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Shining Beyond Reroll Guide and Tier List

Posted by: BlueStacks Content Team

Shining Beyond is a brand new dungeon crawler gacha RPG developed by XII Braves, in which players can recruit a wide variety of unique and powerful heroes, and use them to explore and clear numerous dungeons and levels across the main campaign. The game also comes with an engaging story for those who like getting immersed in the events of their favorite RPGs.

Shining Beyond Reroll Guide and Tier List

However, while the combat system in this game is great and innovative in its own right, Shining Beyond is, at its core, a gacha RPG, which means that you’ll be grinding and farming in order to summon the best characters in the game. Alternatively, you could also reroll in order to obtain these powerful heroes from the very beginning, allowing you to progress much easier through its many stages.

In this guide, we’ll not only be teaching you how to reroll in Shining Beyond, but also give you a few suggestions about which characters you should try to roll for.

How to Reroll in Shining Beyond

For those who are unfamiliar with the term, rerolling refers to the act of restarting your progress in a gacha game in order to use the free summonings you get from the tutorial, until you manage to pull good characters. The process varies slightly per game since some titles have tutorials of differing lengths, and some might require you to progress even further before getting the free summonings. Nevertheless, the principle is the same across all gacha games: restart until you get the characters that you want.

Shining Beyond Reroll Guide and Tier List

In Shining Beyond, rerolling is quite simple:

  1. Create a bunch of temporary email accounts; one for every attempt.
  2. Run Shining Beyond and login with one of your email accounts.
  3. Progress in the game until you get your first 10x summoning.
  4. Summon your 10 characters and cross your fingers.
  5. If you didn’t get what you wanted, log out of the account, and login once again with another email address.
  6. Repeat steps 1-5 until you get the characters you want.

Once you finally manage to summon your desired characters, make sure to bind your account to Google Play in case you lose your temporary email. In this sense, your progress will always be safeguarded in Google’s servers.

Shining Beyond Reroll Guide and Tier List

Keep in mind that, if you play Shining Beyond on PC with BlueStacks, you can use the Instance Manager and Multi-Instance Sync tools to significantly expedite your rerolling in this game. The way this works is that the former tool lets you play on several accounts at the same time, while the latter synchronizes the actions you perform on your main instance across all other active windows, allowing you to progress on all of them without the extra effort. Check out our BlueStacks installation guide to learn how to set up Shining Beyond on your computer in just a few simple steps.

Shining Beyond Tier List

Now that you know how to reroll in this gacha game, we can talk about what characters you should be aiming to get from the beginning. Keep in mind that, while R characters can help in the beginning, the good characters start appearing in SR rank. With a few heroes of this rank, you can easily power through most of the game, assuming you can keep them upgraded and geared, that is. And while SSR characters are some of the most powerful, they are exceedingly hard to obtain from regular summonings.

For these reasons, our Shining Beyond tier list will be centered around SR characters. The following heroes are our personal picks for SS-tier in their respective categories.

Faye (Warrior)

Warriors are all about standing in the frontlines, capturing the enemy’s attention, and protecting your DPS and support characters. In this regard, Faye has definitely got you covered, especially due to her superior survivability thanks to her self-healing and shielding skills.

Shining Beyond Reroll Guide and Tier List

While she can also taunt the enemy, just like most tanks in the game, she’s very hardy and can withstand extreme amounts of punishment.

Chaos (Archer)

Though Archers are usually more suited to support DPS roles, Chaos can deal tons of damage to the entire enemy team with his powerful Chain Lightning skill. Moreover, this attack can also reduce the target’s critical chance for 8 seconds, significantly reducing the damage your team takes.

Shining Beyond Reroll Guide and Tier List

Chaos is a great addition to any team in need of ranged DPS with a side of utility. And what he lacks in support, he makes up for in pure damage.

Makoto (Rogue)

With the ability to charm the enemy into attacking their own allies for a short duration, Makoto is adept at sowing the seeds of confusion in the field and allowing her allies to reap the benefits. And not only that, but her single-target damage output is also unrivaled, allowing her to quickly dispatch high-value targets with ease.

Shining Beyond Reroll Guide and Tier List

If you’re lucky enough to summon her, Makoto will definitely make short work of the first few enemies, allowing you to blaze through the campaign.

Gordon (Acolyte)

Gordon is your archetypical cleric character, offering healing and restorative skills, as well as a defensive buff that can increase the resistance of your team. This character is a must-have for teams that don’t have any self-healing or sustain capabilities. However, while Acolytes are somewhat lacking in the offensive department, you can increase this character’s offensive skills later on by promoting him to another job.

Shining Beyond Reroll Guide and Tier List

Though the game’s strongest characters are in the SSR category, you can get by much easier by unlocking at least one of these SR heroes. With the exception of Gordon, these characters will help you to breeze through the stages without having to grind and upgrade them too much. And even if you get Gordon, you’ll likely have a much easier time surviving thanks to his superior healing skills, even if he’s not very good at attacking,

What are your picks for the best characters in Shining Beyond? Leave us your comments in the section below!

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