Spellforce Heroes & Magic Tips And Tricks: Things Every Commander Should Know

Spellforce Heroes & Magic Tips And Tricks:...

As we mentioned in our review, Spellforce: Heroes & Magic is not an “easy” game. On the contrary, it is an “old-school” game that challenges you at every turn. To be successful (and to stay alive), you need to know more about this cruel and wild world: There are some basic things that every commander should know and some tricks you should use. In this guide, we will talk about both and help you to achieve your goals faster. Let’s start: We have a lot of enemies and we have a kingdom to protect.

Visit Your City Often And Equip The Best Gear

Roaming on the world map freely sounds like a good idea but you should not forget that you also have a big kingdom to take care of. If you don’t improve it, you cannot train new army units, and without those, you cannot win challenging battles. But more importantly, you cannot give new equipment to your commander hero.

Citizens are getting restless, milord.

After each successful battle, you will get new equipment and XP points. Leveling is an automatic process but in order to give that equipment to your hero, he/she must be physically in the city. Commander heroes have six gear slots and your goal should be filling them all. This is the main way of improving the power of your hero, so every 10-15 turns, go back to your city and give that shiny loot to your commander.

You Have A Skill Tree Too

We mentioned that commander heroes have magical skills in the Battle System guide. Well, they actually have lots of magic skills which can be upgraded. In fact, they have a full talent tree that contains 12 different skills. By giving points to these skills, you can increase his/her traveling distance, and make magical attacks much more effective. And you can do this only in the city – so, when you visit your kingdom for new equipment, make sure to spend those skill points too.

Gold Is The Most Important Resource

Getting lots of gold at the beginning of the game gives you lots of advantages. During the early-game, almost all units and building types require gold. Even training simple melee units will need 20 gold, and you start the game with 200 gold only. So, your first goal should be capturing a gold mine as soon as possible: Check the world map and assault the nearest gold mine before doing anything else. Wheat is also an important resource, but it is available literally everywhere, you don’t need to worry about it. You can even think about starting a new game if there are no gold mines next to you at the beginning. (Or, simply use BlueStacks Farm Mode, launch lots of instances, and continue playing in instances that contain a gold mine.)

No gold mine – we can start a new game and try our luck again.

Build A Dwarven Quarter And A Forge As Soon As Possible

You can construct various buildings in your city, but these two are the most important ones. Why? Because the first one allows you to construct a Forge. And to upgrade the equipment of your hero, you need a Forge. Upgrading equipment gives you a big advantage especially during the early-game: Your commander hero literally turns into a living god. You can change these two buildings once you gather a big army that does not need the magical skills and fighting power of the commander hero, but until then, Dwarven Quarter and Forge will be the most important buildings for you.

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Stay Away From Garrisons At The Beginning

You will see lots of garrisons on the world map and some of these will be pretty close to you, even at the beginning. Capturing them gives lots of bonuses to your army and city, but this is not an easy task at all. Garrisons are filled with large groups of enemies and attacking them during the early-game phase will be suicide. Make sure your army has at least five different troop groups and upgraded units before attacking to a garrison.

This is the “dangerous” building we are talking about.

Yeah, we are not winning this battle.

Take a look at our BlueStacks setup guide too, because it contains additional tricks that will make your job easier. We liked Spellforce: Heroes & Magic and plan on playing it for a long time. We would love to see you joining us on the battlefield: See you on BlueStacks!

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