Progressing in Shadow Fight 3 is all about mastering the art of combat, even though there are a few things you can do to step up your game outside of fighting proper. No matter how diligent you are with your daily missions or how carefully your polish your gear, you’ll eventually have to face off against an opponent and beat them in order to move on to the next mission.

Shadow Fight 3 on PC: How to Master Combat

SF3 doesn’t have an auto-combat option, nor are the battles particularly easy. It’s basically just you and the increasingly ruthless AI, which seems to learn and anticipate your every move. The whole thing can be a humbling experience, but even if you’ve been having a hard time so far, there’s no need to worry. In what follows, we’ll give you a crash course in everything you need to know about combat in order to win against every boss. Brace yourself!

Defend First, Attack Later

This is probably the most important aspect of combat in Shadow Fight 3. If you’re mashing your buttons trying to throw a punch before your opponent, you won’t make it long in the ring. On the contrary, you have to take your time and wait for your enemy to make a mistake before you charge in with your weapon. Even then, you have to continuously consider your options. Once you’ve lunged with an attack, what is your exit plan?

Shadow Fight 3 on PC: How to Master Combat

This is why it’s a good idea to defend first and attack afterwards in SF3. Think about it as a dance. Most of the time, you have to estimate the amount of space that you and your opponent need to land a hit before getting dodged and interrupted. You then have to block or dodge their attack and use the space you get to land your own hit. Essentially, it’s that simple.

Combos and Special Moves

The AI in Shadow Fight 3 is truly impressive. The longer you spend in a battle, the more it studies your common moves and attack patterns in order to counter them. Not even real players are this responsive in PvP duels. The only real way to beat bosses, for example, is to learn multiple different moves and alternate between them based on split-second decisions.

Shadow Fight 3 on PC: How to Master Combat

There are a bunch of combos you can use for this purpose. For instance, you can equip your weapon with a specific special skill that you then activate using > + Fist + Fist. For most weapons, this activates some kind of lunging attack that deals massive amounts of damage when it connects properly. Another two very useful moves are

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Shadow Fight 3 on PC: How to Master Combat

If your opponent sticks to you like glue, remember that you can press either Fist + > or Fist +

Shadow Energy: How Does It Work?

Your secret super power in Shadow Fight 3 is your ability to use the nefarious Shadow Energy, even though you start as a member of the Legion intent on destroying the latter. But what exactly is Shadow Energy and how does it work in your favor?

Shadow Fight 3 on PC: How to Master Combat

During every battle, you’ll notice a blue gauge just under your health bar. This fills up little by little every time you deal or take damage until eventually you are able to enter your shadow form. In this form, you gain a few additional abilities, while your normal skills do increased damage. The abilities you gain, if any, are determined by your gear.

Shadow Fight 3 on PC: How to Master Combat

If your gear is properly set up, you should have access to at least 3 new abilities each time you enter shadow form. Your helmet ability can be activated by pressing the Shadow Energy button + ˄, while the weapon ability is triggered with Shadow Energy + > and the armor defensive ability is triggered with Shadow Energy + <. having activated your shadow form you can use each of these skills once. the trick is not to be too close opponent when do because special energy animations interrupted.>

The Importance of Gear

Whenever the game tells you a fight is “Insane” in terms of difficulty, do yourself a favor and don’t even try it. Yes, you have to complete the mission in order to progress through the story, but it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to beat a boss at this kind of disadvantage. Instead of wasting hours and hours on fruitless attempts, you’re better off finding new ways to improve your gear.

Gear is the most important factor in determining your character’s strength in Shadow Fight 3 and you should treat it as such. Whenever you’re having a hard time in a battle, don’t beat yourself up for it because it most likely isn’t your fault. You just have to improve your gear before you carry on.

Shadow Fight 3 on PC: How to Master Combat

What’s more, each piece of gear is more or less unique in SF3. We discuss weapons at length in this guide, but they are not the only items that can significantly alter your fighting style. Headpieces, for example, determine your special Shadow Energy skill, so you always want to equip one with a skill, rather than one without, even if the latter appears to be more powerful overall.

Shadow Fight 3 on PC: How to Master Combat

If you’ve improved your gear and equipped the most suitable type of weapon for a specific fight, things should get much easier for you. If, however, you’re still having a hard time, you should try to play Shadow Fight 3 on your PC with BlueStacks. We don’t mean to brag, but having the improved control of a mouse and keyboard is almost as good as equipping a new legendary item!

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