In Shop Titans, you work together with other characters (NPCs) to keep your store supplied and ready for businesses. From other townsfolk who craft items for you to a few select champions and about a dozen heroes, you need NPCs to perform different tasks so that you have the necessary resources and stock at your disposal.

Shop Titans on PC: A Complete Guide to Characters

Although the tutorial will introduce you to some of the characters in Shop Titans, it won’t let you know how to best use these NPCs, who to upgrade first, and who to avoid altogether. Especially in the case of heroes, you have to know which classes are best before you invest in their upgrades. To help you out, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to all types of characters in ST.


There are 4 crafter characters in Shop Titans. These are:

  • The Blacksmith, who makes swords, quick blades, and heavy armor.
  • The Tailor, who makes accessories, as well as light and medium armor.
  • The Carpenter, who makes bows, staves, maces, shields, and some accessories.
  • The Herbalist, who makes potions and herbal medicines.

The Blacksmith and the Tailor are unlocked by default as you play through the tutorial, whereas the Carpenter and the Herbalist must be “hired” once you hit the required level. You can find these vendors while viewing the town and hiring them is as simple as gathering the necessary gold and clicking on their portraits.

Shop Titans on PC: A Complete Guide to Characters

The higher the level of a crafter, the more items they are able to make. Fortunately, these characters gain experience automatically when you order items from them. However, their level is capped based on how much you and your other guild members have invested in their respective building. For example, if your Smithy is level 10, then the Blacksmith’s level is capped at 21.


Champions are not directly involved in crafting, but they play the essential role of leading exploration parties for special resources. At present, there are 5 champions in the game:

  • Argon, a knight-type champion that wears heavy armor and adds both defense and attack to the entire party.

Shop Titans on PC: A Complete Guide to Characters

  • Lilu, an apprentice witch that prefers light armor and staves, has a fairly high attack rating, and can heal her party.
  • Sia, an advisor to the king that usually requires light boots and rings. She has below average stats, but can be used to increase the number and quality of the items found during expeditions.

Shop Titans on PC: A Complete Guide to Characters

  • Yami, a rogue-type champion looking for medium gloves and famed for her crit rate and damage. Her leader skill also improves the party’s evasion and crit chance while reducing the total quest time.
  • Rudo, an elusive berserker-type champion who can only be hired by players over level 20. Aside from boasting extraordinary stats, his ability increases the party’s crit chance by up to 80% for one turn (at rank 7).

Argon is the only champion who joins you by default, while all other characters in this list can only be summoned once you have collected enough of their “coins”. To collect coins for a certain champion, you must wait for them to arrive at your shop and place an order for multiple items of their preferred type. Once you complete the order, you’ll gain a fair amount of Energy and up to 3 coins.

Shop Titans on PC: A Complete Guide to Characters

You cannot manually improve the abilities of champions, nor can you equip them with gear that you create. However, both their skills and items become better as you rank them up using additional champion coins.


Heroes are the most interesting and useful of all characters. Unlike with champions, you don’t have to farm coins to unlock them. Instead, you can hire them from the tavern as soon as you have an open hero slot. Although the specific names (and stats) of classes change as you increase your player level, the three main types of heroes are:

  • Fighters – These heroes have high HP, defense, and threat, but lack in terms of attack, crit damage, and crit chance.
  • Spellcasters – These heroes have very high attack and decent crit damage, but lack HP and crit chance.
  • Rogues – These heroes have mediocre HP, but they make up for it through evasion. In addition, although their attack stat is just above average, they have the highest crit damage and crit rate among all characters.

Shop Titans on PC: A Complete Guide to Characters

Initially, you have a single hero slot, but you can purchase additional ones with gold as soon as you meet the level requirements. As your player level advances, you unlock new classes, although these tend to fit into the three main categories described above. Regardless of the class, the primary use of heroes is to accompany champions on expeditions and gather special resources.

As a rule of thumb, many players prefer to use several Sorcerers (unlocked at level 32) due to their very high attack rating. Our advice, however, is to prioritize Rogue-type heroes such as Thieves (for the early-game), Wanderers (unlocked at level 35), and Ninjas (unlocked at 50). Although these heroes have less attack, their excellent crit rating ensures that your party has a higher chance to complete an expedition successfully.

Shop Titans on PC: A Complete Guide to Characters

Upgrading heroes can be done in multiple ways. To begin with, these characters gain XP when they complete an expedition, but only if they are still alive by the end of it. Secondly, you can use gear that you have crafted in the store or bought from the market in order to equip your heroes. This does not only improve their stats, damage, and survivability, but it also allows them to use better versions of their skills.

Shop Titans on PC: A Complete Guide to Characters

Each hero has a specific skill and a preferred element. Our mage, for example, uses Fire as an element, which means that if we equip her with enough Fire items, she can use a better version of her skill. Additional abilities are unlocked as the hero levels up.

So there you have it: all types characters in Shop Titans! Now that you know who does what, you can better prioritize your use of gold to level up characters that you need the most. Whether this means upgrading your crafters to create better, more expensive items or improving your champions and heroes to gather better materials is ultimately up to you.

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