The game’s player base surged just recently after the Roblox mini game developers successfully recreated some of the games that are featured in the hit Netflix South Korean television series Squid Game

These devs are impressively fast as some other games with active modding communities like Minecraft struggled to release the same at such a short time duration.

What is Roblox?

Roblox is a game for kids and kids alike. Roblox is a sandbox game that lets players go wild with their creativity by creating content like skins and mini-games that can be shared all around the world. The game was released over 15 years ago and is still popular to this day, only a handful of games especially online games can live through that long. 

How to Get Robux, Roblox’s Main Form of Virtual Currency

Roblox is the 2nd most viewed game in youtube in 2020 just a spot behind the other sandbox game that also requires a lot of creativity, Minecraft. 

What is Robux?

Robux is Roblox’s virtual currency that you can use to purchase pretty much anything that can be purchased in the game like clothes, avatars, mini-games and more.

How to Get Robux, Roblox’s Main Form of Virtual Currency

How to Get Robux

The only easiest way to get Robux is to of course swipe.

  • You can buy Robux directly from the store using your hard earned cold cash money.
  • You can also subscribe to Premium Roblox where you can earn 450 Robux for a month of subscription through the membership stipend.
  • You can also subscribe to a more expensive Premium Roblox that can give you from a thousand Robux up to 2 thousand Robux.
  • If you already have a membership, you can then create Roblox items such as avatar shirts and avatar pants.

How to Get Robux, Roblox’s Main Form of Virtual Currency

How to Get Robux for free?

Now this is probably the reason why you are here, to learn about how to earn Robux for free without spending a dime. The legitimate and official way to earn Robux for free without any exploits is not going to be easy but it’s definitely worth a try. 

How to Get Robux, Roblox’s Main Form of Virtual Currency

Premium Payouts

These methods are mostly catered to the players who are creative enough to create their own mini-game within the game.

  • Paid Access – is a method of monetization within the game that allows you to charge players a one-time Robux fee in order for them to access an experience that you can give them. Obviously, this method is not the best as fewer players will be able to access them because of the paywall. However, you can use this opportunity to create a closed beta test for the game that you are making so that only the most engaged players that are really interested are going to join and will definitely give you fruitful feedback.
  • Game Passes – this method will let you create a special item or something that can only be bought once per player using the in-game currency Robux. A good example of this is that you can create a restricted area within your game and only the people who bought the certain item can access the area.
  • Developer Products – this method will let you create your own in-game currency within your own minigame by letting players buy items that can be bought more than once like ammunitions and similar items.
  • Premium Payouts – this method is the easiest of them all but it still will depend on the mini-game that you have created. All you have to do is to be creative and create a mini-game that is engaging and fun to play that many players will come back and play your game, especially the premium players. The more time the premium players spend in your game the more payout you are going to receive. 

How to Get Robux, Roblox’s Main Form of Virtual Currency

Join Content Creator Robux Giveaways

If you are not up for the task and not creative enough to be a game developer, this method might be for you. It’s easy but it requires a lot of luck, just make sure the giveaways that you are going to join are legitimate and organized by known and established players in the Roblox community.

These are some examples of giveaways that creators do from time to time so make sure you can catch one:

Roblox is a really interesting game and is actually fun to play if you are not one of those gamers that preferred graphics more than the actual gameplay. In this current age of gaming, many people at all ages are looking for games that are actually fun to play. Even though Minecraft is currently more popular than Roblox, Roblox is actually easier to access and more budget gadget friendly. 

How to Get Robux, Roblox’s Main Form of Virtual Currency

Have you seen that Pewdiepie video where he played a Roblox version of one of the games that were featured in the hit Netflix South Korean television series Squid Game? He cheesed one of the games that requires a lot of clicking on the screen by having a macro that does the clicking for him. You can download and play Roblox in BlueStacks and it will allow you to create macros within the game itself and will help you win the game all by yourself.

How to Get Robux, Roblox’s Main Form of Virtual Currency

You can play Roblox online or you can play it on your computers using Windows or macOS software. Of course, if you want to level up your playing experience, you can always use the emulator BlueStacks. Simply install BlueStacks on your computer, search for Roblox on the Google Play Store, and you’re done! BlueStacks has a crazy ton of features to choose from, including its Multi-Instance Sync feature which allows you to record and repeat. Go ahead and replicate what you are doing on the main instance and apply it to the rest of the instances so you can level up faster (or in this case, produce more games). If you are still new to the game, you might want to visit our Roblox Beginners Guide.