The hottest turn-based RPG which just been released for the Global market on Android and iOS is Soul Tide. The Puzzle RPG and dungeon crawler is a unique mix of hero collectors, puzzle-solving RPG, and turn-based combat systems. Players from any of the aforementioned 3 genres can expect to have a good experience in Soul Tide. The game has received positive reviews since the day it launched globally and has already been downloaded over 100,000 times in 4 days. 

Soul Tide Beginner’s Guide – A Thorough Guide for Newcomers

Much like other new games in RPG categories, Soul Tide brings its own twists and turns to the genre and there’s a lot to learn about the game starting from new strategies, new currencies, and a unique battle system. In this beginner’s guide for Soul Tide, we will explain everything a newcomer might be confused about in simple language so that you are set for your journey in the Graveland. We respect players’ choice to explore the game on their own and will not give spoilers about the story. We highly recommend playing Soul Tide on your PC with BlueStacks for an optimal gaming experience and efficient re-rolling for a strong start. 

Understanding the Summoning System

Soul Tide is a hero collector game where players have to summon their favorite characters called Dolls through a gacha system called Evoke. Players can summon Dolls, their fragments, Verves, and/or Items from the Evoke system. Evoke uses different currencies to summon on different banners. The 4 basic banners which always exist no matter what the time is and are not time-limited are:

Soul Tide Beginner’s Guide – A Thorough Guide for Newcomers

  • Moon Palace (Used for summoning specific Rate Up Dolls)
  • Lunar Evoke (Used for summoning all Dolls)
  • Starry Ocean (Used for summoning specific Rate Up Verves)
  • Astral Evoke (Used for summoning all Verves)

Apart from these 4 banners, some time-limited banners also exist which might be released on the occasion of a new Doll being launched where that Doll is specifically Rated Up and has a higher chance to be summoned for or get her fragments. Since Soul Tide does not have different rarities for its Dolls, the gacha is further diluted with other things like Items and Fragments which can frustrate the players.

The rate of summoning each is as follows:

  • Dolls (Summon Rate – 3.62%)
  • Fragments of Dolls (Summon Rate – 15.2%)
  • Verves (Summon Rate – 63.37%)
  • Items (Summon Rate – 17.81%)

Soul Tide Beginner’s Guide – A Thorough Guide for Newcomers

Players can do summon each of these banners using different currencies. The different currencies which are used during summons in the Evoke system are:

  • Lunar Cards (Used for summoning in the Moon Palace and Lunar Evoke)
  • Astral Cards (Used for summoning Verves in the Starry Ocean and Astral Evoke)

Understanding The Currencies

Soul Tide like many other gacha games takes into account different currencies which play a major role in doing the majority of the tasks in-game. Players need to understand these currencies as soon as possible to complete the different quests and challenges the game throws at them. It also helps in increasing your efficiency of playing the game as you will know which Currency is used in which location. As a new player, you will be introduced mainly to 3 different currencies which dictate the pace of your progression:

  • Sanity
  • Crystals and Lunarite
  • Coins

Soul Tide Beginner’s Guide – A Thorough Guide for Newcomers

Sanity is the main currency used for playing the game and completing different quest stages in the main story area. Consider Sanity to be equivalent to Energy/Stamina in other similar RPG games. This is the main currency that will dictate your progression from early to mid-game. Players can refill their Sanity automatically as time passes or they can choose to use their Crystals to recharge 100 Sanity at the rate of 100 Crystals. Sanity can also be received from maintenance rewards or completing events. 

Crystals and Lunarite are 2 of the major premium currencies available in Soul Tide. Although both are considered Premium currencies, Lunarite is a much rarer currency as it can only be obtained through buying packages in-game. Hence, it is considered a paid currency. Crystals, on the other hand, can be obtained from different events like Newbie missions, trainee missions, completing quests, maintenance rewards, login rewards, and clearing main story stages for the first time. Crystals are also used for purchasing Lunar Cards or Astral Cards for Evoking as well as for refilling Sanity. Players can exchange Lunarites for Crystals at the rate of 1 lunarite to 10 Crystals.

Soul Tide Beginner’s Guide – A Thorough Guide for Newcomers

Coin is the currency that players will be using almost everywhere and in huge quantities at every stage of the game. Consider it like Gold we see in other similar RPG titles. They are used almost at every stage of the game and are available quite easily and in abundance. Coins are used in upgrading Verves, Levelling Up Verves, Unlocking Memories of Dolls, Buying Gifts at Store, Buying Housing Furniture, and Buying Food items and ingredients.  

Understanding the User Interface

The User Interface of Soul Tide is a great one where all the features and tabs are present in one location altogether and no needless scrolling is needed to get to different areas in the game. This makes the user experience quite easy and friendly. However, this does not mean that the number of features is small. In fact, the number of tabs and shops in Soul Tide is more compared to other RPG games.

Soul Tide Beginner’s Guide – A Thorough Guide for Newcomers

In this section, we will try to make newcomers more friendly towards the various features and tabs available in the main UI so that they can play the game more efficiently. We will also list the various options available to players to enhance their collected Dolls for easier combat.

Dolls Tab

The Dolls Tab is the menu where players can view their owned characters in-game. In this menu, players can view all of their collected Dolls and the various features which can be used to empower them to make them stronger. There are no filter options available currently but players can view all of the Dolls, even those that they have yet not collected. 

Soul Tide Beginner’s Guide – A Thorough Guide for Newcomers

Players can further select their Dolls and enhance them as well. The various ways to empower them to consist of:

  • Leveling Up
  • Star Up
  • Memory
  • Sigils
  • Skills
  • Abilities

Leveling Up consists of raising your Doll’s level using Souls. These Souls come in different types – Petty Soul, Lesser Soul, Greater Soul, and Grand Soul. The better the rarity and quality of Soul, the more Experience it will give to the Doll upon which it is used upon. Soul Tide has some nice Quality of Life features such as Auto-Filling the Doll with the exact number of Souls required to enhance their level to the current maximum available. Here is where the tricky part comes into play as the maximum level that a Doll can be leveled to is directly linked to your Account level. Hence, if your account level is 7, then your Dolls cannot exceed Level 7.

Soul Tide Beginner’s Guide – A Thorough Guide for Newcomers

Star Up is the mechanic using which players can greatly enhance the raw base stats of their Dolls by providing them with their Shards. These Shards of the Dolls can be acquired through different methods like through the Evoke system, Evoke Exchange Shop, Events, as well as Abyss Rift. Starring Up your dolls also provides them with more Traits which give them more unique ability effects. 

Memories improve the attributes of the Dolls by triggering their memories from their past and present life. The main difference is that this feature requires the Dolls to be favorable to you which can be done by increasing your Bond level with them. Bond level can be increased by giving your Dolls different gifts and taking them out on dates. Emotional Keys are required to unlock Memories.

Soul Tide Beginner’s Guide – A Thorough Guide for Newcomers

Sigils are like runes or other systems available in different RPG games with similar attributes. Sigils are basically raw stats that a Doll can receive once you give her the required materials. Sigils need to be Synced with the Dolls and the higher the Sync percentage, the more Stats the Doll gets with the maximum Stats being achieved at 100% Sync. Sigil materials can be farmed by playing the Delve stages repeatedly using the Auto Sweep function. Sigils are very important for progression as they provide stats directly. 

Skills can be upgraded to make them do more damage, or increase the healing they provide, or the stats they provide. Skills are upgraded using the Glyphs. These Glyphs come in different types like Glyph of Power, Glyph of Life, etc which are used to empower skills of different types. For example, Attack type skills use Glyph of Power while Support skills use Glyph of Life. These Glyphs are obtained from the Battle Drills which unlocks after clearing Stage 2-1. 

Soul Tide Beginner’s Guide – A Thorough Guide for Newcomers

Abilities in Soul Tide come in 2 different skill sets for all the Dolls. These abilities can further be mixed to add more strategic depth to the game’s combat system and this makes it different from the usual chibi turn-based combat style. Players can unlock more abilities as they level up their Dolls and at Level 20, they can choose which abilities to take from either of the 2 skill sets. These skill sets are different from each other as they are of different elements. For example, Lilyiro’s 1st skillset contains skills that do Physical damage while her 2nd skill set does Thunder damage.


Quests work differently in Soul Tide than in other RPG games which are presented in a live service format. However, some similarities do exist. For starters, there exist those Daily Quests and Weekly Quests that the players are forced to complete or it resets and is time-gated. Tasks in Soul Tide are based on 1-time completion and reward the players once they complete. Tasks are also part of Quests in Soul Tide. Hence, these can be considered a guiding path for newcomers who have no idea how to progress in the game. This is a great feature and makes the game much more casual-friendly.  Some of the quests listed at the start of the game are as follows:

Soul Tide Beginner’s Guide – A Thorough Guide for Newcomers

Daily Quests and their rewards:

  • Clear Graveland Stages 5 times.
  • Complete 5 Drills.
  • Enter Abyss Rift once.
  • Patrol 3 times.
  • Pat a Doll’s head 5 times.
  • Collect Concretal once.
  • Complete a part-time job.
  • Collect 2 Ally chests.
  • Evoke Once.
  • Give a Gift to a Doll.
  • Sign In.

Rewards – 300 Experience, 1 x Astral Card, Crystal x 100, Lesser Wisp x 5, 250 Experience, 200 Experience, Concretal x 10, Top 100 Litoris x 1, 150 Experience, Crystal x 20, Lesser Soul x 3.

Weekly Quests are those quests that reset on a weekly basis and can be completed infinitely every week. We recommend completing them as they are free rewards repeatedly much like Daily Quests. 

Soul Tide Beginner’s Guide – A Thorough Guide for Newcomers

The Weekly quests and rewards associated with them are:

  • Give 10 Gifts to Dolls.
  • Collect Concretal 5 times.
  • Complete 10 Part-Time Job.
  • Collect 10 Ally Chests.
  • Evoke 5 times.
  • Evoke 10 times.
  • Make 5 purchases in Store.
  • Clear 25 Graveland stages.
  • Clear Illusory Limbo 5 times.

Rewards – Greater Soul x 10, Crystal x 100, Astral Card x 1, Crystal x 200, and Lunar Card x 2 + Abyss Ticket x 1.

Soul Tide Beginner’s Guide – A Thorough Guide for Newcomers

Soul Tide is a new and fresh concept presented in a unique way of combining turn-based combat with dungeon crawling aspects. We believe the game has tons of potential and can’t wait to share the latest news and events happening in Soul Tide with our community at BlueStacks. We recommend playing Soul Tide on a PC using BlueStacks with a keyboard and mouse for the best performance.