, so this should be your primary focus.

Then, you can run specific campaign stages in order to find any missing piece of gear. You can work towards ascensions, but no further than level 3 (for now) and you should obtain your basic mastery scrolls. Finally, make sure to upgrade your BiS gear to level 10 or so.

By now, you should be ready to clear most chapters of the campaign on hard and even brutal. You can then use this powerful team to participate in Clan Boss dungeons and obtain the resources you need to start alternative groups for specific tasks.