This Standoff 2 guide is bringing to you 8 tips that will easily help you get more kills. Whether you’re a seasoned FPS player or brand new to the genre, you will find some value in this guide. 


Let’s go over a very important topic that not many players think about – positioning. Many guides will tell you to get better positioning, but not ever show you how. This guide of Standoff 2 is going to show you exactly how you can change your positioning to get more kills. Let’s use the Sandstone map as an example of this concept. Many players tend to play angles in a very counterproductive way. It can work, but usually, players will get one kill there and then end up dying. So what should be the ideal angle to hold. 

8 Tips and Tricks for Standoff 2, Learn How to Ace Any Match

Basically, any angle that has areas you can go after making an engagement is a good angle. After you take your first shot, you can then move to peek again from a new angle. Depending on the situation, you can get over to another position and peek again. Having a good defensive position is all about holding and peeking angles that your opponent won’t expect, and that will help you stay alive longer. You can use this same technique on basically any area of any map as well. The main takeaway you all should have from here is make sure you can fall off, re-peek, and re-position at any point. 


Now that you’ve got positioning down, how about going over how to actually secure the kills. You are going to do this by learning peeking. Peeking in Standoff 2 is a HUGE topic, which is why there is an entire guide dedicated to it. Let’s start by giving you the basics. When you peek, you want to try and make sure you are only exposed to 1 angle at a time. Doing this will allow you to take 1 on 1 fights, which will give you a much better chance of winning compared to a 2v1. One of the common techniques is jiggle-peeking. Jiggle peeking is done by pressing A and D keys repetitively to barely show your body and peek out. Doing this will allow you to gain information and even take some shots at the enemy.


Now, most of the tips so far have been to help you while holding sites, but this one is going to be helpful on all sides. Have you ever been trying to attack a site only to have someone come behind you and destroy your team? You wonder how in the world did they manage to get there. Well, they flanked, and you can do the same thing. Flanking is defined as attacking from more than one side. You can easily learn to do this by playing pretty aggressively some rounds. 

8 Tips and Tricks for Standoff 2, Learn How to Ace Any Match

After you see some enemies on the opposite site, walk through the site you are on and try to get behind the enemy. Doing this will apply pressure to the other team and result in you getting some free kills. Keep in mind, they will start to expect this and watch it, so make sure you stay unpredictable. Also, a quick bonus tip. Help your team by watching the flank while you try to attack a site. 

Crosshair Placement

For tip #4 you have one that everyone always talks about. Crosshair placement. You’re probably familiar with the term “get good crosshair placement” but you don’t know what that means, or even how to do it. Let’s start by going over the difference between good and bad crosshair placement. Good crosshair placement is when you put your crosshair in a position that allows you to get kills easier and faster. This can be by looking at head level, watching the right angle, or even just being prepared for the enemies. 

8 Tips and Tricks for Standoff 2, Learn How to Ace Any Match

Bad crosshair placement is when you put your crosshair in a position that forces you to do more work than you should have to when trying to get a kill. The most important thing to remember when talking about crosshair placement is keeping your crosshair at head level. It seems obvious, but during your games try to consciously remember to move your crosshair to whatever height an enemy head could be at.

Game Sense

Tip #5 actually expands on crosshair placement a lot. Let’s talk about game sense. Game sense is similar to just being aware while playing. This is improved upon a lot by trying to predict where enemies will be. While playing, make sure you are thinking about what is going on, and making plays based off of it. This alone can help you rank up, no matter how bad your aim is.


Moving on to tip number 6, let’s talk rotations. Rotating is usually looked at as a defensive strategy, but it can be used on both sides. The basic rotation would be this. One player on defense dies, so a player from the other site comes to fill their position. Then, as the attackers are committing to the site, more defenders rotate. This is the normal rotation set-up that the defenders use, but what about attackers? 

8 Tips and Tricks for Standoff 2, Learn How to Ace Any Match

Attackers can also use rotations to get themselves some free plants and hopefully easy round wins. After you get a kill on a player, instead of hard committing to that site, maybe back up and go to the other site. The defense will usually rotate to try and defend the now weakened site, which should allow you to take the other site much easier than you might think. Vary how often you rotate on the attack side so that the defenders have to stay on their toes while trying to predict where you are going.


This leads me to number 7. Learn the maps, angles, and lineups for your games. Simply going into deathmatch and learning every area of the map can be extremely useful. Also, try to learn different angles and off-angles that you can use to get yourself more kills. Finally, learn lineups and setups for your role. 

8 Tips and Tricks for Standoff 2, Learn How to Ace Any Match

Having set lineups that you can use to take sites and block off angles will minimize the number of angles you have to check. This will lead to you being alive longer, and getting more kills. 


This leads perfectly into this tip, and that is overall utility usage. Using your utilities is obviously an important part of Standoff 2. Learning how to use all of your utilities effectively will make you a much more valuable team member. Using smoke walls as often as you can to slow down the enemies is one of the essential parts of playing Standoff 2. Be sure to use your utilities in a way that not only helps yourself, but also helps your team.

Team Play

Finally, play for your team. This last tip is going to be all about trading kills, holding crossfires, and communicating. Standoff 2 is a team-based game, so it needs to be played that way. The first way to easily do this is by trading kills. Put yourself in a position to kill any enemy that kills your teammate. This will help make the game more even and will usually allow you to get a free kill because they won’t be looking at you. Holding crossfires is also a great way to do this. Holding a crossfire consists of you and 1 other teammate holding an angle in a way that almost guarantees one of you to get the kill. 

8 Tips and Tricks for Standoff 2, Learn How to Ace Any Match

This will usually end in you picking up a few easy kills on enemies that push because they have to decide who they are going to shoot. Communicating in Standoff 2 is maybe the most important thing. No matter what, try to find a way to make call-outs to your team, and to listen to their call-outs. Even if that means using the ping system, making sure all of your teammates have all the info possible is crucial to keeping everyone on the same page.