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Find the Best Characters in Shadow of Naught

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Did you enjoy playing Shadow of Naught? Here’s a review of the different characters featured in the game and how they were represented in the story. If you haven’t played the game yet, go get it now on BlueStacks before you get spoiled on major events in the story. Get a deeper look into other people’s perspectives on how these characters have developed the story and the reasons why they acted the way they did. Who is your favorite character in Shadow of Naught?

Find the Best Characters in Shadow of Naught

There are three main characters in Shadow of Naught – Andrew, Anna, and Martin. Additionally, there were two supporting characters who played a minimal progression – Celeste and Anna’s mother. Each of these characters exemplified the hardships of life and the extremities of either love or friendship. The game’s portrayal of these characters is on a different level, with none of them considered cliche, even though their themes are overused in similar topics all around the world.

The Main Characters

The main characters of the story are all interconnected in one way or another. They are bound by a complicated relationship brought about by conflicting interests between the characters. A common theme between the main characters is that they exemplify emotional problems that have created a sense of disconnect between their feelings and their true selves. Let’s talk about the main characters more in detail by discussing who they are and how they develop.

Find the Best Characters in Shadow of Naught

  1. Andrew

 Andrew is assumed to be a professional kick-boxer who loves photography as a hobby. He is also madly in love with Anna, though she didn’t reciprocate that love. He considers Martin to be his best friend. He considers this so much that even though Anna chose Martin over him, he wished the best for their relationships. The unreciprocated love caused Andrew to despair when he couldn’t accept that the girl he loved was crazy about his best friend.

Find the Best Characters in Shadow of Naught

Celeste pointed out that Andrew had already been gone for a while, assuming that the Andrew you see in the game is an image of the past brought about by Martin’s anxiety attacks. Andrew loved Anna even though she continuously pushed him away. It is also hinted that Andrew assumed things that Anna liked, which is why he fell in love with her in the first place. Even though Andrew never believed that he had a chance with Anna, Martin inspired him to push through.

  1. Anna

Anna is a successful businesswoman who loves music and plays the piano. She is obsessed with Martin, being determined to be with him even though she caught him with his wife, Celeste. Anna has a very close relationship with her mother; they’re so close, in fact, Anna told her mother about her love for Martin and even asked for advice. Sadly, Anna comes from a broken family, staying with her mother – who, for some reason, has become a drunkard who hates her husband.

Find the Best Characters in Shadow of Naught

Anna feels terrible once she discovers that Martin has a wife; She’s so madly in love with him, though, that she doesn’t care about the moral aspects surrounding the means to win him over. She has different hurdles to overcome if she wants to succeed in her fight to win over Martin’s love, particularly: Martin’s wife, Celeste, her mother’s disapproval over the love, and Martin getting over his loyalty to Andrew. It was already l that the two of them kissed after the restaurant scene, but that was during Martin’s manic state, which might have pushed him to act erratically.

  1. Martin

Martin is an established businessman and is Celeste’s husband. According to Celeste, he had been suffering anxiety for a long time, perhaps due to the death of his best friend, Andrew. He blames himself for his friend’s death and has entered a form of manic state where he believes that Andrew is still alive. At first, he wasn’t interested in Anna, going so far as to push Andrew to her. It is assumed that Andrew’s side of the story takes place in Martin’s memory.

Find the Best Characters in Shadow of Naught

The Supporting Characters

The supporting characters also played a big part in the development of Shadow of Naught. Still, they didn’t have issues as heavy as the main characters’. Nonetheless, these characters are still flawed in their own ways. In a possible sequel, these characters may play a larger role, since Andrew’s part of the story has already concluded. While their characters weren’t explored as much, we are still given enough information to understand their relationships with the other characters.

Find the Best Characters in Shadow of Naught

  1. Celeste

Celeste is Martin’s wife and has been with him for a long time. She is designed to mirror Anna’s character, except that her love for him was actually reciprocated. She seems like the calm and collected type, giving off a high-class feel. She is fully aware that her husband is having anxiety problems, and knows that he can’t accept Andrew’s death. She also seems to be somehow related to Andrew, as she is familiar with him and his relationship with Martin.

Find the Best Characters in Shadow of Naught

One event particularly relevant to Celeste was when she saw Anna wearing a familiar pendant after Martin invited both of them to go to the graveyard to find Andrew. This hints that the sequel will feature some sort of rift in the marriage between her and Martin, opening up Anna’s chance to settle somewhere in between. The game’s sequel might focus on the conflict between her and Anna, all while Martin tackles his own personal issues.

  1. Anna’s Mother

Find the Best Characters in Shadow of Naught

Anna’s mother is shown to have a problem with drinking. Despite being a drunk though, she is still very emphatic about her daughter’s feelings and welfare. We can assume that she has a deep hatred for her ex-husband because of the issues he had while they were still married. This assumption is strengthened because she was extremely disappointed with her daughter after Anna was acting the same way as her father. She will most likely act as another hurdle for Anna to prove for her love for Martin by fighting her mother’s disapproval.

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