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Standoff 2 Assaulter Guide: How to Become an Entry Fragger with BlueStacks

Posted by: BlueStacks Content Team

BlueStacks allows players to play Standoff 2 on PC with an intuitive UI and useful tools to ease the gameplay. However, the basics of playing a competitive FPS must be clear for you before you play the game. As mentioned in the Sniper Guide, a squad consists of a scout, an assaulter, a lurker, and support players. Naturally, being an assaulter means that you need to be the most aggressive player. It will be your job to push into the enemy’s positions and kill them (or at least damage them enough). The role comes with enough risks too, including facing the unpredictable locations of the enemies, being ready for a push, and knowing how to use utilities. This guide will cover all those points and help you improve as an entry fragger.

Standoff 2 Assaulter Guide: How to Become an Entry Fragger with BlueStacks

Choosing Your Weapon

Frankly, the weapon of choice for an assaulter can be any weapon they are comfortable with. Some players prefer assault rifles, others use a sniper rifle, a shotgun, or even an SMG. In case there is a weapon you are already comfortable with, you should practice using it in the training mode. However, below are some good weapons that should be used when you are the first to push into a site.

AKR- The AKR is a powerful assault rifle that is one of the best weapons for an aggressive player to use. Usually, when you are an assaulter, you have to deal with enemies at close and medium range. This gun comes in very handy in these situations because of its high damage. Practice shooting the enemies in the head with this gun in deathmatches and practice mode. This will improve your aim and reflexes to deal with enemies at predictable locations or enemies that will surprise you. Going for the head is a confirmed kill with the AKR.

Standoff 2 Assaulter Guide: How to Become an Entry Fragger with BlueStacks

AKR12- This gun is for players that like to pick off enemies at all ranges. Entry fraggers need to be prepared for all sorts of gunfights. In a fight against an enemy with a sniper rifle, traditional rifles without scopes are not preferred over a long distance. The AKR12 has a high fire rate and does high damage when shooting the body or head. It is advised not to rely too much on the scope as it reduces your field of view. This will put you at a disadvantage in close range fights because enemies can appear outside of the FOV of the scope too.

Standoff 2 Assaulter Guide: How to Become an Entry Fragger with BlueStacks

P90- The P90 is a very reliable gun for players that are new to FPS games. This is because the gun has very low recoil and a clip of 50 bullets. This helps players to retry spraying bullets at the enemy if they miss at first. The damage is lower than assault rifles but being an easier gun to use makes this a good choice for beginners.

Standoff 2 Assaulter Guide: How to Become an Entry Fragger with BlueStacks

SM1014- This is an automatic shotgun and thus is a deadly weapon at close range. Players that want to use this weapon must push corners. This means that they should stick close to walls and surprise enemies by suddenly appearing near them. In a long-range fight, you will be at a disadvantage (due to its small range), so either retreat and reroute, or use utilities and map knowledge to shorten the distance between you and the enemy. Being automatic, the fire rate helps kill the enemy even if you miss the first shot. This will not be the case when using a pump-action shotgun because of the low fire rate.

Standoff 2 Assaulter Guide: How to Become an Entry Fragger with BlueStacks

M4- Being a substitute for the AKR on the CT side, the M4 and AKR are very similar. The only differences are that the damage dealt with an M4 would be lower than that of the AKR and the recoil is easier to control with a higher fire rate of the M4. Other attributes and applications are the same for both guns.

Standoff 2 Assaulter Guide: How to Become an Entry Fragger with BlueStacks

Tactics for an Entry Fragger

The following are certain playing styles that assaulters use to win in a gunfight:

  1. Crosshair Positioning- Your crosshair’s position is extremely important when pushing into the enemy’s territory. Always keep the crosshair at where you think the enemy’s head will appear. Do not aim at the ground or the sky. Time lost when repositioning the crosshair to kill the enemy is a gunfight lost. Remember to look out for crouching enemies and adjust your crosshair’s position accordingly.

Standoff 2 Assaulter Guide: How to Become an Entry Fragger with BlueStacks

  1. Map Knowledge- Having map knowledge is crucial to being an assaulter. You must know where the enemy might be hiding or peeking from if you are to win. When pushing into a site check everywhere. Corners, hiding spots, sniper vantage points, and usual enemy locations must be covered and checked each time you push. It may seem tedious and tiring, but it will prevent you from getting killed by an enemy hiding at a random corner. With map knowledge, if you die, you can at least relay the enemy’s location to your team. That way your team will have the intel they needed even when you died.
  1. Firing Pattern and Reflex Training- When engaged in a fight, the first three to four shots often decide the outcome as they are the most accurate shots. When using guns with high recoil try to fire in bursts of three or four bullets, increasing your accuracy. Spraying frantically will mostly make you miss and have you killed. Go to training mode and practice hitting enemies that suddenly appear as fast as you can. Even if your crosshair is not on them, practice moving it as fast as you can to their head (flicking). Missing at first is fine, but with enough practice, you will be hitting accurate flick shots, making it impossible for enemies to surprise you.

Standoff 2 Assaulter Guide: How to Become an Entry Fragger with BlueStacks

  1. Peeking- Shooting from an open area at the enemy is often suicide as you will be prone to counter-fire. Remember to find cover during a gunfight. Moving in and out of cover not only makes the enemy’s shots miss but when you apply different timings while peeking, the enemy gets confused. Wait for the moment when your opponent is vulnerable and get out of cover to shoot them. Practice aim tracking if you want to hit moving targets. Go to the training mode and try moving your crosshair in a way that it stays on moving bots for as long as possible.

Standoff 2 Assaulter Guide: How to Become an Entry Fragger with BlueStacks

  1. Utilities- Grenades, flashbangs, and smoke grenades are the three utilities available for all players. One could say that assaulters have the most chances to make use of these utilities. Flashbangs help go into a position where the enemy is already looking. Flashing the enemy will confuse them and then you can kill them or get into the position to kill them. Smoke grenades are especially useful to block off the view of enemies, usually snipers. Smoking off the enemy’s vantage points puts them in a spot where they either reposition or retreat. Either way, it will give you an opening to safely push into the site. Grenades are useful to not just kill enemies, but also force them out of cover or corners. Use a grenade to make the enemy come out of their position and then shoot them when they are vulnerable.

Standoff 2 Assaulter Guide: How to Become an Entry Fragger with BlueStacks

How to use BlueStacks to your advantage as an assaulter?

With BlueStacks, you can use these features to help ease your gameplay or improve your playstyle:

  1. Macro Recorder- Macro Recorder can be used by entry fraggers to buy their loadout (rifle, pistol, and/or utilities) in just a press of a button. This will help you get into position faster or just give you more time to come up with strategies/plays. The feature can be used from the right panel of the BlueStacks window. Clicking it will open a pop-up menu. Use the ‘ Record New Macro’ button and then perform the set of actions you want to record. After that, you can bind that action to a specific key for ease of use.
  1. Smart Controls- Players can use this feature to have the emulator activate or deactivate shooting for them. Meaning that your gun will fire at the enemies on its own. With this, you can stay in shooting mode as long as the enemy is in your field of view. BlueStacks will deactivate this feature when you are not playing or when you are in the game’s menu.

These tactics and tricks will start working only when you practice them. Do not stick to the manual, instead expect things to not go according to plan. Assaulters deal with the enemy head-on, which is why they should be prepared for all scenarios. More guides for Standoff 2 will be coming in soon along with flashbang, smoke, and grenade line-ups.

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