In Shadow Fight 3, combat (link to “Shadow Fight 3 on PC: How to Master Combat”) is a versatile mix of classic fighter games and RPG elements. There’s your usual attacks and combos, but there are also a series of abilities that change based on the equipment that your character wears. This is where it gets interesting.

Shadow Fight 3: How to Choose Your Legion Weapon

The fact that you can choose between seven different types of Legion weapons – each with a unique style, animations, and special abilities – is what adds flavor to the game and keeps it fresh. Even if you love your one-handed sword, for example, the game won’t let you get complacent. At one point or another, you’ll encounter a fight where the spear or the dual swords are better suited and, if the boss is difficult enough, you’ll be forced to change and adapt.

In what follows, we’ve put together a guide to every type of weapon in SF3, as well as when to best use each. Let’s take a closer look!

One-Handed Sword

The one-handed sword is the first weapon you get in Shadow Fight 3, which is why many players prefer to stick to it for a long time. Fortunately, it has a good balance of strength and speed, although being a Legion weapon, some of its attacks can feel slow.

Shadow Fight 3: How to Choose Your Legion Weapon

The most important one-handed sword attacks include:

  • Basic slashes – a set of two strikes that are fairly swift and aimed at the enemy’s head. You can invincibility during the second slash, which is a nice added bonus.
  • Avalanche – a fantastic special ability with a long period of invincibility and two strikes that are aimed at the enemy’s head. The damage is more than decent and the withdraw is quick, although it’s probably not a good idea to use it on a downed opponent.


The spear has a longer range than the one-handed sword, which can work wonders in certain situations and especially in PvP. You get a free spear early in the game if you complete your first few missions, so you can start practicing with it straight away.

Shadow Fight 3: How to Choose Your Legion Weapon

The most notable spear abilities include:

  • Spinning slash – might seem useless, but is actually great in duels. With this ability, your character takes a step back and performs a reverse slash. This can help you dodge the enemy’s attack and, thanks to the long range of the spear, land your retaliation.
  • Snakebite – a rare special ability for the spear. Features two strikes that aim at the opponent’s head and a long invincibility period. Unlike most other abilities specific to this weapon, Snakebite will hit the enemy even when they are on the ground.

Dual Swords

A fast set of legion weapons, the dual swords can be very fun to play so long as you can manage their shorter range. If you like to get up close and personal with your opponents, this is the weapon for you.

Shadow Fight 3: How to Choose Your Legion Weapon

The best dual swords abilities include:

  • Shredder – a special attack with two hits and a guaranteed head strike if your first hit lands. Best to use when your opponent is up against the wall, but still standing.
  • Harvester – a mini-whirlwind, if you will, this ability might look funny, but it’s actually very dangerous. Execution is quick and includes four strikes aimed at the opponent’s head.

Dual Axes and Hammers

Axes and Hammers are similar enough to be taken together, though bear in mind that their respective special abilities will differ. The reason why you would use them over swords is that they have incredible execution speed, so much so that they outdo all other Legion weapons.

Shadow Fight 3: How to Choose Your Legion Weapon

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Excluding special attacks, the best abilities for axes and hammers are:

  • Basic swings – a set of two attacks with fast activation and a decent invincibility period for both swings.
  • Spinning swings – decent range and a very long, unbroken period of invincibility. The only disadvantage here is that it’s more likely to get thrown if your attacks don’t land.
  • Cyclone (notable mention) – a legendary special ability for hammers, this move has quick activation and includes a whole series of high-damage swings. Particularly crazy with the Breacher perk.

Two-Handed Sword

One of the worst Legion weapons to date, the two-handed sword can be fun or excruciatingly frustrating to play – it all depends on your perspective.

Shadow Fight 3: How to Choose Your Legion Weapon

The most important two-handed sword abilities include:

  • Spinning slashes – by far the best regular attack with this weapon, Spinning Slashes has something no other two-handed sword abilities have: excellent invincibility. The head hit on the second slash is a nice bonus.
  • Guillotine – includes one guaranteed head hit and long periods of invincibility. Slow, but has an excellent range and will even hit downed enemies.

Giant Sword

There are no rare or common versions of this weapon and you can easily tell why. The giant sword is a monstrous Legion weapon with long invincibility periods and phenomenal damage. If you get it, it’s definitely worth trying.

Shadow Fight 3: How to Choose Your Legion Weapon

The most important abilities for the giant sword include:

  • Basic slashes – it’s surprising how fast these attacks are considering that the giant sword is… well, enormous. The range on this ability makes it a good way to cut your enemy’s combos short, but the amount of damage you do largely depends on whether your first hit connects.
  • Power swing – includes three devastating hits, the second and third of which are likely to break any guard. The ability is slow, but its range is huge and the third strike will usually land on the head.

Two-Handed Hammer

Although this isn’t one of the most reliable weapons in store, the two-handed hammer can be fun to use thanks to its massive DPS potential.

Shadow Fight 3: How to Choose Your Legion Weapon

The best abilities to use with the two-handed hammer include:

  • Heavy swing – like with most Legion weapons, this attack has great damage and excellent invulnerability. The range and speed are decent and you even have a chance to hit the opponent’s head.
  • Retribution – with this special ability, you get amazing knockback potential, but your drawback is slow and might leave you vulnerable. When used correctly, it connects with two massive strikes, especially if you manage to hit the opponent’s head.

These are the Legion weapons that have been introduced to the game so far. Starting with Chapter 2, you also gain access to additional Dynasty weapons, which can make combat even more spicy. While you’re at it, don’t forget to try Shadow Fight 3 on your PC using BlueStacks. No matter what weapon you prefer, it’s always a good idea to control your character with a mouse and keyboard for improved accuracy.

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