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Shining Beyond Tips and Tricks Guide for New Players

Posted by: BlueStacks Content Team

Just installed the new Shining Beyond and having trouble getting started? We don’t blame you; this new game by developer XII Braves gives us a new approach to gacha RPGs, this time centered around dungeon crawling and exploring perilous stages filled with deadly enemies and hazards, all wrapped neatly into an engaging storyline with compelling characters and narratives.

There’s quite a lot to see in this new gacha RPG, including events, characters, and countless levels. If you’re just starting out in this game, then you’ll want to read the best tips, tricks, and strategies that will help you to start off on the right foot. Luckily, you can find all of these, and more, in this Shining Beyond beginner’s tips and tricks guide we’ve prepared for you.

Let’s begin!

Shining Beyond Gameplay Basics

Most of the action in Shining Beyond takes place in its many levels, which can go from dungeons and city streets, to all sorts of enclosed areas. The stages are divided into rooms that you can freely explore as much as you want. However, if you run into a room with enemies, you’ll need to defeat them first before being able to proceed further. If you’re playing Shining Beyond on PC with BlueStacks, you can use the WASD keys after defeating enemies to move to new rooms, instead of having to swipe on the screen or tap on the arrows.

Shining Beyond Tips and Tricks Guide for New Players

In combat, your characters will engage the enemy automatically, though you can control their actions through several means: First and foremost, you can click on any enemy to have your units focus it until it’s defeated. You can also click and hold on any spot on the ground to have all your units move there for as long as you hold down the button, which is useful for avoiding AoE or other hazards. Lastly, you can click on the buttons on the bottom of the screen to unleash your characters’ skills.

Shining Beyond Tips and Tricks Guide for New Players

To finish a stage, you must defeat its boss, which is often a tougher version of the regular enemies. Some bosses can have gimmicks such as healers that you must target first before being able to defeat them, while others can be beaten with brute force. Others, however, require more finesse as they can unleash devastating attacks that you’ll have to carefully dodge.

Reroll to Start off on the Right Foot

While it offers innovative dungeon crawler levels, Shining Beyond is, at its core, a gacha RPG. This implies that most of your efforts and grinding will be with the objective of gathering materials in order to perform summonings and hopefully get a good character in return. The game is so much easier if you manage to summon one or two top-tier characters, so it’s always important to perform these summonings.

Summoning good characters in gacha games like Shining Beyond is often really difficult, considering that the odds of getting SR heroes is very low. For this reason, many players resort to rerolling, a process that consists of starting a new game, progressing until the free 10x summonings, restarting if you don’t get good characters, and repeating the cycle until you get a few decent heroes.

Shining Beyond Tips and Tricks Guide for New Players

Though the exact rerolling process varies per game, we’ve created a dedicated guide on how to reroll in Shining Beyond, where we cover the method step-by-step, while also sharing a few insights on which characters you should aim for. Feel free to take a look if you want to learn more.

Familiarize Yourself With the Job System

Shining Beyond shines brightly (no pun intended) in the mobile RPG genre due to its innovative job system, which allows the players to further customize their characters and help them specialize in certain areas.

All characters, by default, start out in one out of four basic jobs: Rogue, Warrior, Archer, or Acolyte. This beginner job will determine their role in combat and, while somewhat restrictive at the beginning, you can promote your characters to more advanced jobs as they level up, further specializing them at their base role, or turn them into a hybrid of sorts, combining the skills of two jobs in a single character.

Shining Beyond Tips and Tricks Guide for New Players

It’s important to learn about the different jobs in order to create good teams by avoiding duplicate support jobs such as Clerics, or going all out with Rogues and Warriors while ignoring support roles entirely. Luckily, you don’t have to worry too much about this in the beginning since you start off on your journey with one character of each base job. Once you start progressing and summoning better characters, however, you’ll need to pay more attention to your formation.

Complete The Boot Camp Missions to Get a Head Start

Once you’ve finished rerolling and are ready to start the game in earnest, one of your first priorities should be to complete the Boot Camp missions, or at least finish the first step since it will grant you a free SSR selector ticket, which will allow you to recruit ANY SSR character of your choice. It goes without saying that this is one of the best rewards you can get as a beginner.

Shining Beyond Tips and Tricks Guide for New Players

Luckily, you don’t really have to do much to complete this first mission as it automatically finishes after being logged on for 6 hours. You can easily complete it by playing Shining Beyond on PC with BlueStacks, and simply minimizing the emulator with the game running. In this manner, you won’t have to worry about not being able to use your phone for 6 hours, or draining its battery by running the game for such a long period.

Upgrade and Equip Your Heroes

Regardless of your initial formation, you should always try to keep your heroes as upgraded as possible in order to increase your odds of completing the first few stages. While your personal skill as a leader is important, such as when targeting the correct enemies or dodging AoE attacks, there will be enemies that you simply won’t be able to defeat unless your heroes are strong enough. And to make them stronger, you must make sure that they’re at their highest possible level and equipped with the best gear. You can easily check this from the Hero menu, and even use the auto-equip function to give them the best gear without having to think too much about it.

Shining Beyond Tips and Tricks Guide for New Players

With these tips and tricks, you’re ready to get started in Shining Beyond on PC. Feel free to leave us other useful bits of information in the comments below, if you have them. Happy hunting!

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